Top 5,000 words in French – Word List

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Top 5,000 words in French..the parts of speech are found in the far right column,..determiner (det), pronoun (pro), preposition (prep), noun male (nm), noun female (nf), verb (v), adverb (adv), adjective (adj), conjunction (conj), interjection (intj) and the invariable (i).

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1 le the, him, her, it, them det,pro
2 de of, from, some, any det,prep
3 un a, an, one adj,det,nm,pro
4 à to, at, in prep
5 être to be, being nm,v
6 et and conj
7 en in, by adv,prep,pro
8 avoir to have nm,v
9 que that, which, who, whom adv,conj,pro
10 pour for, in order to prep
11 dans in, into, from prep
12 ce this, that det,pro
13 il he, it pro
14 qui who, whom pro
15 ne not adv
16 sur on, upon adj,prep
17 se oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves pro
18 pas not, n’t, footstep adv,nm(pl)
19 plus more, no adv
20 pouvoir can, to be able to nm,v
21 par by prep
22 je I pro
23 avec with prep
24 tout all, very adv,det,nadj,pro
25 faire to do, make nm,v
26 son his, her, its, sound, bran det,nm
27 mettre to put, place v
28 autre other det,nadj(f),pro
29 on one, we pro
30 mais but adv,conj,intj
31 nous we, us pro
32 comme like, as adv,conj
33 ou or conj
34 si if, whether adv,conj,nmi
35 leur them, their, theirs det,adj(f),pro
36 y there adv,nmi,pro
37 dire to say nm,v
38 elle she, her pro
39 devoir to have to, owe, duty nm,v
40 avant before adji,adv,nm,prep
41 deux two det,nmi
42 même same, even, self adj(f),adv,pro
43 prendre to take v
44 aussi too, also, as adv,conj
45 celui that, the one, he, him pro
46 donner to give v
47 bien well adji,adv,nm
48 where adv,pro
49 fois time, times nf(pl)
50 vous you pro
51 encore again, yet adv
52 nouveau new adj,nm
53 aller to go nm,v
54 cela that, it pro
55 entre between prep
56 premier first det,nadj
57 vouloir to want nm,v
58 déjà already adv
59 grand great, big, tall adv,nadj
60 mon my det
61 me me, to me, myself pro
62 moins less adji(pl),adv,nm(pl),prep
63 aucun none, either, neither, not any det,adj,pro
64 lui him, her pro
65 temps time nm(pl)
66 très very adv
67 savoir to know nm,v
68 falloir to take, require, need v
69 voir to see v
70 quelque some adv,adj,det
71 sans without prep
72 raison reason nf
73 notre our det
74 dont whose, of which pro
75 non no, not adv,nmi
76 an year nm
77 monde world, people nm
78 jour day nm
79 monsieur mister, sir, gentleman nm
80 demander to ask for v
81 alors then, so adv
82 après after adv,prep
83 trouver to find v
84 personne person, people, anybody, anyone nobody, nf,pro
85 rendre to render, return, yield, give up v
86 part share nf
87 dernier last nadj
88 venir to come v
89 pendant during, pendant adj,prep,nm
90 passer to pass v
91 peu little adv
92 lequel who, whom, which pro
93 suite result, follow-up, rest nf
94 bon good adj,adv,intj,nm
95 comprendre to understand v
96 depuis since, for adv,prep
97 point point adv,nm
98 ainsi thus adv
99 heure hour nf
100 rester to stay v
101 seul alone, only adj
102 année year nf
103 toujours always adv
104 tenir to hold v
105 porter to wear, carry nm,v
106 parler to speak nm,v
107 fort strong adv,adj,nm
108 montrer to show v
109 there, here adv,intj
110 certain certain, sure adj,det,nm,pro
111 fin end, gist, clever person adj,adv,nf,nm
112 tu you pro
113 continuer to continue v
114 pays country nm(pl)
115 trois three det,nmi
116 penser to think nm,v
117 lieu place nm
118 partie part nf
119 quand when adv,conj
120 suivre to follow v
121 contre against adv,nm,prep
122 sous under prep
123 côté side nm
124 ensemble together adv,nm
125 chose thing adj(f),nf
126 enfant child nm,nf,adj(f)
127 cause cause nf
128 politique politics, political nadj(f)
129 place room, space, square, place nf
130 seulement only adv
131 moi me nm,pro
132 vie life nf
133 connaître to know v
134 jusque to, up to, until adv,prep
135 croire to believe v
136 homme man nm
137 cas case nm(pl)
138 petit small, little adv,nadj
139 commencer to begin, start v
140 compter to count v
141 fait done, fact adj,nm
142 tel such adj,det,pro
143 droit right adj,adv,nm
144 question question nf
145 donc so, then, therefore, thus conj
146 quel which, what det,adj,pro
147 général general nadj
148 moment moment nm
149 entendre to hear v
150 beaucoup much, a lot of, many adv
151 chaque each det,adj
152 jeune young nadj(f)
153 travail work nm
154 femme woman, wife nf
155 attendre to wait v
156 remettre to deliver, replace, set, put v
157 appeler to call v
158 permettre to allow v
159 occuper to occupy v
160 gouvernement government nm
161 eux them pro
162 devenir to become nm,v
163 partir to leave v
164 plan plan adj,nm
165 décider to decide v
166 soit either…or adv,conj
167 ici here adv
168 rien nothing adv,nm,pro
169 cours course nfpl,nm(pl)
170 affaire business, matter nf
171 nom name nm
172 famille family nf
173 effet effect nm
174 arriver to arrive, happen v
175 possible possible adj(f)
176 car because conj,nm
177 servir to serve v
178 mois month nm(pl)
179 jamais never adv
180 sembler to seem v
181 tant so much, so many adv
182 vers toward, verse nm(pl),prep
183 besoin need nm
184 revenir to come back v
185 dès from, as soon prep
186 moyen means, way, medium adj,nm
187 groupe group nm
188 problème problem nm
189 rapport relationship, report nm
190 peut-être perhaps, maybe adv
191 vue view nf
192 maintenant now adv
193 pourquoi why adv,conj,nmi
194 meilleur better, best nadj
195 trop too much, too many adv
196 laisser to leave v
197 ordre order nm
198 devant in front, ahead adv,nm,prep
199 recevoir to receive v
200 répondre to answer v
201 vivre to live nm,v
202 long long, lengthy adv,nadj
203 service service nm
204 ministre minister nm,nf
205 face front, side, face nf
206 chez at, with prep
207 te you, to you, from you pro
208 rappeler to recall, call back v
209 présenter to present v
210 accepter to accept v
211 agir to act v
212 simple simple nadj(f)
213 plusieurs several det,adj,pro
214 votre your det
215 important important nadj
216 présent present nadj
217 mieux better adji(pl),adv,nm
218 poser to put, pose, ask v
219 jouer to play v
220 mot word nm
221 reconnaître to recognize v
222 force force adv,nf
223 situation situation nf
224 offrir to offer v
225 près near, nearby, close by adv,prep
226 choisir to choose v
227 national national nadj
228 projet project nm
229 ni nor conj
230 puis then, so adv
231 toucher to touch nm,v
232 train train nm
233 aujourd’hui today adv
234 comment how adv,conj,intj,nmi
235 surtout especially, above all adv,nm
236 gens people nmpl
237 propre clean, proper nadj(f)
238 grâce thanks, grace, favor nf
239 idée idea nf
240 selon according to prep
241 région region nf
242 aimer to like, love v
243 sens sense, meaning nm(pl)
244 retrouver to find, recall v
245 semaine week nf
246 également also, too, as well, equally adv
247 ci this one, here adv,pro
248 façon way, manner nf
249 nombre number nm
250 perdre to lose v
251 français French nadj(pl)
252 expliquer to explain v
253 quatre four det,nmi
254 compte account, count nm
255 considérer to consider v
256 lorsque when conj
257 ouvrir to open v
258 gagner to win, earn v
259 exemple example nm
260 ville city nf
261 économique economic, economical nadj(f)
262 mesure measure nf
263 histoire history, story nf
264 haut top, high adv,nadj
265 ensuite next adv
266 guerre war nf
267 loi law nf
268 président president nm
269 exister to exist v
270 sûr sure adj
271 refuser to refuse v
272 plutôt rather adv
273 bureau office, desk nm
274 mauvais bad, wrong adv,nadj(pl)
275 quant as for adv
276 mort dead, death adj,nf
277 mal bad adji,adv,nm
278 lire to read, lira nf,v
279 réussir to succeed v
280 marché market nm
281 condition condition nf
282 international international nadj
283 changer to change v
284 oui yes adv,nmi
285 public public, audience nadj
286 humain human nadj
287 souvent often adv
288 cinq five det,nm(pl)
289 système system nm
290 travailler to work v
291 jeu game nm
292 vrai real, true adv,nadj
293 représenter to represent v
294 madame madam, lady nf
295 société society nf
296 difficile difficult nadj(f)
297 quoi what pro
298 entreprise enterprise, business nf
299 coup coup, blow, knock, stroke nm
300 or gold, hence, thus conj,nm
301 social social nadj
302 assurer to assure, insure v
303 essayer to try v
304 juste just, only, fair adv,nadj(f)
305 étranger foreigner, foreign nadj
306 empêcher to prevent v
307 million million nm
308 manière manner, way nf
309 sortir to go out, leave v
310 prix price, prize nm(pl)
311 terme term, deadline nm
312 longtemps a long time, a long while adv
313 reprendre to resume, recover, start again, take back v
314 courant current adj,nm
315 intérêt interest nm
316 mener to lead v
317 information information nf
318 détail detail nm
319 appartenir to belong v
320 liberté liberty, freedom nf
321 assez enough adv
322 risquer to risk v
323 chacun each pro
324 concerner to concern v
325 maison house nf
326 d’abord first of all adv
327 apprendre to learn v
328 niveau level nm
329 rencontrer to meet v
330 ton your, tone det,nm
331 oeuvre work, task nf
332 créer to create v
333 état state nm
334 obtenir to get, obtain v
335 clair clear adv,nadj
336 chercher to look for v
337 entrer to enter, go in, come in v
338 proposer to propose v
339 apporter to bring v
340 programme program nm
341 loin far adv,nm
342 ligne line nf
343 tête head nf
344 libre free adj(f)
345 utiliser to use v
346 atteindre to reach v
347 tenter to tempt, try v
348 tard late adv
349 enfin at last, finally adv
350 différent different adj
351 sorte sort, kind nf
352 cependant however adv,conj
353 sujet subject, topic nm
354 importer to import, to be important v
355 action action nf
356 relation relationship nf
357 recherche research, search nf
358 livre book, pound nm,nf
359 ajouter to add v
360 ailleurs elsewhere, somewhere else adv
361 vraiment truly, really, very adv
362 doute doubt nm
363 reste rest nm
364 début beginning nm
365 présence presence nf
366 nombreux numerous adj(pl)
367 produire to product v
368 préparer to prepare v
369 forme form nf
370 décision decision nf
371 rôle role nm
372 dix ten det,nmi
373 produit product nm
374 américain American nadj
375 minute minute nf
376 relever to raise v
377 autant as much, as many adv
378 peuple people nm
379 second second adj,det,nm
380 prochain next nadj
381 particulier particular, peculiar, person nadj
382 écrire to write v
383 position position nf
384 développement development nm
385 défendre to defend, forbid v
386 chef head, leader, chief nm
387 économie economy nf
388 effort effort nm
389 parmi among prep
390 membre member nm
391 tirer to pull, fire v
392 ancien ancient, former adj,nm
393 beau handsome, fine, right adj,nm
394 plein full adv,nadj,prep
395 juger to judge v
396 éviter to avoid v
397 soir evening nm
398 personnel personnel, personal nadj
399 titre title nm
400 parti party nadj
401 objet objective, object nm
402 unique unique adj(f)
403 souhaiter to wish v
404 afin order to, so that in
405 peine effort, trouble nf
406 malgré despite, in spite of prep
407 période period nm,nf
408 engager to hire, involve v
409 réaliser to realize, achieve v
410 parfois sometimes adv
411 lors at the time of adv
412 sérieux serious nadj(pl)
413 aider to help, assist v
414 voix voice nf(pl)
415 terminer to finish, end, v
416 base base nf
417 espérer to hope v
418 main hand nf
419 gros big adv,nadj(pl)
420 arrêter to stop, arrest v
421 retour return nm
422 prêt ready adj,nm
423 occasion chance, opportunity nf
424 député deputy, parlementary delegate nm
425 regarder to look, watch v
426 plupart the majority more most,
427 deuxième second det,nm,nf
428 résultat result, follow-up nm
429 écouter to listen to v
430 terre earth, world, soil, land nf
431 valoir to be worth v
432 dollar dollar nm
433 intérieur interior, inside nadj
434 page page nm,nf
435 confiance confidence, trust nf
436 choix choice nm(pl)
437 prévoir to foresee, anticipate v
438 chance luck, chance nf
439 notamment notably adv
440 type type, guy nm
441 but goal, aim, objective, purpose nm
442 matin morning nm
443 grave serious, grave adv,nadj(f),nm
444 prise grip, hold, seizure, catch nf
445 européen European nadj
446 étude study nf
447 principe principle nm
448 remplacer to replace v
449 avancer to advance, move forward v
450 six six det,nmi
451 nécessaire necessary, required nadj(f)
452 activité activity nf
453 valeur value, worth nf
454 marquer to mark v
455 entier whole, full nadj
456 réponse answer, response nf
457 aide help, assistance nm,nf
458 principal principal nadj
459 élever to grow, lift, raise v
460 pourtant yet, nonetheless, nevertheless adv
461 commission commission nf
462 cesser to cease, stop v
463 poursuivre to pursue v
464 maintenir to maintain v
465 époque era, period nf
466 exprimer to express v
467 ami friend nadj
468 bas low, stockings adv,nadj(pl),nm(pl)
469 imposer to impose v
470 moitié half nf
471 avenir future nm
472 argent money, silver nm
473 mise putting, placing nf
474 oeil eye nm
475 eau water nf
476 sauf except adj,prep
477 école school nf
478 sécurité security, safety nf
479 milieu middle nm
480 lettre letter nf
481 presque almost adv
482 attention attention nf
483 cadre frame, executive nm
484 futur future nadj
485 mouvement movement nm
486 former to form v
487 conduire to lead, drive v
488 règle rule nf
489 poste post, position, post office nm,nf
490 demande request, demand nf
491 centre center nm
492 acte act nm
493 disparaître to disappear, vanish v
494 priver to deprive v
495 constituer to constitute v
496 accord agreement nm
497 milliard billion, thousand million nm
498 lier to link, join v
499 obliger to require, force, oblige v
500 craindre to fear, be afraid of v
501 passé past nadj,prep
502 âge age nm
503 déclarer to declare v
504 oublier to forget v
505 propos remark nm(pl)
506 troisième third det,nm,nf
507 quitter to leave v
508 bout bit, tip, end nm
509 population population nf
510 toi you, yourself nm,pro
511 responsable responsible nadj(f)
512 route road nf
513 tôt early adji,adv
514 lancer to throw, launch nm,v
515 limite limit nf
516 fonction function nf
517 emploi employment, work, use nm
518 objectif objective, aim, goal, lens adj,nm
519 paraître to appear v
520 journal newspaper, paper nm
521 annoncer to announce v
522 lui-même himself pro
523 tour tower, turn, tour nm,nf
524 voilà right, there, here prep
525 volonté will nf
526 envoyer to send v
527 partager to share v
528 puisque since conj
529 établir to establish v
530 changement change nm
531 garder to keep v
532 réalité reality nf
533 interdire to forbid, prohibit, ban v
534 finir to finish v
535 placer to place v
536 sentir to feel, smell v
537 payer to pay v
538 esprit mind, spirit nm
539 domaine domain, field nm
540 diriger to lead, direct v
541 noter to note, notice v
542 nature nature nf
543 régime regime nm
544 charger to load, charge v
545 court short adj,adv,nm
546 parent parent nadj
547 tomber to fall v
548 départ departure nm
549 mondial world, global adj
550 entraîner to carry along, train v
551 disposer to arrange, set v
552 parole word nf
553 fond bottom nm
554 publique public adj,nf
555 faux false, scythe adv,adj(pl),nm(pl),nf(pl)
556 genre type, kind, sort nm
557 retenir to retain, hold back, remember v
558 communauté community nf
559 intéresser to interest, involve v
560 c’est-à-dire in other words adv
561 corps body nm(pl)
562 matière matter, subject, material nf
563 sein breast, bosom nm
564 difficulté difficulty nf
565 parvenir to reach, achieve v
566 secteur sector nm
567 appel call nm
568 coeur heart nm
569 père father nm
570 organisation organization nf
571 unité unity, unit nf
572 noir black nadj
573 événement event nm
574 double double nadj(f)
575 convaincre to convince v
576 nation nation nf
577 conseil advice, counsel, council nm
578 soutenir to sustain, support v
579 paix peace nf(pl)
580 nuit night nf
581 partout everywhere adv
582 direction direction, management nf
583 manquer to miss v
584 actuel current, present adj
585 opposer to oppose v
586 signifier to mean v
587 journée day nf
588 d’ailleurs moreover, besides, for that matter adv
589 traiter to treat, handle, deal with v
590 indiquer to indicate, signal v
591 tuer to kill v
592 technique technique, technics, technical nadj(f)
593 rapidement quickly, rapidly adv
594 autour around adv,nm
595 réduire to reduce v
596 d’après to according
597 préférer to prefer v
598 rue street nf
599 riche rich nadj(f)
600 bref brief adj,adv,nm
601 nommer to call, name, appoint v
602 violence violence nf
603 siècle century nm
604 article article nm
605 durer to last v
606 qualité quality nf
607 gauche left nadj(f)
608 solution solution nf
609 voie road, lane, route, track, way nf
610 capable able, capable adj(f)
611 canadien Canadian nadj
612 erreur mistake, error nf
613 livrer to deliver v
614 auprès nearby, close to adv
615 simplement simply adv
616 souvenir memory, to remember nm,v
617 conséquence consequence nf
618 large wide, width adj(f),adv,nm
619 contraire opposite, contrary nadj(f)
620 succès success nm(pl)
621 élément element nm
622 local local nadj
623 été summer nm
624 inviter to invite v
625 extérieur exterior nadj
626 pied foot nm
627 mission mission nf
628 débat debate nm
629 fille girl, daughter nf
630 répéter to repeat v
631 texte text nm
632 profiter to take advantage, profit v
633 chambre bedroom, chamber nf
634 création creation nf
635 prouver to prove v
636 acheter to buy v
637 justice justice nf
638 production production nf
639 ignorer to ignore v
640 directeur director nadj
641 santé health nf
642 souffrir to suffer v
643 précis precise nadj(pl)
644 fixer to fix, arrange, set v
645 mère mother adj,nf
646 croissance growth nf
647 risque risk nm
648 arme weapon nf
649 estimer to estimate, to consider, deem v
650 endroit place, spot nm
651 comité committee nm
652 impossible impossible nadj(f)
653 preuve proof nf
654 véritable real, true adj(f)
655 amener to bring v
656 viser to aim v
657 retirer to remove, withdraw v
658 total total nadj
659 image picture, image nf
660 date date nf
661 travers breadth, across, fault, amiss nm(pl)
662 contrôle control nm
663 énorme enormous adj(f)
664 conserver to keep, preserve v
665 réel real nadj
666 campagne countryside nf
667 naître to be born v
668 accorder to grant v
669 tourner to turn v
670 participer to participate v
671 vieux old adj(pl),nm(pl)
672 rapide fast, quick nadj(f),nm
673 respecter to respect v
674 passage passage, way nm
675 essentiel essential nadj
676 adopter to adopt v
677 subir to undergo, be subjected to, suffer v
678 environ about, thereabouts, or so adv,prep,nm
679 expérience experience nf
680 admettre to admit v
681 découvrir to discover v
682 couvrir to cover v
683 assister to attend, assist, help v
684 sénateur senator nm
685 dépasser to pass, go beyond v
686 affirmer to affirm, maintain, declare, allege v
687 soumettre to submit v
688 financier financial, financier nadj
689 processus process nm(pl)
690 militaire military nadj(f)
691 frais cool, fresh, fee, expense adj(pl),adv,nm(pl)
692 industrie industry nf
693 apparaître to appear v
694 responsabilité responsibility nf
695 réserver to reserve, keep v
696 porte door nf
697 victime victim nf
698 territoire territory nm
699 pauvre poor nadj(f)
700 taux rate nm(pl)
701 organiser to organize v
702 posséder to possess, own, have v
703 matériel material, equipment nadj
704 cent one hundred, cent det,nm
705 constater to note, notice, to establish, certify v
706 prononcer to pronounce v
707 signe sign nm
708 blanc white adj,nm
709 origine origin, source nf
710 vendre to sell v
711 vite fast, quickly adv
712 langue language, tongue nf
713 dangereux dangerous adj(pl)
714 déplacer to move, displace v
715 importance importance nf
716 suffire to be sufficient, suffice v
717 espoir hope nm
718 davantage more adv
719 saisir to take hold of, grab v
720 énergie energy nf
721 réseau network nm
722 mourir to die v
723 faible weak nadj(f)
724 employer to use, employ v
725 possibilité possibility nf
726 spécial special adj
727 accompagner to accompany v
728 actuellement at present, at the moment adv
729 union union nf
730 supposer to suppose, assume v
731 fournir to provide, supply v
732 ceci this pro
733 exiger to require, demand v
734 intervenir to intervene v
735 fils son nm(pl)
736 d’accord okay, alright intj
737 discuter to discuss, debate, to question v
738 différence difference nf
739 protéger to protect v
740 abandonner to give up, abandon v
741 avis opinion, mind nm(pl)
742 battre to beat, hit v
743 pire worse, worst nadj(f)
744 adresser to address v
745 préciser to state, specify, clarify v
746 intervention intervention, talk nf
747 attirer to attract v
748 demeurer to remain, live v
749 chiffre figure, number nm
750 consacrer to devote, consecrate v
751 remplir to fill, fulfill v
752 divers diverse, various adj(pl),det
753 appliquer to apply v
754 frapper to hit, strike, knock v
755 peur fear nf
756 parlement parliament nm
757 fermer to close, shut v
758 forcer to force v
759 lutte struggle, fight, conflict nf
760 naturel natural nadj
761 air air, appearance nm
762 auteur author nm,nf
763 opération operation nf
764 heureux happy, lucky, fortunate nadj(pl)
765 crise crisis nf
766 numéro number nm
767 résoudre to solve, resolve v
768 publier to publish v
769 instant instant, moment adj,nm
770 toutefois however adv,conj
771 pousser to push v
772 quelqu’un somebody, someone pro
773 discours speech, talk, discourse nm(pl)
774 banque bank nf
775 compagnie company nf
776 reposer to rest v
777 opinion opinion nf
778 classe class nf
779 particulièrement particularly adv
780 commun common nadj
781 satisfaire to satisfy v
782 intention intention nf
783 autorité authority nf
784 anglais English nadj(pl)
785 échange exchange nm
786 feu fire adj(f),nm
787 neuf nine, new det,adj,nmi
788 observer to observe, watch v
789 capacité capacity, ability nf
790 désigner to designate v
791 dépendre to depend v
792 message message nm
793 construire to build, construct v
794 scène scene nf
795 durant during, for prep
796 secret secret nadj
797 plaisir pleasure nm
798 dossier file, record, case nm
799 proposition proposition, proposal nf
800 combien how much, how many adv,conj
801 nul nil, null adj,det,pro
802 absence absence nf
803 cher expensive adj,adv
804 plaire to please v
805 derrière last, behind adv,nm,prep
806 connaissance knowledge nf
807 immédiatement immediately adv
808 entrée entrance nf
809 signer to sign v
810 révéler to reveal v
811 couper to cut v
812 salle room nf
813 pièce piece, part, component, room nf
814 équipe team nf
815 situer to situate, locate v
816 souligner to underline, stress v
817 source source, spring nf
818 respect respect nm
819 crime crime nm
820 précédent precedent, previous nadj
821 installer to install v
822 facile easy adj(f)
823 augmenter to increase, raise v
824 réunir to gather, reunite, raise v
825 impression impression nf
826 octobre October nm
827 médecin physician, doctor nm
828 fédéral federal nadj
829 police police nf
830 coût cost nm
831 formation training nf
832 contrat contract nm
833 normal normal adj
834 attitude attitude nf
835 faute mistake, error, fault nf
836 série series nf
837 lever to lift, raise v
838 proche nearby, close adv,nadj(f),prep
839 direct direct nadj
840 imaginer to imagine v
841 figurer to represent, appear v
842 pratique practice, practical nadj(f)
843 finalement finally, eventually adv
844 allemand German nadj
845 pression pressure nf
846 accès access nm(pl)
847 champ field, realm nm
848 film film nm
849 charge to charge, load nf
850 envisager to view, contemplate v
851 commune locality, common, joint nf
852 ressource resource nf
853 monter to go up, rise, assemble v
854 promettre to promise v
855 motion motion nf
856 concentrer to concentrate v
857 exactement exactly adv
858 composer to compose, dial v
859 chemin path, way nm
860 zone zone, area nf
861 province province nf
862 élection election nf
863 usage use, usage nm
864 conflit conflict nm
865 hors except, outside adv,prep
866 enquête inquiry, enquiry, investigation nf
867 terrain ground, terrain nm
868 mars March, Mars nm(pl)
869 tellement so much adv
870 espace space nm,nf
871 demain tomorrow adv,nm
872 hier yesterday adv
873 confier to entrust v
874 remarquer to remark, to notice, point out v
875 égard consideration, respect, regard nm
876 supérieur superior nadj
877 huit eight det,nmi
878 condamner to condemn v
879 capital major, chief, principal, capital, assets nadj
880 lien link, bond nm
881 voiture car nf
882 discussion discussion nf
883 limiter to limit v
884 justifier to justify v
885 agent agent nm,nf
886 sentiment feeling nm
887 tâche task nf
888 directement directly adv
889 euh er, um, uh intj
890 raconter to tell v
891 décembre December nm
892 développer to develop v
893 honorable honorable, worthy adj(f)
894 contact contact nm
895 conclure to conclude v
896 fruit fruit nm
897 ouvert open adj
898 investissement investment nm
899 insister to insist v
900 avantage advantage nm
901 garde guard nm,nf
902 historique historical nadj(f)
903 probablement probably adv
904 voyage trip, journey nm
905 sept seven det,nmi
906 marche walk, step, march nf
907 vérité truth nf
908 commercial commercial nadj
909 critique criticism, critic, critical nadj(f)
910 ministère ministry nm
911 baisser to lower, turn down, bend down v
912 somme amount, sum, nap nm,nf
913 culture culture nf
914 cacher to hide v
915 prêter to lend v
916 définir to define v
917 client client nm
918 exposer to display, exhibit, expose v
919 progrès progress nm(pl)
920 secrétaire secretary nm,nf
921 mer sea nf
922 rapporter to bring back, report v
923 appuyer to lean, support v
924 liste list nf
925 rentrer to go in, come in, come back, return v
926 mémoire memory nm,nf
927 caractère nature, character nm
928 détruire to destroy v
929 civil civil, civilian nadj
930 nécessité necessity, need nf
931 juin June nm
932 danger danger nm
933 complexe complex nadj(f)
934 commerce trade, commerce nm
935 transport transportation nm
936 attente wait nf
937 institution institution nf
938 défense defence nf
939 janvier January nm
940 échapper to escape v
941 négociation negotiation nf
942 franc frank, franc adj,adv,adj,nm
943 mai May nm
944 septembre September nm
945 environnement environment nm
946 séparer to separate v
947 réaction reaction nf
948 disposition arrangement, disposition nf
949 positif positive nadj
950 scientifique scientific nadj(f)
951 papier paper nm
952 expression expression nf
953 protection protection nf
954 indépendant independent nadj
955 carte card nf
956 association association nf
957 régler to pay, adjust, settle v
958 modèle model nm
959 commander to order, command v
960 étudier to study v
961 déterminer to determine, find out, specify v
962 budget budget nm
963 fonder to found, set v
964 structure structure nf
965 complet full, complete adj,nm
966 exercer to exercise, exert, practice, carry out v
967 amour love nm
968 manifester to show, demonstrate, display v
969 menacer to threaten v
970 conseiller adviser, to advise nm,v
971 réunion meeting nf
972 opposition opposition nf
973 maladie illness, disease nf
974 outre besides adv,nf,prep
975 tandis while
976 construction construction, building nf
977 bande band, strip nf
978 signal signal nm
979 voisin neighbor nadj
980 réforme reform nf
981 rejeter to reject v
982 novembre November nm
983 fonds funds nm(pl)
984 coûter to cost v
985 reprise resumption, renewal, time nf
986 presse press nf
987 rouge red nadj(f)
988 majorité majority nf
989 autoriser to authorize v
990 effectuer to carry out, undergo v
991 bord edge, side nm
992 central central nadj
993 procédure procedure nf
994 faveur favor nf
995 éducation education nf
996 officiel official nadj
997 document document nm
998 aspect aspect nm
999 retourner to return, go back v
1000 professionnel professional nadj
1001 auparavant beforehand adv
1002 animal animal nadj
1003 utile useful adj(f)
1004 inscrire to register, write down v
1005 concurrence competition nf
1006 déclaration declaration nf
1007 rejoindre to rejoin, reunite v
1008 mille a thousand det,nm,nmi
1009 absolument absolutely adv
1010 prison prison nf
1011 armée army nf
1012 revenu income nm
1013 complètement completely adv,nm
1014 confirmer to confirm v
1015 salaire salary, wage nm
1016 lecture reading nf
1017 contribuer to contribute v
1018 attaquer to attack v
1019 table table nf
1020 remonter to go back up v
1021 certes indeed, certainly, of course adv
1022 avril April nm
1023 autrement differently, something else, otherwise adv
1024 ferme farm, firm adj(f),adv,nf
1025 désormais from now on, henceforth adv
1026 lourd heavy adj
1027 susciter to arouse, provoke v
1028 république republic nf
1029 dur hard adv,nadj
1030 application application nf
1031 lutter to struggle, fight v
1032 profit profit, benefit nm
1033 contenir to contain v
1034 déposer to deposit, put down v
1035 modifier to modify, adjust v
1036 communication communication nf
1037 jugement judgement nm
1038 manque lack nm
1039 échec failure adji,nm
1040 traverser to cross, traverse v
1041 transformer to transform v
1042 engagement agreement, commitment nm
1043 frère brother nm
1044 mardi Tuesday nm
1045 rencontre meeting nm
1046 vote vote nm
1047 renvoyer to send back, dismiss v
1048 regretter to regret v
1049 espèce species nf
1050 recommandation recommendation nf
1051 consister to consist v
1052 réagir to react v
1053 surprendre to surprise v
1054 circonstance circumstance nf
1055 témoin witness nm
1056 améliorer to improve v
1057 administration administration nf
1058 réfléchir to reflect v
1059 lumière light nf
1060 vert green nadj
1061 apprécier to appreciate v
1062 combat fight, combat nm
1063 sensible sensitive nadj(f)
1064 étudiant student nadj
1065 vitesse speed nf
1066 malade ill, sick nadj(f)
1067 portée range, reach, scope nf
1068 élève pupil, student nm,nf
1069 contrôler to control, check, inspect, monitor v
1070 merci thank you, favor intj,nm,nf
1071 certainement certainly adv
1072 visite visit nf
1073 assemblée assembly, meeting nf
1074 émission transmision, broadcasting, programme nf
1075 arrivée arrival nf
1076 puissance power nf
1077 partenaire partner nm,nf
1078 contenter to satisfy, please v
1079 perte loss nf
1080 libéral liberal nadj
1081 citoyen citizen nadj
1082 citer to quote v
1083 influence influence nf
1084 camp camp nm
1085 établissement establishment, organization nm
1086 vendredi Friday nm
1087 avance advance nf
1088 destiner to intend, be used v
1089 causer to cause, to chat v
1090 nord north adji,nm
1091 lundi Monday nm
1092 maître master nm
1093 interroger to question, interrogate v
1094 conférence conference nf
1095 provoquer to provoke v
1096 vente sale nf
1097 ramener to bring back, return, take back v
1098 soldat soldier nm
1099 collègue colleague nm,nf
1100 concevoir to conceive v
1101 procéder to proceed v
1102 poids weight nm(pl)
1103 voici here is, here are, this is, these are prep
1104 acquérir to acquire v
1105 moindre lesser, least, slightest adj(f)
1106 convenir to agree, be suitable v
1107 logique logic, logical nadj(f)
1108 examiner to examine v
1109 soin care nm
1110 mesurer to measure v
1111 traitement treatment, salary, wage nm
1112 jeudi Thursday nm
1113 impliquer to imply, implicate v
1114 science science nf
1115 individu individual nm
1116 donnée fact, datum nf
1117 demi half adji,adv,nm
1118 combattre to fight v
1119 violent violent nadj
1120 comporter to comprise, include, to behave v
1121 suivant following nadj,prep
1122 mériter to deserve, merit v
1123 emprunter to borrow v
1124 conscience conscience, consciousness nf
1125 traduire to translate v
1126 sang blood nm
1127 millier thousand nm
1128 emporter to take, remove v
1129 initiative initiative nf
1130 nucléaire nuclear adj(f)
1131 industriel industrial nadj
1132 vif lively nadj
1133 exact exact, correct adj
1134 exception exception nf
1135 doubler to double, pass, to dub v
1136 février February nm
1137 mode mode, way, fashion nm,nf
1138 tendre to tighten, to extend, stretch, tender nadj(f),v
1139 musique music nf
1140 gestion management nf
1141 honneur honor nm
1142 vaste vast, immense adj(f)
1143 évoquer to recall, evoke v
1144 fonctionner to function, work v
1145 étape stage, step nf
1146 physique physical, physics nadj(f)
1147 accuser to accuse v
1148 parfaitement perfectly adv
1149 méthode method, procedure nf
1150 professeur professor, teacher nm,nf
1151 envers towards nm(pl),prep
1152 distribuer to distribute, give out v
1153 existence existence nf
1154 prétendre to pretend v
1155 global global adj
1156 dommage damage, harm, too bad nm
1157 crédit credit nm
1158 tendance tendency, trend nf
1159 chaîne chain, channel nf
1160 relatif relative nadj
1161 note note, grade nf
1162 réserve reserve nf
1163 maximum maximum nadj
1164 moteur motor nadj
1165 version version nf
1166 règlement rule, regulation nm
1167 couple couple nm,nf
1168 mercredi Wednesday nm
1169 régional regional nadj
1170 sinon otherwise, or else conj
1171 entreprendre to begin, start, undertake v
1172 au-delà beyond adv,nmi
1173 étendre to spread out, stretch out v
1174 sortie exit nf
1175 profond deep adv,nadj
1176 décrire to describe v
1177 etc et cetera etc.,
1178 récent recent adj
1179 télévision television nf
1180 retraite retirement, pension nf
1181 art art nm
1182 frontière border nf
1183 égal equal nadj
1184 promesse promise nf
1185 entretenir to maintain v
1186 habiter to live v
1187 quartier district, quarter nm
1188 avocat lawyer nm
1189 accueillir to welcome, greet, accommodate v
1190 libérer to free, liberate, release v
1191 vivant alive, living nadj
1192 université university nf
1193 rire to laugh nm,v
1194 facilement easily adv
1195 crainte fear nf
1196 commettre to commit v
1197 précisément precisely adv
1198 soutien support nm
1199 urgence emergency nf
1200 clé key nf
1201 enlever to remove v
1202 jeter to throw v
1203 religieux religious nadj(pl)
1204 analyse analysis nf
1205 disponible available adj(f)
1206 regard look, glance nm
1207 prévenir to prevent, warn, to notify v
1208 bientôt soon adv
1209 analyser to analyse v
1210 mariage marriage nm
1211 couleur color nf
1212 témoigner to testify v
1213 sauver to rescue, save v
1214 parlementaire parliamentary, member of parliament nadj(f)
1215 conclusion conclusion nf
1216 bleu blue adj,nm
1217 dehors outside adv,nm(pl),prep
1218 remercier to thank v
1219 actif active nadj
1220 réclamer to ask for, call for, to claim v
1221 habitude habit nf
1222 récemment recently adv
1223 fil thread, wire nm
1224 collectif collective nadj
1225 excellent excellent adj
1226 moral moral, morale nadj
1227 accident accident nm
1228 code code nm
1229 puissant powerful nadj
1230 recueillir to collect, gather v
1231 fabriquer to manufacture, invent, make v
1232 représentant representative nm
1233 rare rare adj(f)
1234 extraordinaire extraordinary adj(f)
1235 dimanche Sunday nm
1236 vérifier to check, verify v
1237 envie envy nf
1238 enregistrer to record, check in v
1239 moderne modern nadj(f)
1240 parc park nm
1241 impôt tax nm
1242 sud south adji,nm
1243 efficace efficient, effective adj(f)
1244 intéressant interesting adj
1245 île island nf
1246 cité city nf
1247 carrière career nf
1248 voter to vote v
1249 traité treaty nm
1250 libération liberation nf
1251 nourrir to feed, nourish v
1252 sérieusement seriously adv
1253 bras arm nm(pl)
1254 immédiat immediate nadj
1255 exceptionnel exceptional nadj
1256 rechercher to search for v
1257 palestinien Palestinian nm
1258 lendemain next day nm
1259 producteur producer nadj
1260 garantir to guarantee v
1261 geste gesture nm
1262 roman novel adj,nm
1263 augmentation increase, rise nf
1264 facteur postman, mailman, factor nm
1265 policier policeman nadj
1266 échelle ladder, scale nf
1267 supplémentaire additional adj(f)
1268 pratiquer to practice v
1269 pensée thought nf
1270 extrême extreme nadj(f)
1271 néanmoins nevertheless adv,conj
1272 bénéficier to benefit nm,v
1273 vingt twenty det,nmi
1274 revoir to see again, revise v
1275 perspective perspective, viewpoint nf
1276 défaut fault, flaw, shortcoming nm
1277 précieux precious nadj(pl)
1278 retard delay nm
1279 démocratie democracy nf
1280 renforcer to reinforce, strengthen v
1281 silence silence nm
1282 troupe troup nf
1283 qualifier to qualify v
1284 absolu absolute nadj
1285 dégager to free, clear v
1286 stratégie strategy nf
1287 bateau boat, ship nm
1288 printemps spring nm(pl)
1289 course race, shopping nf
1290 exercice exercise, nm
1291 fondamental fondamental adj
1292 visage face nm
1293 droite right nf
1294 machine machine nf
1295 village village nm
1296 britannique British nadj(f)
1297 surveiller to watch v
1298 édition publishing, editing, edition nf
1299 organisme organism nm
1300 leçon lesson nf
1301 accomplir to accomplish v
1302 décevoir to disappoint v
1303 bataille battle nf
1304 port harbor, port nm
1305 naissance birth nf
1306 majeur major nadj
1307 froid cold nadj
1308 hôpital hospital nm
1309 circuit circuit nm
1310 terrible terrible, dreadful adj(f)
1311 degré degree nm
1312 exigence demand, strictness nf
1313 rêve dream nm
1314 inspirer to inspire v
1315 opérer to operate, carry out v
1316 entièrement entirely, completely adv
1317 chapitre chapter nm
1318 quotidien daily nadj
1319 clairement clearly adv
1320 joindre to join v
1321 léger light adj
1322 permanent permanent adj
1323 juge judge nm,nf
1324 après-midi afternoon nmi
1325 russe Russian nadj(f)
1326 juillet July nm
1327 ordinaire ordinary adv,nadj(f)
1328 candidat candidate nm
1329 rapprocher to bring closer, get closer v
1330 résistance resistance nf
1331 fier to rely on, proud adj,v
1332 justement exactly, rightly, precisely adv
1333 habitant inhabitant nm
1334 formule formula, expression nf
1335 mur wall nm
1336 tribunal court nm
1337 journaliste journalist nm,nf
1338 manger to eat nm,v
1339 soulever to lift up v
1340 évidemment obviously adv
1341 travailleur worker nadj
1342 résolution resolution nf
1343 dirigeant leader nadj
1344 marque brand, mark nf
1345 utilisation use nf
1346 offre offer nf
1347 habituel customary, habitual adj
1348 survivre to survive v
1349 populaire popular nadj(f)
1350 constitution constitution nf
1351 participation participation nf
1352 évolution evolution nf
1353 totalement totally adv
1354 gérer to manage v
1355 samedi Saturday nm
1356 informer to inform v
1357 fou mad, crazy adj,nm
1358 attacher to attach v
1359 renouveler to renew v
1360 asseoir to sit v
1361 oh oh intj
1362 transfert transfer nm
1363 renoncer to give up, renounce v
1364 roi king nm
1365 soi one, oneself, self nmi,pro
1366 téléphone telephone nm
1367 net clear, Internet adj,nm
1368 foi faith nf
1369 motif motive, purpose nm
1370 plaindre to pity, feel sorry for, complain v
1371 tradition tradition nf
1372 institut institute nm
1373 victoire victory nf
1374 arrêt stop nm
1375 concours entrance exam, competition nm(pl)
1376 vis-à-vis face to face, regarding nmpl,prep
1377 aboutir to succeed, end up at v
1378 visiter to visit v
1379 elle-même herself, itself pro
1380 démocratique democratic adj(f)
1381 tentative attempt nf
1382 largement widely adv
1383 échouer to fail v
1384 désirer to desire v
1385 côte coast nf
1386 génération generation nf
1387 vent wind nm
1388 technologie technology nf
1389 inquiéter to worry, disturb v
1390 dépit spite, heartache nm
1391 équilibre balance, equilibrium nm
1392 inquiet worried, anxious nadj
1393 obstacle obstacle nm
1394 réflexion reflection nf
1395 uniquement only adv
1396 affecter to affect v
1397 revanche revenge, return nf
1398 ressembler to look like, resemble v
1399 station station nf
1400 supporter to support, endure nm,v
1401 privé private nadj
1402 catégorie category nf
1403 mine mein, appearance, look, mien nf
1404 législatif legislative nadj
1405 ah ah, oh intj
1406 propriétaire owner nm,nf
1407 favoriser to favor v
1408 priorité priority nf
1409 avion plane nm
1410 minimum minimum nadj
1411 criminel criminal nadj
1412 photo photo nf
1413 précéder to precede v
1414 solide solid nadj(f)
1415 correspondre to correspond v
1416 navire ship nm
1417 centaine hundred nf
1418 explication explanation nf
1419 transmettre to forward, transmit v
1420 appareil apparatus, device nm
1421 publication publication nf
1422 associer to associate v
1423 trait line, feature nm
1424 référence reference nf
1425 bois wood nm(pl)
1426 identifier to identify v
1427 symbole symbol nm
1428 consommation consumption nf
1429 idéal ideal nadj
1430 chômage unemployment nm
1431 courage courage nm
1432 reconnaissance recognition, gratitude nf
1433 entretien interview, discussion, maintenance nm
1434 encourager to encourage v
1435 kilomètre kilometer nm
1436 dérouler to unwind, enroll v
1437 identité identity nf
1438 amendement amendment nm
1439 signaler to indicate, signal v
1440 division division nf
1441 contexte context nm
1442 coupable guilty nadj(f)
1443 favorable favorable adj(f)
1444 obligation obligation, bond nf
1445 août August nm
1446 attribuer to award, grant, attribute v
1447 courir to run v
1448 examen exam nm
1449 personnage character, individual nm
1450 dénoncer to denounce v
1451 inconnu unknown nadj
1452 échanger to exchange v
1453 montant upright, upwards, sum, total nadj
1454 éliminer to eliminate v
1455 ouverture opening nf
1456 tableau frame, picture, painting, panel nm
1457 exclure to exclude v
1458 meurtre murder nm
1459 exemplaire exemplary, copy nadj(f)
1460 propriété property nf
1461 final final nadj
1462 site site nm
1463 séance session, meeting nf
1464 durée length, duration nf
1465 élire to elect v
1466 baisse fall, drop nf
1467 inquiétude worry, anxiety nf
1468 israélien Israeli nadj
1469 représentation representation nf
1470 pareil similar, likewise, peer, equal nadj
1471 mandat term, mandate nm
1472 quinze fifteen det,nmi
1473 vide empty nadj(f)
1474 statut status nm
1475 essai attempt, try, test nm
1476 sourire smile, to smile nm,v
1477 italien Italian nadj
1478 suggérer to suggest v
1479 interrompre to interrupt v
1480 au-dessus above adv
1481 agence agency nf
1482 usine factory nf
1483 unir to unite v
1484 rang rank, row nm
1485 employé employee nm
1486 sommet summit nm
1487 franchir to get over v
1488 évident obvious adj
1489 comportement behavior nm
1490 fête holiday, celebration nf
1491 sol floor, ground nm
1492 écarter to separate, move apart, keep away v
1493 vague vague, wave nadj(f),nf
1494 réduction reduction nf
1495 culturel cultural adj
1496 coopération cooperation nf
1497 vertu virtue nf
1498 d’autant since pro
1499 leader leader nm,nf
1500 taille size, height nf
1501 contenu contents nadj
1502 distance distance nf
1503 automne fall, autumn nm
1504 arrière back, rear adji,adv,nm
1505 vision vision, view nf
1506 investir to invest v
1507 diminuer to diminish, decrease v
1508 réfugier to take refuge v
1509 entourer to surround v
1510 juif Jew, Jewish nadj
1511 considérable considerable, significant adj(f)
1512 conduite behavior, driving nf
1513 convention agreement, convention nf
1514 communiquer to communicate v
1515 prolonger to prolong, extend v
1516 verser to pour, deposit, shed v
1517 évidence evidence nf
1518 essentiellement essentially adv
1519 démontrer to demonstrate v
1520 négatif negative nadj
1521 approche approach nf
1522 délai delay nm
1523 accroître to increase v
1524 bruit noise nm
1525 humanité humanity nf
1526 radio radio adji,nm,nf
1527 moi-même myself pro
1528 syndicat union nm
1529 prudent prudent, careful, cautious adj
1530 soirée evening nf
1531 vol flight, theft nm
1532 marcher to walk v
1533 tiers third nadj(pl)
1534 mètre meter nm
1535 aborder to reach, approach v
1536 occidental western nadj
1537 suffisant sufficient adj
1538 ciel sky nm
1539 tromper to deceive v
1540 modeste modest adj(f)
1541 éloigner to move away, take away, distance v
1542 seconde second det,nf
1543 malheureusement unfortunately adv
1544 évaluer to evaluate v
1545 extrêmement extremely adv
1546 interne internal, interior, intern nadj(f)
1547 voire even, indeed adv
1548 témoignage testimony nm
1549 messieurs gentlemen nmpl
1550 effectivement effectively adv
1551 gaz gas nm(pl)
1552 acteur actor nm
1553 adapter to adapt v
1554 cour yard, court nf
1555 dépense expense, expenditure nf
1556 souci worry, concern nm
1557 expert expert nadj
1558 soeur sister nf
1559 relativement relatively adv
1560 comparer to compare v
1561 procès trial, proceedings nm(pl)
1562 provenir to be from, come from v
1563 réellement really adv
1564 conscient conscious, aware adj
1565 céder to give up, give way v
1566 médical medical adj
1567 diviser to divide v
1568 colère anger nf
1569 patient patient nadj
1570 notion notion nf
1571 siège seat, bench nm
1572 hausse rise, raise, increase nf
1573 mécanisme mechanism nm
1574 traditionnel traditional adj
1575 quart quarter nadj
1576 approcher to approach v
1577 trafic traffic, circulation nm
1578 catholique catholic nadj(f)
1579 foyer home, hearth nm
1580 adulte adult nadj(f)
1581 reprocher to blame, reproach v
1582 métier job, occupation, trade nm
1583 modification modification nf
1584 peser to weigh v
1585 médias media nmpl
1586 hiver winter nm
1587 définition definition nf
1588 spécialiste specialist nadj(f)
1589 mari husband nm
1590 supprimer to remove, withdraw v
1591 guère hardly adv
1592 douter to doubt v
1593 ressentir to feel v
1594 sexuel sexual adj
1595 consulter to consult v
1596 renseignement information nm
1597 âgé old adj
1598 fonctionnement operation, functioning nm
1599 garçon boy nm
1600 parfait perfect nadj
1601 résumer to summarize, sum up v
1602 prévision forecast, prediction, expectation nf
1603 quatrième fourth det,nm,nf
1604 fenêtre window nf
1605 incapable incapable, incompetent nadj(f)
1606 hésiter to hesitate v
1607 menace threat nf
1608 universel universal nadj
1609 jeunesse youth nf
1610 voler to steal, rob v
1611 résister to resist v
1612 profondément profoundly, deeply adv
1613 séparation separation nf
1614 inutile useless nadj(f)
1615 refus refusal nm(pl)
1616 poisson fish nm
1617 révolution revolution nf
1618 prisonnier prisoner, captive nadj
1619 avouer to admit v
1620 saluer to greet, salute v
1621 fer iron nm
1622 familial family adj
1623 cinéma cinema nm
1624 calcul calculation nm
1625 armé armed adj
1626 enseignement education, teaching nm
1627 étonnant surprising, amazing, incredible nadj
1628 dizaine approximately ten nf
1629 dessus above, on top adv,nm(pl),prep
1630 achever to complete, finish, end v
1631 fonctionnaire state employee, public servant nm,nf
1632 instruction instruction, direction nf
1633 pratiquement practically adv
1634 oser to dare v
1635 rassembler to gather together v
1636 réalisation realization, achievement nf
1637 fiscal fiscal adj
1638 démarche walk, process nf
1639 corriger to correct v
1640 volume volume nm
1641 réussite success nf
1642 désir desire nm
1643 pur pure nadj
1644 exportation export nf
1645 prier to pray v
1646 trente thirty det,nmi
1647 âme soul nf
1648 dominer to dominate v
1649 autorisation authorization, permission, permit nf
1650 instrument instrument nm
1651 indépendance independence nf
1652 tort wrong nm
1653 hauteur height nf
1654 critiquer to criticize v
1655 attaque attack nf
1656 assurance insurance, confidence nf
1657 déficit deficit nm
1658 évoluer to evolve v
1659 drogue drug nf
1660 concret concrete nadj
1661 percevoir to perceive v
1662 rythme rhythm, rate nm
1663 approuver to approve v
1664 douze twelve det,nmi
1665 juridique legal, judicial adj(f)
1666 espagnol Spanish nadj
1667 saison season nf
1668 épreuve test, ordeal, trial nf
1669 hypothèse hypothesis nf
1670 relier to connect v
1671 financement financing nm
1672 dos back nm(pl)
1673 consommateur consumer, customer nm
1674 soviétique Soviet nadj(f)
1675 volontaire volunteer, voluntary nadj(f)
1676 négocier to negotiate v
1677 finance finance nf
1678 rêver to dream v
1679 indien Indian nadj
1680 quantité quantity nf
1681 définitif definitive, final nadj
1682 persuader to convince, persuade v
1683 interpréter to interpret v
1684 annuel annual adj
1685 commentaire comment, remark nm
1686 marier to marry v
1687 spectacle sight, show nm
1688 pari bet nm
1689 célèbre famous adj(f)
1690 ouest west adji,nm
1691 sexe sex nm
1692 eh hey, uh intj
1693 recours resort, recourse nm(pl)
1694 accent accent nm
1695 introduire to introduce v
1696 communiste communist nadj(f)
1697 concert concert nm
1698 couverture blanket nf
1699 religion religion nf
1700 appui support nm
1701 théâtre theater nm
1702 saint saint, holy nadj
1703 conséquent logical, rational, consistent nadj
1704 équipement equipment nm
1705 descendre to go down, come down v
1706 patron boss nm
1707 marge margin nf
1708 abri shelter nm
1709 recette recipe nf
1710 généralement generally adv
1711 vigueur vigor nf
1712 baser to base v
1713 soleil sun nm
1714 électoral electoral adj
1715 ennemi enemy nadj
1716 bourse purse, scholarship nf
1717 dimension dimension nf
1718 déployer to deploy, open v
1719 dialogue dialogue nm
1720 thème theme, topic nm
1721 circuler to drive, circulate v
1722 porte-parole spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman nmi
1723 présentation presentation nf
1724 forêt forest nf
1725 outil tool nm
1726 vacance vacancy, vacation nf
1727 suffisamment sufficiently adv
1728 défi challenge nm
1729 front front, forehead nm
1730 suspendre to suspend, postpone v
1731 calme calm nadj(f)
1732 montagne mountain nf
1733 sévère severe adj(f)
1734 apparemment apparently adv
1735 présidence presidency nf
1736 magasin store nm
1737 commissaire superintendent, commissioner nm,nf
1738 écrivain writer nm
1739 monétaire monetary adj(f)
1740 ouvrage work nm
1741 réputation reputation nf
1742 cabinet cabinet, agency, office nm
1743 écart space, gap nm
1744 chien dog nm
1745 surveillance surveillance, monitoring nf
1746 indispensable essential adj(f)
1747 conversation conversation nf
1748 surface surface nf
1749 féliciter to congratulate v
1750 sûrement surely adv
1751 bombe bomb nf
1752 efficacité efficiency, effectiveness nf
1753 euro euro nm
1754 phase phase nf
1755 confusion confusion, mix-up nf
1756 précision precision nf
1757 compétence competence nf
1758 bilan balance sheet, outcome nm
1759 immense immense adj(f)
1760 massif massive nadj
1761 chute fall nf
1762 constant constant adj
1763 sain healthy, sane adj
1764 intégrer to integrate v
1765 aérien aerial adj
1766 contrairement contrary adv
1767 pierre stone nf
1768 socialiste socialist nadj(f)
1769 fortement strongly adv
1770 régulier regular adj
1771 boîte box nf
1772 financer to finance v
1773 théorie theory nf
1774 hôtel hotel nm
1775 nier to deny v
1776 phénomène phenomenon nm
1777 là-bas over there, out there adv
1778 étonner to astonish, amaze v
1779 totalité totality, entirety nf
1780 sort fate, curse nm
1781 accéder to access, reach, attain v
1782 église church nf
1783 récupérer to get back, recover, recuperate v
1784 doter to endow, provide v
1785 contribution contribution nf
1786 profondeur depth nf
1787 émettre to emit, issue v
1788 test test nm
1789 vice-président vice-president nm
1790 pêche fishing, peach nf
1791 découverte discovery nf
1792 potentiel potential nadj
1793 agricole agricultural, farming adj(f)
1794 intellectuel intellectual nadj
1795 essence gas, petrol nf
1796 pencher to lean, tilt v
1797 artiste artist nadj(f)
1798 coin corner nm
1799 tension tension nf
1800 don gift nm
1801 uniforme uniform, steady, regular adj(f),nm
1802 fidèle faithful nadj(f)
1803 grève strike nf
1804 achat purchase nm
1805 mentionner to mention v
1806 exécution execution, accomplishment nf
1807 distinguer to distinguish v
1808 exploiter to exploit v
1809 administratif administrative nadj
1810 effectif effective, size, workforce nadj
1811 communautaire community, communal adj(f)
1812 individuel individual adj
1813 faciliter to make easier, facilitate v
1814 original original nadj
1815 surprise surprise nf
1816 veiller to look after, stay up v
1817 dette debt nf
1818 capitale capital nf
1819 maintien holding, maintaining nm
1820 chanter to sing v
1821 pension pension, room and board, boarding school nf
1822 revue review, magazine, journal nf
1823 clore to close v
1824 neige snow nf
1825 figure face, figure nf
1826 masse mass nf
1827 susceptible sensitive, touchy adj(f)
1828 étroit narrow, tight adj
1829 goût taste nm
1830 prestation benefit nf
1831 régner to reign v
1832 catastrophe catastrophe, disaster nf
1833 ressortir to go out again, come out again, take out again v
1834 exploitation operation, exploitation nf
1835 manifestation demonstration, event nf
1836 dormir to sleep v
1837 lit bed nm
1838 bouche mouth nf
1839 excuse excuse, apology nf
1840 veille the day before, the eve of, night watch nf
1841 content glad, pleased, happy adj
1842 rassurer to reassure, calm down v
1843 triste sad adj(f)
1844 latin Latin nadj
1845 classique classic nadj(f)
1846 alliance alliance nf
1847 préoccupation worry, concern nf
1848 trace trace, mark, track nf
1849 logement accommodation nm
1850 langage language nm
1851 plainte moan, groan, complaint nf
1852 chaud warm, hot adv,nadj
1853 taire to keep quiet v
1854 émotion emotion, feeling nf
1855 judiciaire judiciary adj(f)
1856 progresser to progress v
1857 secours help, aid, assistance nm(pl)
1858 confronter to confront v
1859 strict strict, absolute adj
1860 club club nm
1861 ouvrier worker nadj
1862 souffrance suffering nf
1863 observation observation nf
1864 rétablir to restore, re-establish v
1865 immeuble building nadj(f)
1866 passion passion nf
1867 rupture break, rupture nf
1868 office office, bureau nm
1869 compliquer to complicate v
1870 assumer to assume v
1871 partiel partial nadj
1872 éprouver to feel, experience v
1873 rendez-vous appointment nm(pl)
1874 argument argument nm
1875 planète planet nf
1876 maire mayor nm
1877 délicat delicate, fine, gentle nadj
1878 attentat attack, assassination attempt nm
1879 boire to drink nm,v
1880 richesse wealth, richness nf
1881 caisse till, cash desk nf
1882 hasard chance, luck nm
1883 héros hero nm(pl)
1884 oreille ear nf
1885 incident incident adj,nm
1886 café coffee, café nm
1887 annonce announcement nf
1888 régulièrement regularly adv
1889 pont bridge nm
1890 foutre to f*ck, shove off v,nm
1891 apercevoir to see, notice v
1892 refléter to reflect v
1893 bouger to move, shift, budge v
1894 foule crowd nf
1895 chrétien christian nadj
1896 isoler to isolate, insulate v
1897 norme norm, standard nf
1898 égalité equality nf
1899 tenue dress, outfit nf
1900 animer to lead, conduct, animate v
1901 statistique statistics, statistical nf
1902 piste track, trail nf
1903 préserver to preserve v
1904 hommage homage, tribute nm
1905 inférieur inferior nadj
1906 match match, game nm
1907 pointe point, tip nf
1908 gouvernemental governmental adj
1909 exécuter to execute, carry out v
1910 tragédie tragedy nf
1911 distribution distribution nf
1912 scandale scandal, uproar nm
1913 irakien Iraqi nadj
1914 chinois Chinese nadj(pl)
1915 bénéfice benefit, profit nm
1916 billet ticket nm
1917 choc shock, clash nm
1918 proportion proportion nf
1919 canal canal, channel nm
1920 briser to break v
1921 destruction destruction nf
1922 reculer to move back, back up v
1923 critère criterion, criteria nm
1924 gardien guardian, keeper nadj
1925 adresse address nf
1926 réception reception nf
1927 conservateur conservative nadj
1928 ouais yeah intj
1929 transporter to transport, carry v
1930 brûler to burn v
1931 manoeuvre manoeuvre, laborer nm,nf
1932 monnaie currency, coin, change nf
1933 transmission transmission nf
1934 quelconque any, some adj(f)
1935 courrier mail, post nm
1936 grandir to grow, increase, expand v
1937 élaborer to work out, develop v
1938 doigt finger nm
1939 illustrer to illustrate v
1940 poche pocket nf
1941 affronter to confront, face v
1942 éclater to burst, explode v
1943 honte shame nf
1944 faiblesse weakness nf
1945 fédération federation nf
1946 presser to squeeze, press v
1947 mêler to mingle, mix v
1948 bonheur happiness nm
1949 formuler to formulate v
1950 crier to shout, scream, cry out v
1951 pauvreté poverty nf
1952 bâtiment building nm
1953 époux husband, spouse nm(pl)
1954 médicament medicine, drug, medication nm
1955 firme firm nf
1956 élargir to widen, expand v
1957 électeur elector, voter nm
1958 plonger to dive v
1959 véhicule vehicle nm
1960 fuir to flee v
1961 chercheur researcher nadj
1962 varier to vary, change v
1963 personnalité personality nf
1964 inventer to invent v
1965 principalement principally, mainly, primarily adv
1966 prudence prudence, care, caution nf
1967 stade stadium, stage nm
1968 liaison liaison, connection nf
1969 consultation consultation nf
1970 québécois Quebecker, Quebecer, Québécois nadj(pl)
1971 ordonner to ordain, organize, order v
1972 bonjour hello nm
1973 morale ethics, moral nf
1974 contester to contest, question v
1975 nécessairement necessarily adv
1976 détermination determination, resolution nf
1977 congrès congress, conference nm(pl)
1978 semblable similar nadj(f)
1979 préoccuper to worry, preoccupy v
1980 dépôt deposit, depot nm
1981 considération consideration nf
1982 multiplier to multiply v
1983 dame lady intj,nf
1984 joie joy nf
1985 durable durable, long-lasting adj(f)
1986 faim hungry nf
1987 excuser to excuse v
1988 recommander to recommend v
1989 concept concept nm
1990 cerveau brain nm
1991 truc trick, thingamajig nm
1992 allié allied, ally nadj
1993 scolaire school, educational, academic adj(f)
1994 arabe Arabic, Arab nadj(f)
1995 diffuser to diffuse, broadcast v
1996 budgétaire budgetary adj(f)
1997 inquiétant worrying, disturbing adj
1998 inclure to include v
1999 style style nm
2000 combler to fill, fill in, fulfil v
2001 ombre shade, shadow nm,nf
2002 annuler to cancel v
2003 joueur player nadj
2004 bloquer to block v
2005 interprétation interpretation nf
2006 climat climate nm
2007 séjour stay nm
2008 guider to guide v
2009 spécialiser to specialize v
2010 ben well adv
2011 sport sport adji,nm
2012 amélioration improvement nf
2013 douleur pain nf
2014 issue exit, outcome nf
2015 généreux generous adj(pl)
2016 absent absent nadj
2017 talent talent nm
2018 normalement normally adv
2019 remarque remark nf
2020 détourner to redirect v
2021 raisonnable reasonable, fair adj(f)
2022 suprême supreme nadj(f)
2023 éventuel possible nadj
2024 blesser to hurt v
2025 orientation orientation, trend nf
2026 grec Greek nadj
2027 secondaire secondary nadj(f)
2028 reporter to report, to postpone nm,nf,v
2029 partisan partisan, supporter nadj
2030 cinquième fifth det,nm,nf
2031 distinction distinction nf
2032 impact impact nm
2033 magazine magazine nm
2034 compléter to complete v
2035 mérite merit nm
2036 naturellement naturally adv
2037 collaboration collaboration nf
2038 procurer to get, bring v
2039 officier officer, officiate nm,nf,v
2040 remarquable remarkable, outstanding adj(f)
2041 efforcer to endeavor v
2042 tragique tragic nadj(f)
2043 anniversaire anniversary, birthday nadj(f)
2044 issu descended from adj
2045 poursuite chase, pursuit nf
2046 nôtre ours, our own nadj(f)
2047 éclairer to light up v
2048 consommer to eat, consume, drink, use, consummate v
2049 infirmier nurse nadj
2050 caractéristique characteristic nadj(f)
2051 dépenser to spend v
2052 censé supposed adj
2053 fuite escape nf
2054 conviction conviction, belief nf
2055 nettement clearly, distinctly adv
2056 détenir to hold, detain v
2057 évaluation evaluation nf
2058 installation installation, setup nf
2059 innocent innocent nadj
2060 fameux famous adj(pl)
2061 cultiver to cultivate, grow v
2062 doux soft, sweet adv,nadj(pl)
2063 gouverner to govern, rule, steer, helm v
2064 jouir to enjoy v
2065 parcourir to cover, travel v
2066 bloc block nm
2067 électrique electric adj(f)
2068 seuil doorstep, threshold nm
2069 croissant growing, crescent, crescent-shape nadj
2070 classer to classify, file, grade, rate v
2071 audience audience, hearing nf
2072 multiple multiple nadj(f)
2073 minorité minority nf
2074 phrase sentence, phrase nf
2075 provisoire temporary, provisional adj(f)
2076 hein eh, huh intj
2077 disparition disappearance nf
2078 dynamique dynamic nadj(f)
2079 renverser to knock down, turn over, overturn v
2080 trouble turmoil, agitation, blurred, cloudy, trouble adj(f),nm
2081 désoler to upset, sadden v
2082 accélérer to speed up, accelerate v
2083 littérature literature nf
2084 résider to reside v
2085 adolescent teenager, adolescent nm
2086 dessiner to draw, design v
2087 rompre to break v
2088 agriculture agriculture nf
2089 gouverneur governor nm,nf
2090 aventure adventure nf
2091 armer to arm v
2092 volet shutter nm
2093 bâtir to build v
2094 prime free gift, premium, bonus nadj(f),nf
2095 résulter to result v
2096 occupation occupation, pastime nf
2097 japonais Japanese nadj(pl)
2098 emmener to take v
2099 alimentaire food adj(f)
2100 lecteur reader nm
2101 marin sea, marine, sailor nadj
2102 intermédiaire intermediate, intermediary nadj(f)
2103 voeu vow, wish, will nm
2104 dresser to draw up, put up, raise v
2105 conception conception nf
2106 afficher to display v
2107 fragile fragile, delicate, frail adj(f)
2108 satisfaction satisfaction nf
2109 survenir to occur, take place, appear v
2110 publicité advertising, advertisement, publicity nf
2111 arbre tree nm
2112 univers universe nm(pl)
2113 aéroport airport nm
2114 sauter to jump v
2115 chasse chase, hunt, hunting nf
2116 collège secondary school, college nm
2117 garantie guarantee nf
2118 morceau piece, bit nm
2119 salarié wage-earning, employee nadj
2120 discipline discipline nf
2121 explosion explosion nf
2122 peau skin nf
2123 commande order, control nf
2124 orienter to position, give advice, direct, orientate v
2125 reproduire to reproduce, repeat v
2126 paragraphe paragraph nm
2127 radical radical nadj
2128 transférer to transfer v
2129 diffusion diffusion, spreading, circulation nf
2130 spécialement especially, particularly adv
2131 croître to grow, increase v
2132 tolérer to tolerate, access, put up, bear, endure v
2133 copie copy, replica, paper nf
2134 enseigner to teach v
2135 rédiger to write, draw up v
2136 magnifique magnificent adj(f)
2137 initial initial adj
2138 indice indication, sign, clue nm
2139 promotion promotion, advertising nf
2140 branche branch nf
2141 section section nf
2142 chanson song nf
2143 pair peer, pair, even adj,nm
2144 contraindre to compel, force v
2145 trancher to cut, sever, settle, decide v
2146 réformiste reformist nadj(f)
2147 retarder to delay, hold up v
2148 réjouir to delight, rejoice v
2149 punir to punish v
2150 repartir to set off again, start up again v
2151 cellule cell nf
2152 déclencher to trigger, release, unleash v
2153 uni united nadj
2154 connexion connection nf
2155 écouler to sell, run off, flow out v
2156 option option nf
2157 pétrole crude oil, petroleum nm
2158 laboratoire laboratory nm
2159 étrange strange, odd nadj(f)
2160 coucher lie down, sleep nm,v
2161 département department nm
2162 génie genius nm
2163 profession profession nf
2164 rumeur rumor nf
2165 mien mine nadj,pro
2166 drôle funny, strange adj(f),nm
2167 plat dish, flat adj,nm
2168 maman mom nf
2169 incertitude uncertainty nf
2170 célébrer to celebrate v
2171 dignité dignity nf
2172 légitime legitimate nadj(f)
2173 philosophie philosophy nf
2174 verre glass nm
2175 spécifique specific adj(f)
2176 docteur doctor nm
2177 hausser to raise v
2178 fréquence frequency nf
2179 urgent urgent adj
2180 trou hole nm
2181 stratégique strategic adj(f)
2182 mental mental nadj
2183 éditeur publisher, editor nm
2184 provincial provincial nadj
2185 casser to break v
2186 probable probable, likely adj(f)
2187 signature signature nf
2188 forcément without question, inevitably adv
2189 conformément in accordance adv
2190 croiser to cross v
2191 plastique plastic nadj(f)
2192 autonome autonomous, independent nadj(f)
2193 héritage heritage nm
2194 voyager to travel v
2195 électronique electronic nadj(f)
2196 parallèle parallel, similar nadj(f)
2197 répartir to distribute, spread out, share out, divide up v
2198 courageux courageous nadj(pl)
2199 réveiller to wake up v
2200 satellite satellite nm
2201 ordinateur computer nadj
2202 fondé founded, justified, agent, clerk adj,nm,nf
2203 blessé injured nadj
2204 municipal municipal adj
2205 salut salute, hi, bye intj,nm
2206 songer to dream v
2207 enfance childhood nf
2208 là-dessus on top, about it adv
2209 merveilleux marvellous, wonderful adj(pl)
2210 sien his, hers nadj
2211 commenter to comment v
2212 inciter to incite, encourage v
2213 prière prayer nf
2214 nécessiter to require, necessitate v
2215 urbain urban adj
2216 musée museum nm
2217 pluie rain nf
2218 précaution precaution nf
2219 anticiper to anticipate, foresee, look or think ahead v
2220 cheval horse nm
2221 communiqué communiqué, release, statement nm
2222 suicide suicide nm
2223 rivière river nf
2224 avertir to warn v
2225 rédaction writing, composition nf
2226 enceinte pregnant, enclosure adjf,nf
2227 substance substance nf
2228 soigner to treat, look after, take care over v
2229 récit account, narrative nm
2230 revendication claim, demand nf
2231 incroyable incredible, unbelievable nadj(f)
2232 sondage poll nm
2233 mineur minor, miner nadj
2234 composition composition, essay, dialling nf
2235 débarrasser to clear, get rid of v
2236 accusation accusation, indictment nf
2237 invitation invitation nf
2238 présidentiel presidential adj
2239 concurrent competitor, rival nadj
2240 prévu planned nadj
2241 suisse Swiss adj(f)
2242 franchement frankly adv
2243 paiement payment nm
2244 comparaison comparison nf
2245 musulman Muslim, Moslem nadj
2246 déplacement movement, displacement, trip, travel nm
2247 légal legal, lawful adj
2248 dispositif device, apparatus nm
2249 constitutionnel constitutional nadj
2250 contrainte constraint nf
2251 tarder to delay v
2252 refaire to redo, make again v
2253 pleurer to cry v
2254 débattre to discuss, debate v
2255 immigration immigration nf
2256 cancer cancer nm
2257 lâcher to let go, release v
2258 cercle circle, cycle nm
2259 génétique genetic nadj(f)
2260 importation import nf
2261 tonne ton nf
2262 dieu god intj,nm
2263 référendum referendum nm
2264 perdu lost, stray, wasted nadj
2265 obligé necessary, required nadj
2266 visiteur visitor nm
2267 remporter to take away, win v
2268 rond round adv,nadj
2269 étage floor nm
2270 intense intense, severe, dense adj(f)
2271 bébé baby nadj(f)
2272 amitié friendship nf
2273 cinquante fifty det,nmi
2274 zéro zero nm
2275 drame drama nm
2276 visible visible, obvious adj(f)
2277 haine hatred, hate nf
2278 instance authority, proceedings, hearing nf
2279 cérémonie ceremony nf
2280 ambition ambition nf
2281 recourir to turn to, run again v
2282 sanction sanction nf
2283 géant giant, gigantic nadj
2284 jardin garden nm
2285 nourriture food nf
2286 engendrer to father, breed, generate v
2287 infrastructure infrastructure nf
2288 adversaire opponent, adversary nm,nf
2289 africain African nadj
2290 royal royal adj
2291 mobile mobile, portable nadj(f)
2292 significatif significative adj
2293 circulation circulation, traffic nf
2294 cotisation subscription nf
2295 entente understanding, agreement nf
2296 cheveu hair nm
2297 ralentir to slow down v
2298 cadeau present, gift nm
2299 affirmation assertion, affirmation nf
2300 requérir to require v
2301 destination destination nf
2302 stabilité stability nf
2303 louer to rent, praise v
2304 gars guy nm(pl)
2305 fleur flower nf
2306 agriculteur farmer nm
2307 poète poet nm
2308 fabrication manufacture, production nf
2309 vin wine nm
2310 soudain sudden, suddenly adj,adv
2311 balle ball, bullet nf
2312 inflation inflation nf
2313 sec dry adj,adv,nm
2314 arrêté decree, order nadj
2315 enfermer to shut v
2316 abattre to pull down, kill, beat v
2317 paysan farmer, peasant nadj
2318 transition transition nf
2319 humanitaire humanitarian adj(f)
2320 répandre to spread, spill v
2321 adoption adoption, passing nf
2322 adorer to adore, worship v
2323 appartement apartment, flat nm
2324 session session nf
2325 entamer to start v
2326 ménage housekeeping, housework nm
2327 purement purely adv
2328 enjeu stake nm
2329 passager passenger, temporary nadj
2330 transformation transformation, change nf
2331 calculer to calculate v
2332 misère poverty, misery nf
2333 légèrement lightly, slightly adv
2334 écraser to crush, grind v
2335 enrichir to expand, enrich, make somebody rich v
2336 restaurant restaurant nm
2337 destin fate, destiny nm
2338 discrimination discrimination nf
2339 certitude certainty nf
2340 huile oil nf
2341 sacré sacred nadj
2342 autonomie autonomy nf
2343 sac bag, sack nm
2344 stock stock, to supply nm
2345 invoquer to call upon v
2346 compromettre to compromise v
2347 arracher to pull up, tear up v
2348 sombre dark adj(f)
2349 barre bar, rod nf
2350 contradiction contradiction nf
2351 maîtriser to control, overcome, master v
2352 violer to rape, infringe v
2353 souveraineté sovereignty nf
2354 épargner to save, spare v
2355 concentration concentration nf
2356 téléphonique telephone adj(f)
2357 remise presentation, delivery nf
2358 mec guy nm
2359 solidarité solidarity nf
2360 restreindre to restrict, cut down, decrease v
2361 décennie decade nf
2362 aussitôt straight away, immediately adv
2363 officiellement officially adv
2364 chasser to hunt, chase away v
2365 dîner dinner, to dine nm,v
2366 personnellement personally adv
2367 fréquenter to frequent, go around with v
2368 projeter to plan, project, throw out v
2369 littéraire literary nadj(f)
2370 présider to preside v
2371 fortune fortune nf
2372 malheureux unhappy, miserable nadj(pl)
2373 numérique numerical adj(f)
2374 combattant fighter adj,nm
2375 soupçonner to suspect v
2376 merde sh*t, crap intj,nf
2377 entrepreneur contractor, entrepreneur nm
2378 exposition exhibition, show nf
2379 marchand merchant nadj
2380 cri shout, cry nm
2381 féminin feminine nadj
2382 désert desert, wilderness adj,nm
2383 vêtement garment, item or article of clothing nm
2384 autrefois in the past adv
2385 surmonter to overcome, top, surmount v
2386 marchandise merchandise, commodity nf
2387 autochtone native, indigenous peoples nadj(f)
2388 continent continent adj,nm
2389 définitivement definitely, permanently, for good adv
2390 heureusement fortunately, luckily adv
2391 digne dignified, worthy adj(f)
2392 guide guide nm,nf
2393 tabac tobacco nm
2394 rendement yield, output nm
2395 ampleur extent, scope, range nf
2396 pleinement fully, thoroughly adv
2397 désastre disaster nm
2398 joli pretty, attractive adj
2399 promouvoir to promote v
2400 écho echo nm
2401 fusion fusion, melting, merging nf
2402 innovation innovation nf
2403 sélection selection nf
2404 confondre to mix up, confuse v
2405 honnête honest, decent, fair adj(f)
2406 tournant revolving, swivel, encircling, bend turning point, adj,nm
2407 automobile automobile nadj(f)
2408 collectivité community, group nf
2409 record record nm
2410 excessif excessive, inordinate nadj
2411 ridicule ridiculous, silly nadj(f)
2412 modalité mode, method, modality nf
2413 paquet packet nm
2414 fondation foundation nf
2415 terroriste terrorist nm,nf
2416 retrait withdrawal nadj
2417 organe organ nm
2418 protocole etiquette, protocol nm
2419 apparition appearance, apparition nf
2420 gain gain nm
2421 écran screen nm
2422 sonner to ring v
2423 protester to protest v
2424 curieux curious nadj(pl)
2425 effacer to erase, clean v
2426 débuter to start v
2427 creuser to dig v
2428 allusion allusion nf
2429 lancement launch nm
2430 porteur carrier, holder nm
2431 préalable prior, previous, preliminary, prerequisite nadj(f)
2432 programmer to program, schedule v
2433 traîner to drag, pull v
2434 domicile home, place of residence nm
2435 oiseau bird nm
2436 quarante forty det,nmi
2437 sacrifice sacrifice nm
2438 barrière fence, barrier, gate nf
2439 biais way, device, bias nm(pl)
2440 feuille leaf, sheet, slip nf
2441 délégation delegation nf
2442 épuiser to exhaust, tire out, wear out, use up v
2443 champion champion nadj
2444 librement freely adv
2445 congé holiday, time off, day off, notice nm
2446 taxe tax nf
2447 onze eleven det,nmi
2448 téléphoner to telephone, phone, call v
2449 serrer to tighten, squeeze v
2450 caractériser to characterize v
2451 préparation preparation nf
2452 inverse opposite, reverse nadj(f)
2453 intituler to entitle, call v
2454 possession possession, ownership nf
2455 rejet rejection nm
2456 enseignant teacher nadj
2457 avérer to prove to be, turn out v
2458 papa dad, daddy nm
2459 collaborateur associate, fellow worker, contributor, collaborator nm
2460 gêner to bother, trouble v
2461 technicien technician nm
2462 cycle cycle nm
2463 accumuler to accumulate, amass, store, stockpile v
2464 sauvage savage, wild nadj(f)
2465 alcool alcohol nm
2466 prétexte pretext nadj(f),nm
2467 impressionnant impressive, upsetting adj
2468 scénario scenario, script nm
2469 électricité electricity nf
2470 gratuit free, gratuitous, unwarranted adj
2471 révolutionnaire revolutionary nadj(f)
2472 jambe leg nf
2473 insuffisant insufficient, inadequate adj
2474 privilège privilege nm
2475 week-end weekend nm
2476 équivalent equivalent nadj
2477 regrouper to group together, regroup v
2478 invité guest nm
2479 militant militant nadj
2480 participant participant nadj
2481 blessure injury, wound nf
2482 privilégier to favor v
2483 midi noon nm
2484 disque disc nm
2485 couche layer, coat nf
2486 dater to date v
2487 habituer to accustom, get used to v
2488 inévitable unavoidable, inevitable adj(f)
2489 recommencer to resume, start again v
2490 race breed, race nf
2491 vivement sharply, brusquely, lively adv
2492 beauté beauty nf
2493 atmosphère atmosphere nf
2494 épaule shoulder nf
2495 amoureux in love, amorous nadj(pl)
2496 circonscription district, constituency nf
2497 debout standing adv
2498 influencer to influence v
2499 recul backward movement, setback, slip nm
2500 mortel mortal, deadly, lethal nadj
2501 flux flow nm(pl)
2502 horizon horizon, skyline nm
2503 délivrer to set free, rid, relieve v
2504 subvention subsidy nf
2505 formel formal, definite adj
2506 aggraver to worsen, aggravate v
2507 lait milk nm
2508 alimenter to feed, supply v
2509 intelligent intelligent, clever, bright adj
2510 équilibrer to balance v
2511 bibliothèque library nf
2512 absurde absurd nadj(f)
2513 océan ocean nm
2514 quelques-uns some, a few pro
2515 dicter to dictate, lay down v
2516 tenant tenant, incumbent, holder nadj
2517 stable stable adj(f)
2518 capitaine captain nm
2519 solliciter to request, solicit, appeal v
2520 convoquer to call, summon v
2521 prévention prevention, custody nf
2522 terrestre land, earth adj(f)
2523 utilisateur user nadj
2524 obligatoire mandatory, compulsory adj(f)
2525 terminal terminal nadj
2526 choquer to shock, offend, shake, disturb v
2527 primaire primary nadj(f)
2528 vital vital adj
2529 destinée fate, destiny nf
2530 patrimoine heritage, assets nm
2531 conforme conform adj(f)
2532 adjoint assistant, deputy nadj
2533 ultime ultimate adj(f)
2534 intégration integration nf
2535 rarement rarely, seldom adv
2536 couler to flow, run, sink v
2537 diversité diversity nf
2538 amuser to amuse v
2539 complémentaire complementary, supplementary adj(f)
2540 satisfaisant satisfactory, satisfying adj
2541 accueil welcome, reception nm
2542 camion truck nm
2543 douloureux painful, grievous, distressing adj(pl)
2544 glisser to slide, slip v
2545 prêtre priest nm
2546 indication indication nf
2547 exagérer to exaggerate, overdo v
2548 décès death nm(pl)
2549 parisien Parisian nadj
2550 psychologique psychological adj(f)
2551 réviser to review, revise, overhaul v
2552 profil profile, outline, contour nm
2553 rater to miss, misfire v
2554 respectif respective adj
2555 tranquille quiet adj(f)
2556 registre log, register, registry nm
2557 contemporain contemporary nadj
2558 exclusif exclusive, sole nadj
2559 performance performance nf
2560 angle angle, point of view nm
2561 divorce divorce nm
2562 fermeture closing nf
2563 affaiblir to weaken v
2564 constamment constantly, continuously, consistent adv
2565 horreur horror nf
2566 envahir to invade, overrun v
2567 pétrolier oil, oil tanker nadj
2568 faculté ability, right, option, faculty, university nf
2569 brillant brilliant adj,nm
2570 pacte pact, treaty nm
2571 suspect suspicious, suspect nadj
2572 lent slow adj
2573 assistance attendance, assistance nf
2574 négliger to neglect v
2575 injuste unfair, unjust adj(f)
2576 plaider to plead v
2577 récompenser to reward, recompense v
2578 suppression deletion, suppression nf
2579 coupure cut, cutting nf
2580 glace ice, ice cream, mirror nf
2581 gare station, railway station, beware intj,nf
2582 drapeau flag nm
2583 réparer to repair, fix, correct, make up v
2584 sensibilité sensitivity, sensibility nf
2585 jaune yellow adv,nadj(f)
2586 existant existing adj
2587 procureur prosecutor nm
2588 informatique computer science, computing nadj(f)
2589 restriction restriction nf
2590 pacifique peaceful, peace-loving adj(f)
2591 bête animal, beast, stupid nadj(f)
2592 indicateur indicator nadj
2593 racine root nf
2594 compenser to compensate for, make up for v
2595 maritime maritime adj(f)
2596 gravité seriousness, solemnity, gravity nf
2597 pénétrer to penetrate v
2598 civilisation civilization nf
2599 rouler to roll v
2600 technologique technological adj(f)
2601 heurter to strike, hit, collide v
2602 football football, soccer nm
2603 décevant disappointing adj
2604 législation legislation nf
2605 approprier to adapt, appropriate, take over v
2606 tactique tactics, tactical nadj(f)
2607 thèse thesis, argument nf
2608 acceptable acceptable, satisfactory adj(f)
2609 surgir to spring up v
2610 prince prince nm
2611 vidéo video adji,nf
2612 semer to sow, scatter, spread v
2613 créateur creator nadj
2614 partenariat partnership nm
2615 file line, queue nf
2616 chômeur unemployed person nm
2617 correct correct adj
2618 cuisine cooking, kitchen nf
2619 succéder to succeed, take over v
2620 royaume kingdom nm
2621 rebelle rebel, rebellious nadj(f)
2622 provenance origin nf
2623 fumer to smoke v
2624 dessin drawing, pattern, design nm
2625 viande meat nf
2626 paramètre parameter nm
2627 gré liking nm
2628 dessous underneath, below, bottom, underside adv,nm(pl),prep
2629 voyageur traveler nadj
2630 réaliste realist, realistic nadj(f)
2631 condamnation condemnation nf
2632 similaire similar adj(f)
2633 employeur employer nm
2634 paysage landscape, scenery, countryside nm
2635 discret discreet, tactful, quiet adj
2636 longueur length nf
2637 lentement slowly adv
2638 miracle miracle nm
2639 déboucher to unblock, uncork v
2640 illégal illegal adj
2641 expansion expansion nf
2642 mutuel mutual adj
2643 sage wise, good, sound, sensible nadj(f)
2644 commandement command, order, commandment nm
2645 correspondant correspondent nadj
2646 grimper to climb, go up v
2647 pause break, pause nf
2648 répartition distribution, spreading nf
2649 sacrifier to sacrifice, give away v
2650 chimique chemical adj(f)
2651 compétition competition nf
2652 combiner to combine, devise v
2653 touriste tourist nm,nf
2654 ravir to delight, rob v
2655 pardon forgiveness nm
2656 filet dribble, trickle, wisp, streak, thread, fillet, net nm
2657 atomique atomic adj(f)
2658 contribuable taxpayer nm,nf
2659 progressivement progressively adv
2660 progression progression nf
2661 nez nose nm(pl)
2662 antérieur previous, earlier, front nadj
2663 inacceptable unacceptable adj(f)
2664 progressif progressive adj
2665 adhésion membership, support nf
2666 portrait portrait, photograph nm
2667 détailler to detail v
2668 valable valid adj(f)
2669 coordination coordination nf
2670 sportif sports, athletic, competitive nadj
2671 rose rose, pink nadj(f),nf
2672 quête quest, pursuit, collection nf
2673 compromis compromise, agreement nm(pl)
2674 investisseur investor nm
2675 présumer to presume, assume v
2676 abandon abandonment, desertion, withdrawal nm
2677 identique identical adj(f)
2678 exploser to explode, blow up v
2679 mensonge lie nm
2680 défaite defeat nf
2681 meurtrier murderer, deadly, lethal nadj
2682 rigoureux rigorous, harsh, strict adj(pl)
2683 mentir to lie v
2684 fréquent frequent adj
2685 oeuf egg nm
2686 ambassadeur ambassador nm
2687 observateur observer, observant nadj
2688 revêtir to take on, assume v
2689 accessoire accessory nm
2690 acquisition acquisition, acquire, purchase nf
2691 tournée tour, round nf
2692 tranche slice, edge, section, bracket, slot nf
2693 plage beach nf
2694 inspecteur inspector nm
2695 tempête storm, gale, turmoil nf
2696 tissu fabric, material, cloth, tissue, woven nadj
2697 souverain sovereign, supreme ruler, monarch nadj
2698 distinct distinct adj
2699 survie survival nf
2700 repousser to push away, postpone v
2701 adaptation adaptation nf
2702 plante plant nf
2703 nuire to harm v
2704 putain whore, bitch, stupid nf
2705 imagination imagination nf
2706 accusé defendant nadj
2707 repérer to spot, pick out, locate, find v
2708 directive guideline nf
2709 rural rural nadj
2710 persister to persist, keep up, linger v
2711 coalition coalition nf
2712 diplomatique diplomatic nadj(f)
2713 excellence excellence nf
2714 apparence appearance nf
2715 oriental Oriental nadj
2716 écriture writing nf
2717 parcours journey, course, route nm(pl)
2718 républicain republican nadj
2719 embarquer to embark, board, take on board, load v
2720 révolte revolt nf
2721 intéressé concerned, involved nadj
2722 formidable tremendous, considerable adj(f)
2723 tas pile, lots of nm(pl)
2724 déjeuner lunch, to have lunch nm,v
2725 disputer to dispute v
2726 élite elite nf
2727 malheur misfortune nm
2728 aube dawn, daybreak nf
2729 salon lounge, living room nm
2730 infliger to inflict v
2731 repos rest nm(pl)
2732 déranger to disturb, bother v
2733 inhabituel unusual adj
2734 interdiction ban, banning nf
2735 consentir to consent, agree v
2736 variable variable nadj(f)
2737 médecine medecine, medical science nf
2738 contradictoire contradictory, conflicting adj(f)
2739 exclusivement exclusively, solely adv
2740 cible target nf
2741 détenu prisoner nadj
2742 volontiers with pleasure, willingly, gladly adv
2743 fauteuil armchair, seat nm
2744 couloir corridor, aisle nm
2745 enthousiasme enthusiasm, enthusiastically nm
2746 télé TV nf
2747 éthique ethical, ethics nadj(f)
2748 révision review, revision, overhaul nf
2749 pointer to mark off, clock in, clock out, aim nm,v
2750 assassiner to murder, assassinate v
2751 optimiste optimistic nadj(f)
2752 instaurer to institute, introduce v
2753 isolé remote, isolated, insulated nadj
2754 revendiquer to claim v
2755 secouer to shake v
2756 bizarre strange, odd nadj(f)
2757 abus abuse, misuse, breach nm(pl)
2758 procédé processus nm
2759 pêcheur fisherman nadj
2760 amateur amateur nm,nf
2761 regret regret, regretfully nm
2762 accroissement increase nm
2763 trimestre quarter, three months nm
2764 onde wave nf
2765 spatial spatial, space adj
2766 brut raw, crude adv,nadj
2767 éventuellement possibly adv
2768 vache cow adj(f),nf
2769 gris grey nadj(pl)
2770 aise comfort, joy, pleasure, ease nadj(f)
2771 agression agression nf
2772 loisir leisure nm
2773 chaleur heat nf
2774 ranger to tidy up, put away nm,v
2775 partage division, cutting, sharing nm
2776 étoile star nf
2777 mystère mystery nm
2778 quasi almost, nearly adv,nm
2779 description description nf
2780 serbe Serbian adj(f)
2781 biologique biological, nature adj(f)
2782 universitaire university, academic nadj(f)
2783 emparer to seize, grab, snatch v
2784 dent tooth nf
2785 neutre neutral adj(f)
2786 aîné oldest, eldest nadj
2787 trahir to betray, give away v
2788 intelligence intelligence nf
2789 admirer to admire v
2790 licence licence, permit nf
2791 rigueur harshness, severity, rigidness, rigor, strictness nf
2792 maternel motherly, maternal adj
2793 métal metal nm
2794 palais palace, palate nm(pl)
2795 belge Belgian nadj(f)
2796 brutal brutal nadj
2797 extraire to extract, mine, quarry, pull out, remove v
2798 signification significance nf
2799 filer to spin, run, get out v
2800 automatique automatic adj(f)
2801 accrocher to hang up, hang on, put up v
2802 pain bread nm
2803 plateau plateau, tray, set, stage nm
2804 répétition repetition, rehearsal nf
2805 diminution reduction, decreasing nf
2806 collection collection, series nf
2807 gène gene nm
2808 permanence permanence, duty, service nf
2809 reine queen nf
2810 privatisation privatization nf
2811 correspondance correspondance, connection nf
2812 planter to plant, pitch v
2813 strictement strictly adv
2814 violation violation, transgession nf
2815 compensation compensation, clearing nf
2816 lycée high school nm
2817 con stupid nadj
2818 combinaison combination nf
2819 injustice injustice, unfairness nf
2820 reportage report, reporting nm
2821 déception disappointment, let-down nf
2822 soucier to care about, show concern for v
2823 plafond ceiling, roof, maximum nm
2824 opérateur operator nm
2825 camarade friend, comrade, pal, mate nm,nf
2826 traduction translation nf
2827 compréhension understanding, comprehension nf
2828 réglementation regulation nf
2829 déplorer to deplore v
2830 mobiliser to mobilize, call up v
2831 encadrer to frame, train v
2832 gentil nice, kind nadj
2833 folie madness, folly, insanity nf
2834 terrorisme terrorism nm
2835 illusion illusion nf
2836 portefeuille wallet nm
2837 séduire to seduce, charm, captivate, appeal to v
2838 précipiter to quicken, hasten, precipitate v
2839 clôture enclosure, termination, closure nf
2840 piloter to fly, pilot, drive v
2841 agréable pleasant, nice, agreeable nadj(f)
2842 télécommunication telecommunication nf
2843 désaccord disagreement, discord, conflict nm
2844 uranium uranium nm
2845 aliment food nm
2846 alimentation diet, food, groceries, supply nf
2847 pomme apple nf
2848 ingénieur engineer nm,nf
2849 vider to empty, vacate v
2850 attentif attentive, scrupulous, careful adj
2851 démarrer to start up v
2852 coordonner to coordinate v
2853 larme tear nf
2854 sourd deaf nadj
2855 cigarette cigarette nf
2856 vallée valley nf
2857 artificiel artificial adj
2858 différer to differ, vary v
2859 honorer to honor, do credit to v
2860 entrevue meeting, interview nf
2861 ressort spring, resort, spirit nm
2862 fixe fixed nadj
2863 opportunité opportunity, timeliness nf
2864 robe dress nf
2865 plaque plate, tag, plaque nf
2866 découler to ensue, follow v
2867 décisif decisive adj
2868 piège trap nm
2869 prédire to predict v
2870 enterrer to bury, lay aside v
2871 refuge refuge nm
2872 recouvrir to cover, hide, conceal v
2873 pente slope nf
2874 album album nm
2875 mixte mixed adj(f)
2876 clinique clinic nadj(f)
2877 spectateur member of the audience, spectator, onlooker nm
2878 axe axis, axle, main line nm
2879 chasseur hunter, fighter, page, messenger nm
2880 chéri darling, love, dear nadj
2881 peinture painting, paint, picture nf
2882 déchet scrap, waste, trash, garbage nm
2883 siéger to sit v
2884 grand-chose not very much nmi
2885 temporaire temporary adj(f)
2886 affiche poster, public notice, bill nf
2887 massacre massacre, slaughter nm
2888 actualité current events, news nf
2889 redevenir to become again v
2890 crucial crucial, critical adj
2891 marine marine, navy adj,nf
2892 cadavre corpse nm
2893 fleuve river nm
2894 toit roof nm
2895 mécanique mechanical adj(f)
2896 transparence transparency nf
2897 amorcer to bait, prime, begin, initiate v
2898 détester to hate, detest v
2899 fondateur founder nm
2900 charte charter nf
2901 productivité productivity nf
2902 succession succession nf
2903 simplifier to simplify v
2904 briller to shine v
2905 ambitieux ambitious, man with ambition nadj(pl)
2906 sale dirty nadj(f)
2907 consentement consent nm
2908 chapeau hat nm
2909 calmer to calm down v
2910 mythe myth nm
2911 alternative alternative, choice nf
2912 soulager to relieve, soothe, ease v
2913 scrutin ballot, poll nm
2914 culpabilité guilt nf
2915 considérablement considerably, significantly, extensively adv
2916 bouleverser to upset, distress, disturb, turn upside down v
2917 introduction introduction nf
2918 dramatique dramatic, tragic, drama nadj(f)
2919 vaincre to beat, defeat, overcome, conquer v
2920 pétition petition nf
2921 renseigner to give information, get information v
2922 ordonnance prescription, organization, edict, ruling nf
2923 aile wing, sail, blade nf
2924 température temperature nf
2925 coupe bowl, dish, cut nf
2926 rayon ray, beam, radius, department, section, shelf nm
2927 lèvre lip nf
2928 promener to take for a walk, go for a walk v
2929 boulot work, job adj,nm
2930 correctement properly adv
2931 colonne column nf
2932 arranger to arrange v
2933 lointain distant, faraway nadj
2934 danser to dance v
2935 charbon coal nm
2936 passionner to fascinate, grip v
2937 colline hill nf
2938 poésie poetry nf
2939 généraliser to generalize v
2940 transaction transaction nf
2941 extrémité end, extremity nf
2942 pénal penal adj
2943 économiste economist nm,nf
2944 banlieue suburbs, outskirts nf
2945 bancaire banking adj(f)
2946 défaire to undo, dismantle, strip, break up v
2947 calendrier calendar nm
2948 repas meal nm(pl)
2949 cul bum, arse, ass nm
2950 vouer to devote, dedicate to, vow to v
2951 surprenant surprising adj
2952 paradis paradise, heaven nm(pl)
2953 transparent transparent, see-through, evident nadj
2954 élu elected, elected member nadj
2955 tourisme tourism, sightseeing nm
2956 démonstration demonstration nf
2957 gravement seriously, solemnly, gravely adv
2958 infraction offence, infrigement, infraction nf
2959 tir fire, shot, launch nm
2960 envoi sending, dispatching nm
2961 arrangement arrangement, layout, order agreement, nm
2962 pardonner to forgive, excuse v
2963 collaborer to collaborate, contribute v
2964 danse dance, dancing nf
2965 tester to test v
2966 proclamer to proclaim, declare v
2967 genou knee nm
2968 dominant dominant, prevailing adj
2969 péril peril nm
2970 préférence preference, preferably nf
2971 vain vain adj
2972 rentrée reopening, return, start nf
2973 coller to stick, paste v
2974 monopole monopoly nm
2975 approfondir to deepen, make deeper, go further into v
2976 incendie fire, blaze nm
2977 proximité proximity, nearness, closeness nf
2978 hélicoptère helicopter nm
2979 bouteille bottle nf
2980 championnat championship nm
2981 hériter to inherit v
2982 élémentaire elementary, rudimentary, basic adj(f)
2983 entité entity nf
2984 souffler to blow, puff v
2985 dit said, so-called, tale nadj
2986 mélange mixing, mixture, blend nm
2987 pourcentage percentage, commission, cut nm
2988 permis license, permit, permitted nm(pl)
2989 mélanger to mix, mix up, confuse v
2990 proprement cleanly, neatly, properly adv
2991 enfoncer to ram, drive in, hammer in, sink in v
2992 clandestin underground, clandestine nadj
2993 super great adji,nm
2994 encontre contrary to n
2995 syndical (trade- union adj
2996 deviner to guess, solve v
2997 tracer to draw, write, mark out v
2998 sagesse wisdom, moderation nf
2999 baiser to kiss nm,v
3000 user to wear out, wear away, use up v
3001 enfer hell nm
3002 pilote pilot, experimental nm,nf
3003 abonné subscribed, subscriber nadj
3004 objection objection nf
3005 correction correction nf
3006 vocation vocation, calling nf
3007 facture invoice, bill nf
3008 relancer to throw back, restart, relaunch v
3009 luxe luxury nm
3010 nomination appointment, nomination nf
3011 poster poster, to post, mail nm,v
3012 bar bar nm
3013 tantôt this afternoon, sometimes adv
3014 publiquement publicly adv
3015 gueule mouth, trap nf
3016 comparable comparable adj(f)
3017 sympathie liking, warmth, friendship, sympathie nf
3018 structurel structural adj
3019 dispenser to exempt, avoid v
3020 copain friend, buddy, mate nm
3021 aligner to lign up, align v
3022 absorber to absorb, remove, take up, take over v
3023 compagnon companion, craftsman, journeyman nm
3024 déroulement development, progress nm
3025 dévoiler to unveil, reveal, disclose v
3026 opérationnel operational, operating adj
3027 freiner to brake, slow down v
3028 rattraper to recapture, recover, catch up, make up for v
3029 matinée morning nf
3030 régir to govern v
3031 poème poem nm
3032 bassin bowl, basin nm
3033 éteindre to extinguish, put out, turn off v
3034 ministériel ministerial, minister adj
3035 rage rage, fury, rabies nf
3036 enregistrement recording, registration, check-in, logging nm
3037 débarquer to unload, land, disembark v
3038 systématiquement systematically adv
3039 énormément enormously adv
3040 respirer to breath v
3041 dictature dictatorship nf
3042 acheteur buyer, purchaser nm
3043 équiper to equip, kit out, fit out, tool up v
3044 édifice building nm
3045 lot share, prize, lot nm
3046 fondement foundation nm
3047 spirituel witty, spiritual, sacred nadj
3048 fournisseur supplier, provider nm
3049 détriment detriment nm
3050 unanime unanimous adj(f)
3051 agiter to shake, disturb v
3052 élimination elimination nf
3053 nazi Nazi nadj
3054 col collar, mountain pass nm
3055 impressionner to impress, upset v
3056 accessible accessible, approachable adj(f)
3057 résidence residence, block of flats nf
3058 dedans inside, indoors adv,nm(pl),prep
3059 agressif aggressive nadj
3060 loger to put up, accommodate, stay, find accommodation v
3061 ouvertement openly, overtly adv
3062 patience patience nf
3063 stimuler to stimulate v
3064 classement classification, ranking nm
3065 arrestation arrest nf
3066 longuement at length adv
3067 ancêtre ancestor, forerunner nm,nf
3068 intensité intensity nf
3069 grandeur size, greatness nf
3070 entraînement training, coaching, drive nm
3071 déborder to overflow, boil over, go out, go over v
3072 conducteur driver, operator, conductor nadj
3073 pollution pollution nf
3074 islamique Islamic adj(f)
3075 attribution awarding, allocation, assignment, attribution nf
3076 caméra camera nf
3077 dissimuler to conceal, hide v
3078 chronique chronic, column, page, chronicle nadj(f)
3079 ère era nf
3080 rappel reminder, summary, recall, return, remember nm
3081 fabricant manufacturer nm
3082 utilité use, usefulness nf
3083 ethnique ethnic nadj(f)
3084 annexe annex, appendix, related issue adj(f),nf
3085 interlocuteur speaker nm
3086 spécifier to specify v
3087 souple supple, agile, soft, floppy, flexible adj(f)
3088 rémunération remuneration, payment, pay nf
3089 faillite bankruptcy, collapse, failure nf
3090 touchant with regard to, concerning, touching, moving adj,prep
3091 hostile hostile adj(f)
3092 imprimer to print, print out v
3093 abuser to abuse, mislead, take advantage v
3094 vérification check, verification nf
3095 aveugle blind nadj(f)
3096 jurer to swear v
3097 trésor treasure, treasury nm
3098 vingtaine about twenty nf
3099 séquence sequence nf
3100 musicien musician nadj
3101 routier road, long-distance lorry or truck driver nadj
3102 embrasser to kiss, embrace v
3103 échéance expiration date, date of payment, deadline nf
3104 surplus surplus nm(pl)
3105 prématuré premature nadj
3106 décrocher to take down, take off, pick up, lift v
3107 rembourser to reimburse, pay back, pay off, repay v
3108 adhérer to stick to, support, join, be a member of v
3109 défenseur defender nm,nf
3110 citation quote, quotation, citation nf
3111 reconstruction reconstruction nf
3112 retomber to fall again, fall down again v
3113 pourvoir to provide, equip, supply, furnish v
3114 systématique systematic nadj(f)
3115 véritablement truly, really adv
3116 parallèlement in parallel, similarly adv
3117 légume vegetable nm,nf
3118 francophone French-speaking, French speaker, francophone adj(f)
3119 émaner to issue from, emanate from, come from, radiate from v
3120 souffle breath, puff nm
3121 lac lake nm
3122 souhait wish nm
3123 prévaloir to prevail v
3124 sixième sixth det,nm,nf
3125 enveloppe envelope nf
3126 extension extension, stretching, expansion nf
3127 effondrer to collapse, cave in, fall down v
3128 apprêter to prepare, get ready, dress v
3129 anonyme anonymous adj(f)
3130 cibler to target v
3131 additionnel additional adj
3132 excès excess, surplus, abuse nm(pl)
3133 douzaine dozen nf
3134 turc Turk, Turkish adj,nm
3135 incertain uncertain, unsure nadj
3136 épouser to marry, wed v
3137 consensus consensus nm(pl)
3138 chat cat, chat nm
3139 avertissement warning nm
3140 excédent surplus nm
3141 mondialisation internationalization, globalization nf
3142 conventionnel conventional nadj
3143 unanimité unanimity nf
3144 romain Roman adj
3145 inégalité difference, uneveness, inequality nf
3146 originaire original, first, native to adj(f)
3147 finale finale, final event nm,nf
3148 mademoiselle Miss nf
3149 coûteux expensive, costly adj(pl)
3150 ventre belly, stomach nm
3151 soixante sixty det,nmi
3152 bière beer, coffin nf
3153 passif passive, liabilities nadj
3154 interrogation question, interviewing interrogation, questioning, test, nf
3155 voile veil, sail nm,nf
3156 accentuer to stress, emphasize, become more pronounced v
3157 rattacher to attach, join, tie v
3158 manuel manual adj,nm
3159 contracter to contract, take out, tense v
3160 territorial territorial, land adj
3161 subsister to subsist, remain v
3162 carré square, broad, plain nadj
3163 voleur thief, light-fingered nadj
3164 centrale power station, central office nf
3165 pôle pole nm
3166 délit crime, offence nm
3167 usager user nm
3168 musical musical adj
3169 allumer to switch on, light up, turn on v
3170 quelquefois sometimes adv
3171 disperser to scatter, spread, disperse v
3172 déchirer to tear up, tear, rip v
3173 mépris contempt, scorn, disdain nm(pl)
3174 échantillon sample nm
3175 continuité continuity, continuation nf
3176 fichier file nm
3177 conquête conquest nf
3178 contourner to bypass, go round v
3179 supplément supplement, extra nm
3180 sincère sincere adj(f)
3181 optique optical, optic, perspective nadj(f)
3182 maximal maximal adj
3183 permission permission, leave nf
3184 méchant nasty, wicked, mean nadj
3185 idéologie ideology nf
3186 interview interview nf
3187 désespoir despair nm
3188 humeur mood, temper nf
3189 demandeur seeker, complainant nm
3190 horrible horrible, terrible, dreadful, hideous adj(f)
3191 conquérir to conquer v
3192 horaire schedule, timetable, hourly nadj(f)
3193 encouragement encouragement nm
3194 motiver to justify, account for, motivate v
3195 plier to fold, fold up, fold back, bend v
3196 homologue counterpart, homologue adj(f)
3197 successif successive adj
3198 manifestement manifestly, clearly adv
3199 olympique Olympic adj(f)
3200 littéralement literally adv
3201 reproduction reproduction nf
3202 propice favorable, auspicious, propitious adj(f)
3203 chèque check nm
3204 explorer to explore, investigate, examine v
3205 matériau material nm
3206 dépendance dependence, dependency nf
3207 nu naked, nude nadj
3208 poignée handful, fistful, handle nf
3209 abaisser to pull down, lower, reduce v
3210 divergence divergence, difference nf
3211 restant remaining, the rest, the remainder adj,nm
3212 détention detention, possession nf
3213 étouffer to suffocate, smother, muffle v
3214 inscription registration, enrolment, engraving nf
3215 montée climb, ascent, rise, raising nf
3216 approvisionnement supply, supplies, stock, supplying, stocking nm
3217 municipalité municipality nf
3218 consécutif consecutive adj
3219 nuage cloud nm
3220 institutionnel institutional adj
3221 confédération confederation nf
3222 quiconque whoever, anyone who pro
3223 vendeur salesman, seller nm
3224 réplique reply, retort, replica nf
3225 acquitter to acquit, pay, settle, pay off v
3226 intervalle space, distance, interval nm
3227 métro underground, metro nm
3228 coutume custom nf
3229 fatiguer to tire, get v
3230 panique panic nadj(f)
3231 abriter to shelter, shade v
3232 variété variety nf
3233 bulletin bulletin, report nm
3234 flotte fleet nf
3235 décourager to discourage, dishearten, lose heart v
3236 poussière dust nf
3237 fierté pride nf
3238 épisode episode nm
3239 détacher to untie, detach, remove v
3240 interface interface nf
3241 administrateur administrator nm
3242 doucement gently, softly adv
3243 quoique although, though conj
3244 projection projection, ejection, discharge nf
3245 treize thirteen det,nmi
3246 antenne antenna nf
3247 tarif price, rate, fare, tariff nm
3248 remplacement replacement, standing in nm
3249 devise currency, motto, slogan nf
3250 optimisme optimism nm
3251 chanteur singer nadj
3252 décret decree nm
3253 écrit writing nadj
3254 suggestion suggestion nf
3255 queue tail, handle, stalk, stem, rear nf
3256 durement harshly, severely adv
3257 applaudir to clap, applaud v
3258 sucre sugar nm
3259 prioritaire priority, having priority, having right of way nadj(f)
3260 chair flesh nf
3261 exécutif executive nadj
3262 compétent competent adj
3263 sable sand adji,nm
3264 corruption corruption nf
3265 blé wheat nm
3266 chaos chaos nm(pl)
3267 référer to refer, consult, refer to v
3268 obéir to obey, comply with, respond to v
3269 fusil rifle, gun nm
3270 taper to beat, slam, bang, type v
3271 cohérent coherent adj
3272 discrétion discretion nf
3273 odeur smell, odor nf
3274 identification identification nf
3275 fêter to celebrate v
3276 substantiel substantial adj
3277 asiatique Asian nadj(f)
3278 aspiration aspiration nf
3279 photographie photography nf
3280 exclusion exclusion, expulsion nf
3281 préconiser to recommend, advocate v
3282 tribune platform, forum, gallery nf
3283 bénéficiaire beneficiary nadj(f)
3284 historien historian nm
3285 seize sixteen det,nmi
3286 tentation temptation nf
3287 gloire glory, fame nf
3288 vanter to vaunt, boast, brag v
3289 coincer to jam, hinder, get stuck v
3290 silencieux silent, noiseless, silencer nadj(pl)
3291 continu continuous nadj
3292 chantier construction site, roadworks nm
3293 croyance belief nf
3294 ennui boredom, trouble, worry nm
3295 pompier fireman, firefighter adj,nm
3296 inspection inspection nf
3297 convertir to convert v
3298 pouce thumb, inch nm
3299 clientèle customers, clientele nf
3300 atténuer to lessen, diminish, dim, subdue, reduce v
3301 révélation diclosure, revelation nf
3302 survivant survivor, surviving nadj
3303 applicable applicable adj(f)
3304 équitable equitable, fair adj(f)
3305 schéma diagram, outline nm
3306 acier steel nm
3307 vainqueur winner nm,nf
3308 dépendant answerable, responsible, dependent adj
3309 sud-est south-east nmi
3310 brancher to plug in, connect v
3311 concession concession nf
3312 mystérieux mysterious, secretive nadj(pl)
3313 assassinat murder, assassination nm
3314 rive shore, bank nf
3315 tolérance tolerance nf
3316 clarté lightness, brightness clearness, clarity nf
3317 conjoint spouse, joint nadj
3318 fermement firmly adv
3319 redonner to give back, return, give more v
3320 assortir to match, accompany v
3321 change exchange nm
3322 star star nf
3323 grain grain, bean, bead, spot, mole nm
3324 compliqué complicated, complex nadj
3325 malaise uneasiness, discomfort nm
3326 restaurer to restore, feed v
3327 ambassade embassy nf
3328 diplôme diploma, certificate nm
3329 miroir mirror nm
3330 spectaculaire spectacular adj(f)
3331 restructuration restructure, restructuring nf
3332 proie prey nf
3333 domination domination, dominion, rule nf
3334 otage hostage nm
3335 moquer to mock, make fun of v
3336 allier to ally, match, unite v
3337 couvert covered, overcast, place, seat, cutlery nadj
3338 demi-heure half an hour nf
3339 placement investment, placing nm
3340 difficilement with difficulty adv
3341 grille railings, gate, grid, scale nf
3342 vieillir to grow old v
3343 abord manner, approach, access, environs nm
3344 exigeant demanding, difficult adj
3345 primitif primitive nadj
3346 lune moon nf
3347 mention mention, note, comment, notice nf
3348 pertinent pertinent, relevant adj
3349 brièvement briefly adv
3350 actionnaire shareholder nm,nf
3351 emprisonner to imprison, jail, put in jail, trap v
3352 raisonnement reasoning nm
3353 monstre monster nadj(f)
3354 quai platform, quay, embankment nm
3355 légende legend, caption, key nf
3356 spécialité specialty nf
3357 cruel cruel, ferocious, bitter adj
3358 démission resignation nf
3359 quatorze fourteen det,nmi
3360 redouter to dread, fear v
3361 médaille medal nf
3362 célibataire single, unmarried nadj(f)
3363 impasse dead end, cul-de-sac nf
3364 contredire to contradict v
3365 atelier workshop, studio nm
3366 amical friendly adj
3367 empire empire nm
3368 redresser to straighten, set right, redress, turn around v
3369 invisible invisible adj(f)
3370 ramasser to pick up, collect, gather v
3371 politicien politician nadj
3372 acheminer to forward, dispatch, transport v
3373 comédie comedy, playacting nf
3374 propagande propaganda nf
3375 colonie colony nf
3376 désordre disorder, confusion nm
3377 infini inifinite, infinity nadj
3378 savant scientist, scholar, learned, scholarly clever, skilful, nadj
3379 terreur terror, dread nf
3380 recruter to recruit v
3381 conformer to model, conform v
3382 virus virus nm(pl)
3383 reconnaissant grateful adj
3384 délibérer to deliberate, debate v
3385 inattendu unexpected adj
3386 tunnel tunnel nm
3387 cousin cousin nm
3388 puiser to draw, take v
3389 géographique geographic, geographical adj(f)
3390 réacteur reactor, jet engine nm
3391 ajuster to adjust, alter, aim, aim at v
3392 oeuvrer to work v
3393 sommeil sleep, sleepiness nm
3394 automatiquement automatically adv
3395 balance scales, balance nf
3396 dépression depression nf
3397 pompe pump nf
3398 contestation questioning, protest nf
3399 inconvénient snag, drawback, disadvantage, inconvenience nm
3400 frein brake nm
3401 inspiration inspiration nf
3402 candidature application, candidacy, candidature nf
3403 armement arms, weapons, armament nm
3404 épargne savings, saving nf
3405 iranien Iranian nadj
3406 conférer to confer v
3407 stupide stupid, silly, bemused adj(f)
3408 surpris surprised, amazed adj(pl)
3409 interpeller to call out to, question v
3410 fréquemment frequently adv
3411 symbolique symbolic nadj(f)
3412 pavillon country house, villa, wing, pavilion, flag nm
3413 pape pope nm
3414 préliminaire preliminary, introductory nadj(f)
3415 sensation sensation nf
3416 troubler to disturb, disrupt, cloud v
3417 angoisse distress, anguish, dread, fear nf
3418 générosité generosity, generously nf
3419 chaise chair nf
3420 hautement highly adv
3421 légitimité legitimacy nf
3422 emprunt loan nm
3423 clause clause nf
3424 clef key nf
3425 répression repression, suppression, crack-down nf
3426 tombe grave, tomb nf
3427 dériver to divert, derive v
3428 évacuer to evacuate, clear v
3429 blocage block nm
3430 faille fault nf
3431 fouiller to search, frisk, go through, rummage through v
3432 respectivement respectively adv
3433 éternel eternal, everlasting nadj
3434 intime intimate, close, secret, private nadj(f)
3435 cerner to surround, encircle, delimit v
3436 hostilité hostility, hostilities nf
3437 manche handle, sleeve nm,nf
3438 mathématique mathematical, mathematics nadj(f)
3439 gamin kid nm
3440 induire to infer, induce, result in, lead to v
3441 temple temple nm
3442 maîtrise mastery, command, control, master’s degree nf
3443 arbitrage refereeing, umpiring, arbitration nm
3444 boucler to fasten, loop, resolve v
3445 réparation repair, repairing, correction, compensation nf
3446 évêque bishop nm
3447 déléguer to delegate v
3448 solitude solitude, loneliness nf
3449 miner to mine, erode v
3450 superbe superb, magnificent, handsome, gorgeous nadj(f)
3451 gonfler to inflate, blow up, swell v
3452 missile missile nm
3453 minuit midnight nm
3454 composante component nf
3455 veuf surviving spouse nadj
3456 comparaître to appear v
3457 trame weft, framework, tram nf
3458 bain bath, bathing nm
3459 sûreté safety, reliability nf
3460 hâte haste, impatience nf
3461 instituer to introduce, impose, establish, institute v
3462 format format nm
3463 hiérarchie hierarchy nf
3464 estimation appraisal, valuation, assessment estimate, nf
3465 mutation transfer, transformation, mutation nf
3466 imminent imminent, impending adj
3467 héroïne heroine nf
3468 esclave slave nadj(f)
3469 marocain Moroccan nadj
3470 menu menu, slender, slim, minor adv,nadj
3471 imaginaire imaginary nadj(f)
3472 administrer to manage, run, administer, to give v
3473 atteinte reach, attack, blow nf
3474 démissionner to resign v
3475 racheter to repurchase, buy back, redeem v
3476 théorique theoretical adj(f)
3477 guise wish, like, by way of nf
3478 scandaleux scandalous, outrageous adj(pl)
3479 vulnérable vulnerable adj(f)
3480 ennuyer to bore, worry, bother v
3481 élan momentum, surge, rush, elk, moose nm
3482 nominal nominal nadj
3483 manipuler to handle, manipulate v
3484 peiner to toil, labor, struggle v
3485 renouvellement replacement, recurrence, repetition nm
3486 noble noble nadj(f)
3487 hebdomadaire weekly nadj(f)
3488 approbation approval nf
3489 protestant Protestant nadj
3490 faisceau bundle, beam, stack nm
3491 regagner to win again, regain, get back, make up v
3492 dégât damage nm
3493 pilier pillar nm
3494 animateur animator, host nadj
3495 multinational multinational adj
3496 méfier to distrust, mistrust v
3497 étroitement closely adv
3498 jouet toy nm
3499 formé formed nm
3500 complice accomplice nadj(f)
3501 homosexuel homosexual nadj
3502 toile cloth, canvas, web nf
3503 laver to wash, clean v
3504 empreinte imprint, print, mark, impression nf
3505 faillir to have almost, fail, fail to v
3506 curiosité curiosity nf
3507 passeport passport nm
3508 creux hollow, empty, hole nadj(pl)
3509 livraison delivery nf
3510 château castle nm
3511 nous-mêmes ourselves pro
3512 forum forum, newsgroup nm
3513 via via prep
3514 coter to quote, rate v
3515 éclat splinter, fragment, brightness, burst nm
3516 sincèrement sincerely adv
3517 thé tea nm
3518 préférable preferable adj(f)
3519 attachement attachment, affection nm
3520 liquide liquid nadj(f)
3521 gamme range, scale nf
3522 motivation motivation, application nf
3523 protestation protest, protestation nf
3524 demeure residence, home nf
3525 adéquat appropriate, suitable, adequate adj
3526 geler to freeze, ice over, suspend v
3527 défiler to unthread, parade v
3528 peintre painter nm
3529 volontairement voluntarily, willingly adv
3530 magique magic, magical adj(f)
3531 bien-être well being nmi
3532 cap cape nm
3533 raide stiff, straight adj(f)
3534 maigre thin, skinny, slim, lean nadj(f)
3535 artistique artistic adj(f)
3536 aspirer to breathe in, inhale, aspire to v
3537 habituellement usually, generally adv
3538 quasiment almost, early adv
3539 allure speed, pace, walk, look, appearance nf
3540 deuil mourning, grief nm
3541 énoncer to state, set out, express v
3542 islamiste Islamist nm,nf
3543 prénom first name nm
3544 réussi successful adj
3545 bilatéral bilateral adj
3546 rétablissement restoring, re-establishment, recovery nm
3547 cynique cynical, cynic nadj(f)
3548 environnemental environmental adj
3549 constructeur builder, manufacturer nadj
3550 colonel colonel nm
3551 noeud knot nm
3552 peindre to paint, depict, portray v
3553 bâton tick, club, baton nm
3554 démocrate democrat, democratic nadj(f)
3555 précédemment previously adv
3556 idiot idiot, fool, stupid nadj
3557 querelle quarrel nf
3558 explosif explosive nadj
3559 flic cop nm,nf
3560 solitaire solitary, lone, lonely nadj(f)
3561 déceler to discover, detect v
3562 herbe grass, herb nf
3563 élevé high, heavy, tall adj
3564 acharner to go at fiercely and unrelentingly v
3565 bombardement bombing, shelling nm
3566 bagage luggage, baggage nm
3567 singulier unique, singular nadj
3568 capitalisme capitalism nm
3569 suspension hanging, suspending, breaking off, postponement, suspension nf
3570 mince thin, slim, slender adj(f),intj
3571 assimiler to assimilate, take in v
3572 plume feather nm,nf
3573 publicitaire advertising, promotional nadj(f)
3574 incarner to embody, incarnate v
3575 opter to opt, decide v
3576 habiller to dress, get dressed v
3577 trajet journey, route nm
3578 sinistre disaster, sinister nadj(f)
3579 pis worse adv,nm(pl)
3580 reconstruire to rebuild, reconstruct v
3581 tueur killer, hit man nm
3582 tournoi tournament nm
3583 cimetière cemetary, graveyard nm
3584 douane customs, duty nf
3585 domestique servant, domestic nadj(f)
3586 soucieux concerned, worried adj(pl)
3587 premièrement first adv
3588 complicité complicity nf
3589 décréter to declare, decree v
3590 flamme flame, fire, fervor, brilliance nf
3591 approprié appropriate adj
3592 dix-huit eighteen det,nmi
3593 nouveauté novelty, new release nf
3594 brusquement abruptly, suddenly adv
3595 coïncider to coincide, correspond v
3596 déterminé determined, resolute, specific nadj
3597 ménager to handle, arrange, domestic nadj,v
3598 millénaire millennium, thousand-year-old nadj(f)
3599 alerte agile, alert, warning adj(f),nf
3600 renforcement reinforcement, strengthening nm
3601 ange angel nm
3602 guérir to cure, heal, get better v
3603 immobilier property, real estate, property business, real estate business nadj
3604 certificat certificate nm
3605 contaminer to contaminate, infect v
3606 pénurie shortage nf
3607 tirage drawing, circulation, run nm
3608 perception perception, collection nf
3609 philosophe philosopher nadj(f)
3610 planche plank, board nf
3611 crédibilité credibility nf
3612 fiction fiction nf
3613 handicapé disabled, handicapped nadj
3614 boisson drink, beverage nf
3615 élaboration working-out, development nf
3616 habitation residence, home, dwelling, housing nf
3617 représentatif representative adj
3618 débrouiller to untangle, sort out, manage, get by v
3619 imposition taxation nf
3620 générer to generate v
3621 ajustement adjustment nm
3622 princesse princess nf
3623 virer to turn, change, transfer, kick out v
3624 facilité easiness, ease, aptitude nf
3625 postal postal, mail adj
3626 perturber to disrupt, disturb v
3627 répercussion repercussion nf
3628 oncle uncle nm
3629 viol rape nm
3630 culte worship, cult nm
3631 gosse kid nm,nf
3632 équipage crew, gear nm
3633 carburant fuel nadj
3634 canon gun, cannon nm
3635 prometteur promising nadj
3636 apprentissage learning, apprenticeship nm
3637 soi-disant so-called, supposedly adji
3638 chaussure shoe, sneakers nf
3639 salarial salary adj
3640 abolir to abolish, do away with v
3641 pâte paste, dough, pasta nf
3642 cohésion cohesion nf
3643 ruine ruin, ruins nf
3644 percer to pierce, drill, break into v
3645 rassemblement gathering, collecting, assembling nm
3646 malentendu misunderstanding nm
3647 soigneusement tidily, neatly, carefully adv
3648 pot jar, pot nm
3649 règne reign nm
3650 impulsion impulse, pulse nf
3651 physiquement physically adv
3652 minimal minimal, minimum adj
3653 fossé ditch nm
3654 dépens expense nmpl
3655 implanter to implant, set up, establish v
3656 descendant downward, descending, descendant nadj
3657 politiquement politically, diplomatically adv
3658 crever to burst, puncture v
3659 interruption interruption, break nf
3660 polonais Polish nadj(pl)
3661 patrie homeland, home country nf
3662 prélèvement imposition, levying, withdrawal, removal, deduction nm
3663 ex ex nmfi
3664 studio studio, studio apartment nm
3665 intégrité integrity nf
3666 prescrire to order, command, prescribe, stipulate v
3667 exhorter to exhort, urge v
3668 tribu tribe nf
3669 globe globe nm
3670 apaiser to calm, appease, calm down v
3671 sélectionner to select v
3672 familier familiar, informal nadj
3673 quinzaine about fifteen, two weeks nf
3674 paralyser to paralyze v
3675 impatience impatience nf
3676 logiciel software, program, application nm
3677 visiblement obviously, clearly, visibly adv
3678 suicider to commit suicide v
3679 préjugé prejudice, bias nm
3680 impératif need, necessity, urgent, imperative nadj
3681 renvoi dismissal, expulsion, suspension, crossreference nm
3682 charme charm nm
3683 atout trump, asset nm
3684 portugais Portuguese nadj(pl)
3685 nord-ouest north-west nmi
3686 affaiblissement weakening nm
3687 balayer to sweep up, sweep out v
3688 peupler to populate, inhabit v
3689 cauchemar nightmare, bad dream nm
3690 pénible hard, difficult, painful, tiresome adj(f)
3691 venue coming nf
3692 ballon ball nm
3693 abstenir to abstain, refrain v
3694 affrontement clash, confrontation nm
3695 expulser to expel, evict, deport, throw out v
3696 resserrer to tighten up, strengthen v
3697 activement actively adv
3698 décor scenery, décor, set nm
3699 compassion compassion nf
3700 couronne crown, wreath nf
3701 descente descent, raid, downward slope nf
3702 plancher floor nm,v
3703 trentaine about thirty nf
3704 détresse distress nf
3705 escalier stairs, staircase nm
3706 barrage barrier, obstruction, dam, roadblock nm
3707 néant nothingness nm
3708 support support, stand nm
3709 effondrement collapse, caving-in, falling-in, breaking-down nm
3710 encaisser to receive, collect, cash v
3711 déduire to deduct, deduce, infer, figure out v
3712 baptiser to name, christen, baptize v
3713 incompatible incompatible adj(f)
3714 bienvenu welcome nadj
3715 espérance hope nf
3716 synthèse summary, synthesis nf
3717 conjoncture situation, climate nf
3718 défier to challenge, defy, distrust v
3719 baie bay, berry nf
3720 récompense reward, award nf
3721 étendue area, expanse, duration, extent, range nf
3722 tiens ah, well nadjpl,intj
3723 carnet notebook, notepad nm
3724 banc bench, workbench, pew nm
3725 réformer to re-form, reform, discharge v
3726 assise basis, foundation nf
3727 énergétique energetic, vigorous nadj(f)
3728 reléguer to relegate v
3729 architecte architect nm,nf
3730 deuxièmement secondly adv
3731 vedette star, patrol boat nf
3732 intervenant contributor, intervener nadj
3733 séminaire seminar, seminary nm
3734 contrer to counter v
3735 nerveux nervous, irritable nadj(pl)
3736 assaut assault, attack, bout nm
3737 couteau knife nm
3738 arbitraire arbitrary nadj(f)
3739 vraisemblablement most probably adv
3740 propagation propagation, spreading nf
3741 masculin male, masculine nadj
3742 imiter to imitate v
3743 embaucher to hire v
3744 primordial primordial, basic, vital, primary adj
3745 arbitre referee, arbitrer, arbitrator nm,nf
3746 manteau coat, overcoat nm
3747 implication implication nf
3748 grand-père grandfather nm
3749 reflet reflection, glint, highlight nm
3750 requête request, petition nf
3751 décliner to decline, refuse, turn down v
3752 rideau curtain nm
3753 fermé shut, closed, locked adj
3754 manipulation handling, manipulation nf
3755 piquer to sting, bite, prick, be hot, to steal v
3756 assiette plate, dish, bowl nf
3757 gigantesque gigantic, immense nadj(f)
3758 rival rival nadj
3759 refermer to close again, shut again, close up v
3760 écu ecu nm
3761 confus confused, embarrassed adj(pl)
3762 expédition dispatch, shipping, shipment expedition, nf
3763 reconstituer to reconstitute, restore, reconstruct v
3764 protégé protected, protégé nadj
3765 chant song nm
3766 diplomatie diplomacy nf
3767 lieutenant lieutenant nm
3768 réputé famous, renowned adj
3769 indirect indirect adj
3770 apte capable adj(f)
3771 dépêcher to dispatch, send, hurry v
3772 démentir to deny, refute, contradict v
3773 sud-ouest south-west nmi
3774 envergure wingspan, breadth, scope nf
3775 touche button, key, touch, touchline nf
3776 déterminant determining, deciding, crucial nadj
3777 sous-marin submarine, underwater nadj
3778 acheminement routing, shipment nm
3779 externe external, outer nadj(f)
3780 hôte host, guest nm
3781 assassin murderer, assassin nadj
3782 confirmation confirmation nf
3783 tapis carpet, mat, covering nm(pl)
3784 corde rope, cord, string nf
3785 notable notable, noteworthy nadj(f)
3786 rationnel rational nadj
3787 divin divine, heavenly adj,nm
3788 endormir to put to sleep, fall asleep v
3789 épais thick, pitch dark, thickly adj(pl),adv
3790 exposé account, statement, talk nadj
3791 boutique shop nf
3792 récolter to harvest, gather v
3793 tchèque Czech nadj(f)
3794 autoroute motorway, highway, freeway nf
3795 maternité maternity, motherhood nf
3796 là-dedans inside, in it adv
3797 différend disagreement, controversy nm
3798 explicite explicitly adj(f)
3799 comté county, earldom nm
3800 par-dessus over adv
3801 quota quota nm
3802 tailler to cut, carve, engrave, sharpen, trim v
3803 apparent apparent, obvious adj
3804 enfuir to run away, flee v
3805 assistant assistant nm
3806 portion portion, share nf
3807 allocation allocation, granting, allotment, allowance nf
3808 spéculation speculation nf
3809 décéder to die, pass away, pass on v
3810 serré tight, packed, crowded adj,adv
3811 enquêter to investigate, hold inquiry, conduct a survey v
3812 dix-sept seventeen det,nmi
3813 allonger to lengthen, extend, stretch out v
3814 chauffeur driver, chauffeur nm
3815 prospérité prosperity nf
3816 ambiguïté ambiguity nf
3817 bourgeois middle class nadj(pl)
3818 touristique holiday, tourist adj(f)
3819 obscur dark, vague, obscure adj
3820 cou neck nm
3821 invention invention nf
3822 boucle loop, buckle, curl nf
3823 flou blurred, fuzzy, vague adj
3824 redire to say again, repeat v
3825 consultatif advisory adj
3826 torturer to torture v
3827 carton cardboard, card, score nm
3828 effrayer to frighten, scare v
3829 pitié pity, mercy nf
3830 complexité complexity nf
3831 favori favourite, favorite nadj
3832 noyau core, nucleus, pit nm
3833 brandir to brandish, wield, wave v
3834 repenser to rethink v
3835 timide timid, shy, bashful nadj(f)
3836 audition hearing, examination, audition nf
3837 comptabilité accountancy, accounting, book-keeping nf
3838 précaire precarious, makeshift adj(f)
3839 trône throne nm
3840 insulter to insult v
3841 saut jump, leap nm
3842 amende fine nf
3843 différemment differently adv
3844 programmation programming nf
3845 crédible credible adj(f)
3846 justification justification, proof nf
3847 conservation preservation, preserving, retention nf
3848 transit transit nm
3849 organisateur organizer, organizing nadj
3850 galerie gallery nf
3851 aménagement development, planning, fitting, adjustment nm
3852 manifestant protester, demonstrator nm
3853 char tank nm
3854 criminalité crime nf
3855 masquer to mask, conceal, put on a mask v
3856 masque mask nm
3857 dorénavant from now on, henceforth adv
3858 festival festival nm
3859 prôner to laud, extol, advocate, commend v
3860 radicalement radically adv
3861 franchise frankness, exemption, duty-free franchise, deductible, nf
3862 ultérieur later, subsequent adj
3863 expédier to send, dispatch v
3864 axer to center v
3865 propager to propagate, spread v
3866 rectifier to rectify, correct v
3867 tennis tennis nmi
3868 avenue avenue nf
3869 vengeance revenge nf
3870 émouvoir to move, touch v
3871 hey intj
3872 génial inspired, great, brilliant adj
3873 réduit reduced, scaled-down, cut-down, tiny room, hideout nm
3874 alléger to lighten, alleviate v
3875 vierge virgin nadj(f)
3876 meuble piece of furniture nadj(f)
3877 rapprochement bringing together, coming closer, parallel nm
3878 confession confession nf
3879 suspens suspension, abeyance nm(pl)
3880 dégradation degrading, damaging, erosion, demotion nf
3881 vingtième twentieth det,nm,nf
3882 agenda diary, planner nm
3883 grand-mère grandmother nf
3884 phare lighthouse, headlight nm
3885 virtuel virtual, potential adj
3886 gagnant winner, winning nadj
3887 nettoyer to clean v
3888 diagnostic diagnosis nm
3889 poing fist, punch nm
3890 étiquette label, ticket, etiquette, sticker, tag nf
3891 tante aunt nf
3892 chemise shirt, folder nf
3893 pile pile, stack, battery, tails nf
3894 kilo kilo nm
3895 citoyenneté citizenship nf
3896 douceur softness, smoothness, mildness, gentleness, sweetness nf
3897 attester to attest, confirm v
3898 attraper to catch, get, pick up v
3899 prestigieux prestigious adj(pl)
3900 ruiner to ruin, bankrupt oneself v
3901 croix cross nf(pl)
3902 nullement not in the least adv
3903 incorporer to incorporate, insert, merge v
3904 débloquer to free, unfreeze, unjam, release, unblock v
3905 ficher to file, to make fun of, not care, not give a damn v
3906 censure censorship nf
3907 linguistique linguistic, linguistics nadj(f)
3908 accompli accomplished adj
3909 terriblement terribly, awfully adv
3910 main-d’oeuvre manpower, labor, work force nf
3911 invasion invasion nf
3912 orange orange adji,nf
3913 jury jury, board of examiners nm
3914 boeuf ox, steer, beef nm
3915 rallier to rally, win over, join v
3916 roue wheel nf
3917 barrer to close, block, bar, cross v
3918 réaffirmer to reaffirm, reassert v
3919 assigner to assign, allocate, attach, attribute v
3920 souhaitable desirable adj(f)
3921 soupçon suspicion nm
3922 constat report, statement nm
3923 communisme communism nm
3924 dynamisme dynamism nm
3925 flagrant blatant, glaring adj
3926 paire pair nf
3927 loup wolf nm
3928 concerter to devise, consult v
3929 désespérer to despair v
3930 subit sudden adj
3931 diplomate diplomat, diplomatic nadj(f),nm
3932 joue cheek nf
3933 essuyer to wipe, dry, mop, dust v
3934 exporter to export v
3935 étaler to spread, display, apply v
3936 reconduire to renew, drive back v
3937 handicap handicap nm
3938 bonsoir good evening nm
3939 casque helmet nm
3940 autrui others pro
3941 bousculer to knock over, knock over, knock into v
3942 ériger to erect, set up v
3943 conversion conversion nf
3944 patte paw, foot, leg nf
3945 planifier to plan v
3946 transitoire transient, interim, provisional adj(f)
3947 tardif late adj
3948 prédécesseur predecessor nm
3949 natal native, home adj
3950 humour humor nm
3951 défaillance fault, failure, breakdown, blackout, weakness nf
3952 hélas alas intj
3953 cabine hut, cubicle, booth, box, room nf
3954 fardeau burden nm
3955 héritier heir nm
3956 apport supply, contribution nm
3957 remboursement reimbursement nm
3958 échelon rung, step, grade, echelon nm
3959 fondre to melt, merge v
3960 occurrence instance, case, occurrence nf
3961 authentique genuine, authentic adj(f)
3962 attentivement attentively, carefully, closely adv
3963 irlandais Irish nadj(pl)
3964 confortable comfortable adj(f)
3965 au-dessous underneath adv
3966 fonctionnel functional adj
3967 panne breakdown, failure nf
3968 adieu goodbye, farewell, adieu intj,nm
3969 entre-temps meanwhile, in the meantime adv,nm(pl)
3970 insérer to insert v
3971 confrère colleague nm
3972 litre litre nm,nf
3973 suivi follow-up, consistent, continuous nadj
3974 variation variation, change nf
3975 productif productive adj
3976 groupement grouping, group, categorization nm
3977 modernisation modernization nf
3978 déploiement deployment, spreading, unfurling, display nm
3979 impuissant powerless, helpless nadj
3980 restauration restoration, catering nf
3981 haïr to detest, hate, abhor v
3982 marée tide nf
3983 souscrire to subscribe v
3984 diable devil intj,nm
3985 suffrage vote nm
3986 spontané spontaneous adj
3987 joyeux merry, joyful, happy nadj(pl)
3988 concilier to reconcile v
3989 tristesse sadness, gloominess, dreariness nf
3990 asile shelter, asylum, hospital nm
3991 sombrer to darken, to sink, lapse v
3992 photographe photographer nm,nf
3993 libanais Lebanese nadj(pl)
3994 archives archives, records nfpl
3995 honteux ashamed, shameful adj(pl)
3996 rapporteur telltale, rapporteur nadj
3997 dix-neuvième nineteenth det,nm,nf
3998 indemnisation indemnification, compensation nf
3999 harceler to harass, plague v
4000 leadership leadership nm
4001 cahier notebook nm
4002 portable portable, wearable, cell phone adj(f),nm
4003 précoce early, precocious adj(f)
4004 qualification qualification nf
4005 insulte insult nf
4006 planer to glide, soar v
4007 stage internship, training course nm
4008 dédier to dedicate v
4009 carrément completely, directly, straight out adv
4010 exil exile nm
4011 artisan craftsman, self-employed nm
4012 rassurant reassuring, comforting adj
4013 remède cure, remedy nm
4014 composant component, constituent nadj
4015 économiquement economically adv
4016 hurler to scream, yell v
4017 yen yen nm
4018 gras fatty, fat, greasy adj(pl),adv,nm(pl)
4019 médiatique media adj(f)
4020 statue statue nf
4021 frappe strike, striking, stamp, impression, punch nf
4022 industrialiser to industrialize v
4023 efficacement efficiently, effectively adv
4024 golfe gulf nm
4025 ambiance atmosphere, mood nf
4026 coopérer to cooperate v
4027 bus bus nm(pl)
4028 septième seventh det,nm,nf
4029 façade front, façade nf
4030 charmant charming adj
4031 marginal marginal nadj
4032 comptable accountant, accountable nadj(f)
4033 isolement loneliness, isolation, insulation nm
4034 modérer to restrain, moderate, reduce v
4035 volant steering wheel adj,nm
4036 porc pig, pork nm
4037 appartenance membership, belonging nf
4038 émeute riot, rioting nf
4039 constructif constructive adj
4040 minime minor, minimal nadj(f)
4041 ralentissement slowing down nm
4042 mobilisation mobilization nf
4043 tâcher to endeavor v
4044 racisme racism nm
4045 mairie town hall, city hall nf
4046 aptitude ability nf
4047 fumée smoke nf
4048 sauvetage rescue, salvaging nm
4049 récession recession nf
4050 convaincant convincing adj
4051 sou penny nm
4052 analyste analyst nm,nf
4053 prétendu so-called, alleged nadj
4054 grossier unrefined, crude, coarse, rude, rough adj
4055 ignorance ignorance nf
4056 pervers pervert, perverse, perverted nadj(pl)
4057 sensiblement approximately, more or less, noticeably adv
4058 léguer to bequeath, hand down, pass on v
4059 prélever to impose, levy, withdraw, remove v
4060 noyer walnut, to drown, flood, blur, water down nm,v
4061 abbé abbot, priest nm
4062 détecter to detect v
4063 capter to pick up, capture, tap v
4064 sceptique sceptical, sceptic nadj(f)
4065 vôtre yours nadj(f)
4066 problématique problematic, problem nadj(f)
4067 voiler to veil v
4068 nationalité nationality nf
4069 serment oath, vow nm
4070 envoler to fly away, fly off, take off v
4071 pasteur minister, clergyman, pastor nm
4072 activer to activate, speed up, stroke, get moving v
4073 chimie chemistry nf
4074 erroné erroneous adj
4075 fantôme ghost, phantom nm
4076 naviguer to navigate, sail v
4077 yougoslave Yugoslav, Yugoslavian nadj(f)
4078 explicitement explicitly adv
4079 alerter to alert, inform, warn v
4080 vigilance vigilance, watchfulness nf
4081 rock rock music nm
4082 réconciliation reconciliation nf
4083 revers back, reverse, setback nm(pl)
4084 aviation aviation nf
4085 souplesse suppleness, flexibility nf
4086 respectueux respectful adj(pl)
4087 trahison betrayal, treachery, treason nf
4088 débit debit, turnover, delivery, rate nm
4089 sursis reprieve, deferment nm(pl)
4090 simultanément simultaneously adv
4091 techniquement technically adv
4092 os bone nm(pl)
4093 cote rating, share index, quoted value nf
4094 dictionnaire dictionary nm
4095 symptôme symptom nm
4096 délibérément deliberately adv
4097 écoute listening nf
4098 contingent contingent, draft, quota nadj
4099 émerger to emerge, rise up, come out v
4100 instruire to teach, educate, inform v
4101 équité equity, fairly nf
4102 inconscient unconscious, thoughtless nadj
4103 chaleureux warm adj(pl)
4104 déguiser to disguise v
4105 fièvre fever nf
4106 vitre pane, window nf
4107 fantastique fantastic, terrific, great, weird, eerie nadj(f)
4108 courbe curve, curved nadj(f)
4109 soustraire to substract, remove, shield, escape from v
4110 instable unstable adj(f)
4111 vapeur vapor, steam, steamer, steamship nm,nf
4112 beurre butter nm
4113 monument monument nm
4114 oral oral nadj
4115 téléviser to televise v
4116 consolider to strengthen, reinforce v
4117 muet mute, silent, dumb nadj
4118 contrevenant offender, offending nadj
4119 offensive offensive, offence nf
4120 routine routine nf
4121 coder to code, encode v
4122 gel frost, freezing, gel nm
4123 rénovation renovation, restoration nf
4124 controverse controversy nf
4125 médiocre mediocre, second-rate nadj(f)
4126 filial filial, branch office adj
4127 relais shift, relay nm(pl)
4128 opposant opponent, opposing nadj
4129 aval downstream, downhill nm
4130 rubrique column, heading, rubric nf
4131 préfet prefect nm
4132 provocation provocation nf
4133 sommaire summary, brief, cursory nadj(f)
4134 versant hillside, mountainside nm
4135 réticence reluctance, hesitation nf
4136 grossesse pregnancy nf
4137 égyptien Egyptian nadj
4138 timbre to stamp nm
4139 découper to carve, cut v
4140 distributeur distributor, machine nadj
4141 élargissement widening, letting-out, stretching, broadening nm
4142 dégrader to degrade, debase, damage, erode v
4143 colonial colonial nadj
4144 pourparler talk, discussion, negotiation nm
4145 incidence effect, incidence nf
4146 béton concrete nm
4147 fiable reliable, trustworthy adj(f)
4148 génocide genocide nm
4150 épouvantable terrible, appalling, dreadful adj(f)
4151 indifférent indifferent, unconcerned, unimportant nadj
4152 audacieux daring, audacious, bold nadj(pl)
4153 poudre powder nf
4154 teneur content nf
4155 inverser to reverse, invert v
4156 naval naval adj
4157 dérive drift nf
4158 mécontent discontented, dissatisfied, displeased nadj
4159 vocabulaire vocabulary nm
4160 stabiliser to stabilize v
4161 délégué delegate nadj
4162 centrer to center v
4163 algérien Algerian nadj
4164 sympathique likeable, nice, pleasant nadj(f)
4165 alentour around, round about adv
4166 corrompre to corrupt, bribe v
4167 commerçant shopkeeper, merchant, commercial nadj
4168 poitrine chest, breast, breasts, bosom nf
4169 couronner to crown, award v
4170 relire to reread, proofread v
4171 perpétuer to perpetuate, carry on v
4172 doctrine doctrine nf
4173 compétitif competitive adj
4174 majesté majesty nf
4175 mouton sheep nadj
4176 indifférence indifference nf
4177 omettre to leave out, miss out, omit v
4178 typique typical nadj(f),nf
4179 concurrentiel competitive adj
4180 désarmement disarmament, disarming nm
4181 quotidiennement daily, every day adv
4182 architecture architecture nf
4183 éventualité eventuality, possibility nf
4184 massacrer to slaughter, massacre v
4185 réciproque mutual, reciprocal, the opposite nadj(f)
4186 état-major staff, staff headquarters nm
4187 attarder to linger v
4188 englober to include, encompass, incorporate v
4189 grossir to get larger v
4190 séparatiste separatist nadj(f)
4191 surcroît extra, additional nm
4192 sortant outgoing nadj
4193 plomb lead nm
4194 gorge throat nf
4195 nationaliste nationalist nadj(f)
4196 exportateur exporter, exporting nadj
4197 montre watch nf
4198 ratifier to ratify v
4199 exploit exploit nm
4200 encourageant encouraging adj
4201 climatique climatic adj(f)
4202 aviser to notice, advise v
4203 épidémie epidemic nf
4204 alarme alarm nf
4205 parier to bet v
4206 écologique ecological adj(f)
4207 lunette telescope, glasses nf
4208 entourage circle, entourage nm
4209 sphère sphere nf
4210 confidentiel confidential adj
4211 sanctionner to sanction, punish, approve v
4212 recrutement recruiting, recruitment nm
4213 détendre to release, slacken, loosen, relax v
4214 aisé easy, well off, well-to-do adj
4215 toilette washing, toilet, lavatory, bathroom, restroom nf
4216 autobus bus nm(pl)
4217 défavoriser to put at a disadvantage v
4218 résistant robust, sturdy, resistance fighter nadj
4219 admiration admiration nf
4220 acide acid nadj(f)
4221 banal banal, trite, commonplace, ordinary adj
4222 poulet chicken nm
4223 pêcher to fish, go fishing, peach tree nm,v
4224 brigade team, squad, brigade nf
4225 trembler to shiver, tremble, shake, flicker v
4226 reçu receipt, accepted nm
4227 civiliser to civilize v
4228 relance boost, reminder, recovery nf
4229 dose dose, amount nf
4230 loyer rent nm
4231 distorsion distortion nf
4232 octroyer to grant, bestow v
4233 arrivant arrival, comer nm
4234 standard standard, switchboard adji,nm
4235 taxi taxi nm
4236 limitation limitation, restriction, limit nf
4237 irréversible irreversible adj(f)
4238 fatal fatal, deadly, fateful adj
4239 furieux furious, raging, violent nadj(pl)
4240 verbal verbal adj
4241 contacter to contact, get in touch with v
4242 commissariat police station nm
4243 gai cheerful, merry, gay adj
4244 confrontation confrontation nf
4245 chier to sh*t, piss off, get pissed off v
4246 atlantique Atlantic nadj(f)
4247 rude rough, harsh, hard, tough nadj(f)
4248 panneau sign, notice, panel nm
4249 appréciation appreciation, assessment, appraisal nf
4250 réflexe reflex nadj(f)
4251 complément complement nm
4252 initialement initially adv
4253 comédien comedian, comedy nadj
4254 successeur successor nm
4255 méfiance distrust, mistrust, suspicion nf
4256 replier to fold, roll up, fold up, withdraw v
4257 vérificateur checker, inspector, auditor nadj
4258 dictateur dictator nm
4259 prétention claim nf
4260 rédacteur editor, writer, drafter, compiler nm
4261 avaler to swallow v
4262 extraction extraction nf
4263 banquier banker nm
4264 titulaire holder, with tenure, occupant nadj(f)
4265 stabilisation stabilization nf
4266 mutuellement mutually, one another adv
4267 légion legion nf
4268 lacune gap, deficiency nf
4269 engin machine, tool, vehicle, device nm
4270 mépriser to scorn, look down, spurn, disdain v
4271 minoritaire minority nadj(f)
4272 idéologique ideological adj(f)
4273 cloche bell nf
4274 compatriote compatriot nm,nf
4275 affection affection, ailment nf
4276 sel salt nm
4277 majoritaire majority adj(f)
4278 redressement straightening up, upturn, righting nm
4279 paradoxe paradox nm
4280 chiffrer to put a figure to, assess, quantify, number v
4281 catastrophique catastrophic, disastrous adj(f)
4282 magistrat magistrate, judge nm
4283 extrait extract, excerpt nm
4284 amant lover nm
4285 farce joke, prank, hoax, farce nf
4286 compétitivité competitiveness nf
4287 enthousiaste enthusiastic adj(f)
4288 quarantaine about forty nf
4289 sous-sol basement, lower ground floor, subsoil, underground nm
4290 rat rat adj(f),nm
4291 flot floodtide, stream of, flood of nm
4292 mordre to bite, overlap into v
4293 partiellement partly adv
4294 radioactif radioactive adj
4295 passe pass, channel nm,nf
4296 indépendamment independently, irrespective of, regardless of adv
4297 location renting nf
4298 naïf naïve, innocent nadj
4299 retraité retired nadj
4300 innocence innocence nf
4301 bijou jewel nm
4302 messe mass nf
4303 coïncidence coincidence nf
4304 torture torture nf
4305 protecteur protective, protector, guardian nadj
4306 rayonnement radiance nm
4307 récolte harvest, crop nf
4308 valise suitcase nf
4309 danseur dancer nm
4310 expertise expertise nf
4311 minier mining adj
4312 vitrine window, display cabinet nf
4313 ébranler to shake, rattle v
4314 crâne skull adj(f),nm
4315 anéantir to annihilate, wipe out, ruin, vanish v
4316 vocal vocal adj
4317 unilatéral unilateral adj
4318 combustible fuel, combustible nadj(f)
4319 économiser to save, save on, conserve v
4320 tisser to weave v
4321 poule hen, chick nf
4322 punition punishment nf
4323 hésitation hesitation nf
4324 rentable profitable adj(f)
4325 loyal loyal, faithful adj
4326 renfort help, back-up, support nm
4327 cohérence coherence, consistency nf
4328 souris mouse nf(pl)
4329 bombarder to bomb v
4330 éveiller to arouse, stimulate, awaken v
4331 semestre semester, six-month period nm
4332 croyant believer nadj
4333 réalisateur director nadj
4334 brutalement brutally adv
4335 lourdement heavily adv
4336 tente tent nf
4337 goutte drop nf
4338 poussée push, rise, upsurge nf
4339 moine monk, friar nm
4340 modéré moderate, restrained, reasonable nadj
4341 négligeable negligible, trivial adj(f)
4342 vice fault, defect, vice nm
4343 symboliser to symbolize v
4344 substituer to substitute v
4345 subtil subtle, nice adj
4346 commandant commander nadj
4347 chuter to fall v
4348 fidélité loyalty, faithfulness, accuracy, reliability nf
4349 basculer to topple, fall over, knock off v
4350 gestionnaire administrator, administrative adj(f),nm,nf
4351 redoutable fearsome, formidable adj(f)
4352 immigrant immigrant nadj
4353 polémique controversial, controversy nadj(f)
4354 alourdir to weigh down, make heavy v
4355 avancée advanced, overhung nf
4356 sévir to act ruthlessly, be rife v
4357 jumeau twin nadj
4358 piéger to trap, booby-trap v
4359 confiant trusting, confident adj
4360 pendre to hang down v
4361 intact intact adj
4362 rapidité speed, quickness nf
4363 localité town, village nf
4364 récupération recovery, retrieval, salvage nf
4365 vigoureux vigorous adj(pl)
4366 rentabilité profitability nf
4367 delà beyond, above, over adv
4368 incliner to tilt, tend towards v
4369 affreux dreadful, awful, horrible nadj(pl)
4370 révolter to revolt, rebel, outrage v
4371 conte tale nm
4372 évasion escape, evasion nf
4373 repère reference, benchmark, landmark nm
4374 philosophique philosophical adj(f)
4375 arrivé arrived adj
4376 ironie irony nf
4377 serveur waiter, server nm
4378 bannir to banish, ban v
4379 insuffisance inadequacy, insufficiency nf
4380 librairie bookstore, bookshop nf
4381 parenthèse parenthesis, bracket, aside nf
4382 miser to bet, stake v
4383 stupéfiant drug, narcotic, stunning, astounding nadj
4384 boursier grant-holder, scholarship holder, stock nadj
4385 levée raising, levying, levee nf
4386 déformer to bend, distort, deform v
4387 menaçant threatening, menacing adj
4388 nord-est north-east nmi
4389 substitution substitution, mix-up nf
4390 parer to adorn, put on, to ward off, parry v
4391 avantageux profitable, worthwhile, advantageous, attractive, nadj(pl)
4392 handicaper to handicap v
4393 filmer to film, shoot v
4394 délinquant delinquent, offender nadj
4395 perdant losing, loser nadj
4396 altitude altitude, height nf
4397 imputer to impute to, attribute to v
4398 plaisanter to joke v
4399 poétique poetic, poetical, poetics nadj(f)
4400 desservir to clear, go against, harm, serve v
4401 mensuel monthly nadj
4402 connerie crap, bullsh*t, stupidity nf
4403 sanglant bloody, cruel, covered in blood adj
4404 coude elbow nm
4405 ôter to remove, take away, take off, take out v
4406 report postponement, deferment nm
4407 créature creature nf
4408 aucunement in no way, not in the least, not at all adv
4409 globalement globally adv
4410 convenable suitable, appropriate, correct, proper, acceptable adj(f)
4411 itinéraire itinerary, route nadj(f)
4412 purger to purge, bleed, drain v
4413 fâcher to anger, make angry, get angry v
4414 repasser to cross again, retake, show again, iron v
4415 alternatif alternate, alternating adj
4416 palier landing, level, flat nm
4417 prochainement shortly, soon adv
4418 réglementaire regulation, control, statutory adj(f)
4419 costume suit, costume, dress nm
4420 thérapie therapy nf
4421 reproche reproach nm
4422 curé parish priest nm
4423 contrôleur inspector, controller nm
4424 soulagement relief nm
4425 dissoudre to dissolve, disband, break up v
4426 avalanche avalanche nf
4427 mark mark nm
4428 brèche breach, gap nf
4429 incitation incitement, incentive nf
4430 entraîneur coach, trainer nm
4431 éditorial editorial nadj
4432 conjugal conjugal, married adj
4433 pâle pale adj(f)
4434 relâcher to loosen, release, let go v
4435 visa visa, stamp nm
4436 vingt-cinq twenty five det,nmi
4436 vingt-quatre twenty four det,nmi
4437 péché sin nm
4438 gendarme policeman nm,nf
4439 sécheresse dryness, drought nf
4440 score score nm
4441 goûter to taste, snack nm,v
4442 renier to disown, repudiate, go back on v
4443 juridiction jurisdiction, court of law nf
4444 prostitution prostitution nf
4445 fiche card, sheet, slip, form nf
4446 déséquilibre imbalance nm
4447 probabilité probability, likelihood nf
4448 entraver to hinder, hamper, get in the way of v
4449 sous-estimer to underestimate v
4450 embargo embargo nm
4451 interdit prohibited, banned nadj
4452 brouillard fog, mist, haze nm
4453 syrien Syrian nadj
4454 jet jet, throw, spray, nozzle nm
4455 trêve truce nf
4456 occupant occupant, occupier, occupying nadj
4457 ponctuel punctual adj
4458 défini definite nadj
4459 détachement detachment nm
4460 manuscrit manuscript, handwritten adj
4461 panier basket nm
4462 bouton button, knob, spot nm
4463 immobile still, motionless adj(f)
4464 fermeté firmness, solidness, steadiness nf
4465 véhiculer to transport, convey v
4466 répliquer to reply v
4467 passionnant fascinating, exciting adj
4468 théologie theology nf
4469 advenir to happen that, happen to v
4470 immigrer to immigrate v
4471 tache stain, spot, mark nf
4472 tendresse tenderness, fondness nf
4473 privilégié privileged nadj
4474 slogan slogan nm
4475 fromage cheese nm
4476 toxique toxic, toxin nadj(f)
4477 incapacité incompetence, incapability nf
4478 pharmaceutique pharmaceutical nadj(f)
4479 parfum perfume, scent, fragrance nm
4480 antique antique, ancient nadj(f)
4481 controversé much debated, controversial adj
4482 instinct instinct nm
4483 barreau bar nm
4484 insupportable intolerable adj(f)
4485 opportun timely, adj
4486 parquet parquet floor, hardwood floor, prosecutor’s office nm
4487 navigation navigation nf
4488 contrarier to annoy, bother, thwart v
4489 nouer to knot, tie v
4490 frustration frustration nf
4491 cinquantaine about fifty nf
4492 improviser to improvise v
4493 désespéré desperate, hopeless nadj
4494 auto car nm,nf
4495 troupeau herd, flock nm
4496 gendarmerie police force, police station nf
4497 génétiquement genetically adv
4498 analogue similar, analogous nadj(f)
4499 venu come nadj
4500 ironique ironic adj(f)
4501 sanitaire health, sanitary, medical nadj(f)
4502 sonore sound, resonant, sonorous, voiced nadj(f)
4503 initier to initiate, introduce v
4504 moeurs morals, customs, habits, manners, ways nfpl
4505 cessez-le-feu ceasefire nmi
4506 bénévole volunteer, voluntary, unpaid nadj(f)
4507 boue mud nf
4508 empereur emperor nm
4509 dissiper to dispel, disperse, clear away v
4510 déclin decline, deterioration nm
4511 liquider to liquidate, sell off, clear v
4512 maintenance maintenance, servicing nf
4513 prévisible predictable, forseeable adj(f)
4514 pneu tire nm
4515 fraude fraud nf
4516 coton cotton nm
4517 entrevoir to make out, catch a glimpse of, foresee v
4518 stipuler to state, stipulate, specify v
4519 remédier to cure, remedy, put right v
4520 flotter to float, hang, stream v
4521 fraction fraction nf
4522 impossibilité impossibility nf
4523 conditionnel conditional nadj
4524 nuance shade, hue, nuance nf
4525 improbable unlikely, improbable adj(f)
4526 enquêteur investigator, pollster nm
4527 conjointement jointly adv
4528 éclaircir to brighten up, clear up v
4529 bordel brothel, mess, chaos nm
4530 impatient impatient nadj
4531 versement payment nm
4532 bosser to work, bash on v
4533 articuler to articulate v
4534 successivement successively adv
4535 assurément most certainly adv
4536 provision stock, supply nf
4537 amplifier to amplify, magnify, expand v
4538 ceinture belt, waist nf
4539 intergouvernemental intergovernmental adj
4540 délibération deliberation, debate, consideration nf
4541 mexicain Mexican nadj
4542 seigneur lord nm
4543 saisonnier seasonal adj
4544 souterrain underground, underground passage nadj
4545 merveille marvel, wonder nf
4546 restituer to return, restore, refund v
4547 démon demon, fiend nm
4548 balancer to swing, sway v
4549 disponibilité availability nf
4550 infiniment infinitely adv
4551 acquis acquired, experience nadj(pl)
4552 récepteur receiver, receiving nm
4553 glissement sliding, slipping, skidding nm
4554 auditeur auditor, listener nm
4555 indigène native, local nadj(f)
4556 chocolat chocolate adji,nm
4557 indirectement indirectly adv
4558 obtention obtaining, achievement nf
4559 grandissant growing, increasing adj
4560 chagrin grief, sorrow adj,nm
4561 prostitué prostitute nadj
4562 lumineux luminous, illuminated, light adj(pl)
4563 soupe soup nf
4564 bravo bravo, well done intj,nm
4565 appréhender to dread, apprehend v
4566 concitoyen fellow citizen nm
4567 flèche arrow nf
4568 libéralisation liberalization nf
4569 complot plot, conspiracy nm
4570 signataire signatory nm,nf
4571 ski ski, skiing nm
4572 douanier customs officer nadj
4573 syndrome syndrome nm
4574 météo weather forecast nf
4575 borner to limit, confine v
4576 triompher to triumph, beat v
4577 concrétiser to materialize v
4578 soumission submission nf
4579 continuellement continually, continuously adv
4580 dérober to steal, hide v
4581 romancier novelist nm
4582 sorcier sorcerer, witch nm
4583 consigne deposit, orders, detention nf
4584 harmonie harmony, nf
4585 blond blond, fair-haired nadj
4586 pleuvoir to rain v
4587 déplaire to displease, be unhappy v
4588 innombrable innumerable, countless adj(f)
4589 félicitation congratulation nf
4590 inédit unpublished, original, new nadj
4591 lance lance nf
4592 désireux avid for, anxious to, desirous of adj(pl)
4593 diversifier to vary, diversify v
4594 vélo bike, bicycle nm
4595 fatigue tiredness, fatigue tired nf
4596 instabilité instability nf
4597 pénaliser to penalize, punish v
4598 comte count nm
4599 amer bitter adj,nm
4600 orchestre orchestra nm
4601 foncier land-related, land, fundamental adj
4602 dixième tenth det,nm,nf
4603 est east nmi
4604 envelopper to wrap, surround, veil v
4605 troublant disturbing adj
4606 irrégulier irregular, uneven adj
4607 fouet whip nm
4608 baigner to bathe, wash, get a bath, go for a swim v
4609 fixation fixation, fixing nf
4610 encadrement training, framing, supervision nm
4611 déménager to move v
4612 esthétique aesthetics, attractiveness, attractive nadj(f)
4613 photographier to photograph v
4614 insensé insane nadj
4615 moderniser to modernize v
4616 expérimental experimental adj
4617 incomber to be incumbent upon v
4618 retombée fallout, consequences, effects nf
4619 équivaloir to be equivalent, amount to v
4620 différencier to differentiate v
4621 éventail fan, range nm
4622 solde balance, pay, sale nm,nf
4623 gâcher to waste, spoil v
4624 régiment regiment nm
4625 chiite Shiite nadj(f)
4626 bouleversement upheaval nm
4627 relater to relate, recount v
4628 décent decent, proper adj
4629 éminent eminent, distinguished adj
4630 instituteur school teacher nm
4631 rayer to scratch, streak, stripe, to erase, strike out v
4632 concrètement in concrete terms adv
4633 coulisse backstage, wings, behind the scenes nf
4634 enchaîner to chain up, connect, string together v
4635 ratification ratification nf
4636 emplacement site, location nm
4637 copier to copy, reproduce v
4638 inculper to charge v
4639 renouveau renewal nm
4640 néerlandais Dutch nadj(pl)
4641 intégral complete, unabridged adj
4642 spécification specification nf
4643 documentation documentation, literature nf
4644 logiquement logically adv
4645 spectre spectrum, ghost nm
4646 harmoniser to harmonize, harmonize with v
4647 suédois Swedish, Swede nadj(pl)
4648 rouvrir to reopen v
4649 débouché prospect, opportunity, opening nm
4650 croisé twill, alternate, crusader, crossed nadj
4651 fléau scourge, plague nm
4652 traversée crossing nf
4653 solaire solar adj(f)
4654 secrétariat secretaryship, secretariat, secretarial offices, secretary’s office nm
4655 mou soft adj,nm
4656 venger to avenge, take revenge v
4657 détenteur holder, possessor, bearer nadj
4658 basque Basque nadj(f)
4659 soif thirst nf
4660 accumulation accumulation, amassing, storage, stockpiling, build-up, nf
4661 autoritaire authoritarian adj(f)
4662 essor expansion, development, flight nm
4663 obséder to obsess, haunt v
4664 intolérable intolerable adj(f)
4665 rébellion rebellion nf
4666 préventif preventive adj
4667 désignation designation nf
4668 aimable pleasant, kind, nice adj(f)
4669 conformité conformity nf
4670 pantalon trousers, pants nm
4671 anormal abnormal nadj
4672 inhérent inherent adj
4673 réconcilier to reconcile v
4674 réservoir tank, reservoir nm
4675 aveu confession nm
4676 emmerder to bug, bother v
4677 inondation flood, deluge nf
4678 câble cable, wire nm
4679 poumon lung nm
4680 humble humble, lowly adj(f)
4681 perturbation disruption, disturbance nf
4682 brouiller to mix-up, confuse, scramble v
4683 illustration illustration nf
4684 appliqué assiduous, industrious, careful adj
4685 fermier farmer nadj
4686 hanter to haunt v
4687 cordon cord, string, lead nm
4688 néfaste harmful, ill-fated adj(f)
4689 lasser to tire, weary, grow weary v
4690 influer to influence, have an influence on v
4691 présentement at present, presently adv
4692 plate-forme platform nf
4693 stopper to stop, halt v
4694 kurde Kurd, Kurdish nadj(f)
4695 amusant funny, amusing, entertaining nadj
4696 tremblement shiver, trembling, shaking nm
4697 rail rail, track nm
4698 fondamentalement basically, fundamentally, inherently adv
4699 lampe lamp, light nf
4700 triple triple nadj(f)
4701 inchangé unchanged adj
4702 supplier to beg, implore v
4703 multiplication multiplication nf
4704 camoufler to cover up, conceal, camouflage v
4705 cliché cliché, negative nm
4706 diamant diamond nm
4707 guerrier warrior, warlike nadj
4708 figer to clot, coagulate, congeal, set v
4709 comique comical, comic, comedian nadj(f)
4710 planification planning nf
4711 éloge praise nm
4712 regroupement regrouping, reassembly nm
4713 odieux hateful, odious adj(pl)
4714 désastreux disastrous adj(pl)
4715 nocturne nocturnal, nocturne nadj(f)
4716 configuration configuration, layout nf
4717 escompter to discount, to expect v
4718 intensif intensive nadj
4719 scepticisme scepticism nm
4720 croisière cruise nf
4721 plénier plenary, full adj
4722 athlète athlete nm,nf
4723 poil hair, bristle nm
4724 épanouir to bloom, blossom v
4725 minimiser to minimize, play down v
4726 inévitablement inevitably adv
4727 informé informed nadj
4728 islam Islam nm
4729 échéant if need be adj
4730 murmurer to murmur v
4731 implantation implanting, setting up, establishment, implantation, installation nf
4732 décerner to award, give, issue v
4733 replacer to replace, put back v
4734 vêtir to clothe, dress, put on v
4735 trottoir pavement nm
4736 vieillard old man nm
4737 fillette little girl, girl nf
4738 enchanter to delight, enchant, rejoice v
4739 singe monkey nm
4740 superficiel superficial, shallow adj
4741 rigide rigid, stiff adj(f)
4742 démographique demographic adj(f)
4743 fourniture supply, provision nf
4744 taxer to tax v
4745 milice militia nf
4746 foire fair nf
4747 élégant elegant, stylish adj
4748 crème cream adji,nf
4749 mentalité mentality nf
4750 charité charity nf
4751 borne milestone, boundary stone nf
4752 organique organic adj(f)
4753 dévouer to devote, sacrifice oneself v
4754 hâter to quicken, hasten v
4755 mobilité mobility nf
4756 exclu outcast nm,adj
4757 boucher butcher, to fill in, get clogged up nm,v
4758 bénéfique beneficial adj(f)
4759 commencement beginning, start nm
4760 licenciement dismissal, sacking nm
4761 chancelier chancellor nm
4762 retenue deduction, restraint, self-control nf
4763 visée aim, design, sighting nf
4764 dénonciation denunciation nf
4765 plaie wound nf
4766 exiler to exile v
4767 rocher rock, boulder nm
4768 mortalité mortality, death rate nf
4769 cruauté cruelty nf
4770 regrettable unfortunate, regrettable adj(f)
4771 droguer to drug, take drugs v
4772 connecter to connect, go on-line v
4773 confort comfort nm
4774 compréhensible comprehensible, understandable adj(f)
4775 tube tube nm
4776 coffre trunk, boot, chest nm
4777 intimider to intimidate v
4778 huitième eighth det,nm,nf
4779 forger to forge, contrive, make up v
4780 périr to perish v
4781 notoire notorious, well-known adj(f)
4782 graphique graph, graphic nadj(f)
4783 annulation cancellation, annulment nf
4784 acceptation acceptance nf
4785 textile textile nadj(f)
4786 hormis save, but prep
4787 chirurgien surgeon nm
4788 orage storm, thunderstorm nm
4789 boule ball nf
4790 médiation mediation, arbitration nf
4791 réprimer to suppress, repress v
4792 hall foyer, lobby nm
4793 visuel visual adj
4794 semblant semblance, pretence nm
4795 jadis formerly, long ago adv
4796 rémunérer to remunerate, pay v
4797 fasciner to fascinate v
4798 dilemme dilemma nm
4799 progressiste progressive nm,nf
4800 ours bear adji,nm(pl)
4801 décharger to unload v
4802 excéder to exceed v
4803 blâmer to blame, reprimand v
4804 duc duke nm
4805 raciste racist nadj(f)
4806 stress stress nm(pl)
4807 inexistant non-existent adj
4808 théoriquement theoretically adv
4809 danois Danish, Dane nadj(pl)
4810 concéder to grant, concede v
4811 retrancher to deduct, remove, to entrench v
4812 renfermer to contain, shut, lock, enclose v
4813 vieillesse old age nf
4814 navette shuttle nf
4815 traditionnellement traditionally adv
4816 batterie battery, drum set nf
4817 foie liver nm
4818 gratuitement free, gratuitously adv
4819 incompréhensible incomprehensible adj(f)
4820 détour bend, curve, detour nm
4821 boulevard boulevard nm
4822 blague joke nf
4823 mécontentement displeasure, dissatisfaction nm
4824 inaugurer to unveil, open v
4825 repli bend, twist, wrinkle, fold, fallback nm
4826 contrepartie counterpart, opposite, alternative nf
4827 proportionnel proportional adj
4828 aboutissement outcome, result nm
4829 triomphe triumph nm
4830 libre-échange free trade nm
4831 sincérité sincerity nf
4832 serre greenhouse nf
4833 doré golden adj
4834 convoi convoy, train nm
4835 terrien earthling, landowner, countryman nadj
4836 psychologie psychology nf
4837 maltraiter to manhandle, ill-treat, misuse, slight v
4838 puits well, shaft, pit nm(pl)
4839 intimité privacy, intimacy nf
4840 équation equation nf
4841 humide moist, damp, humid, wet adj(f)
4842 bétail livestock, cattle nm
4843 prophète prophet nm
4844 micro mike, micro, microphone nm
4845 gâteau cake nadj
4846 continental continental adj
4847 réitérer to reiterate, repeat v
4848 énumérer to enumerate v
4849 embauche job vacancy, hiring nf
4850 verdict verdict nm
4851 dix-neuf nineteen det,nmi
4852 guetter to watch over, watch out for v
4853 frustrer to frustrate v
4854 anglo-saxon Anglo-Saxon nadj
4855 détente release, relaxation, détente, loosening nf
4856 questionner to question v
4857 injecter to inject v
4858 préjudice loss, harm, damage nm
4859 couramment fluently, commonly adv
4860 exploration exploration, investigation, examination nf
4861 caresser to fondle, caress v
4862 hymne hymn, anthem nm,nf
4863 sécuritaire safe adj(f)
4864 famine famine nf
4865 écrier to exclaim, cry out v
4866 précipitation haste, precipitation nf
4867 caution deposit, guarantee, bail nf
4868 affectation appointment, allocation, show, pretence nf
4869 salaud bastard nadj
4870 cave cellar, basement adj(f),nm,nf
4871 bond leap, rebound nm
4872 enclin enclined, prone adj
4873 nettoyage cleaning, cleansing nm
4874 foudre lightning nf
4875 justesse accuracy, precision nf
4876 rente annuity, pension nf
4877 hépatite hepatitis nf
4878 blindé armored adj
4879 clan clan nm
4880 accélération acceleration nf
4881 garage garage nm
4882 résolument resolutely adv
4883 négociateur negotiator nadj
4884 romantique romantic nadj(f)
4885 obscurité darkness nf
4886 vulgaire vulgar, common, popular nadj(f)
4887 soixante-dix seventy det,nmi
4888 féroce ferocious, fierce adj(f)
4889 perpétuel perpetual, everlasting, never-ending adj
4890 militer to militate v
4891 jungle jungle nf
4892 case box, hut, field nf
4893 craquer to creak, squeak, crackle, give in, strike v
4894 clarifier to clarify v
4895 crête crest, top, ridge nf
4896 traite trade, draft, stretch, milking nf
4897 démarrage start, moving off nm
4898 oubli forgetting, leaving behind, missing nm
4899 procès-verbal minutes, statement nm
4900 formalité formality nf
4901 insensible insensitive adj(f)
4902 distant far-off, distant, faraway adj
4903 émetteur transmitter, issuer nm
4904 montage assembly, setting, pitching, putting, editing nm
4905 énergique energetic adj(f)
4906 claquer to flap, bang, slam, snap v
4907 simplicité simplicity, straightforwardness nf
4908 buter to stumble, trip, run into, prop up, score v
4909 bulle bubble nf
4910 défavorable unfavorable adj(f)
4911 promoteur promoter, instigator, developer nm
4912 albanais Albanian nadj(pl)
4913 obsession obsession nf
4914 exciter to arouse, waken, excite, turn on v
4915 voisinage neighborhood nm
4916 savoir-faire know-how nmi
4917 sévèrement severely, harshly adv
4918 écrasant crushing, overwhelming adj
4919 vendu sold, bribed nadj
4920 munition ammunition, supplies nf
4921 capturer to capture, catch v
4922 compliment compliment nm
4923 allouer to allocate v
4924 scandaliser to shock, scandalize v
4925 cassette cassette nf
4926 résident foreign national, foreign resident nm
4927 empresser to bustle about, hasten to do v
4928 inonder to flood v
4929 réglementer to regulate, control v
4930 sonder to probe, poll, sound out v
4931 vigilant vigilant, watchful adj
4932 rhétorique rhetorical, rhetoric nadj(f)
4933 cage cage nf
4934 réglé regular, steady, well-ordered, ruled adj
4935 téléspectateur TV viewer nm
4936 golf golf, golf course nm
4937 forestier forest, forester nadj
4938 hum um, uh intj
4939 ravager to ravage, devastate v
4940 réveil waking up, awakening, alarm clock nm
4941 racial racial adj
4942 ensuivre to follow, result, ensue v
4943 relevé statement, list, relieved, put in relief, rolled up nadj
4944 ajourner to adjourn, defer, postpone v
4945 détérioration deterioration nf
4946 viable viable, workable adj(f)
4947 cochon pig nadj
4948 barbare barbaric, barbarian nadj(f)
4949 atroce atrocious adj(f)
4950 civique civil, civics adj(f)
4951 ancrer to anchor v
4952 raccrocher to hang up v
4953 cirque circus, cirque nm
4954 législature legislature nf
4955 audiovisuel audio-visual nadj
4956 confiner to confine v
4957 agrandir to enlarge, extend v
4958 occasionner to cause, give rise to v
4959 allégement lightening, unweighting, reduction nm
4960 malin smart, shrewd, cunning nadj
4961 performant productive, efficient adj
4962 sérénité serenity, peacefulness nf
4963 cuire to cook, bake, roast v
4964 raser to shave, raze v
4965 ha oh intj
4966 revivre to live again, come back life, revive v
4967 piano piano adv,nm
4968 concertation meeting, consultation nf
4969 vaisseau ship, vessel nm
4970 interaction interaction nf
4971 pessimiste pessimistic, pessimist nadj(f)
4972 sillage wake, slipstream nm
4973 synonyme synonymous, synonym nadj(f)
4974 hisser to hoist, raise up v
4975 agréer to accept, approve of v
4976 comble despair, summit, overmeasure, roof nadj(f)
4977 bosniaque Bosnian nadj(f)
4978 insignifiant insignificant, unimportant adj
4979 décoller to take off, to loosen, unstick v
4980 solidaire interdependent, jointly dependent adj(f)
4981 ferroviaire railway, rail adj(f)
4982 dépouiller to skin, strip away, deprive, to analyze v
4983 céréale cereal nf
4984 aménager to develop, plan, fit, adjust v
4985 agitation agitation, excitement nf
4986 exode exodus nm
4987 aire surface, area nf
4988 orgueil pride nm
4989 socialisme socialism nm
4990 harmonisation harmonization nf
4991 provisoirement temporarily, provisionally adv
4992 cocktail cocktail, cocktail party nm
4993 moyenne average nf
4994 rigoler to laugh v
4995 compression compression, cutback, reduction nf
4996 réfléchi thoughtful, well thought-out adj
4997 expérimenter to experiment v
4998 détériorer to deteriorate v
4999 exprès deliberately, on purpose, intentionally adj(pl),adv
5000 écrouler to collapse, tumble v

129,000 French Word List with Frequency Counter

If you saw this link in a previous post:

and knew that you would love to convert the text listing into something more useful, like an Excel list, after copying  and pasting special as text (not Html or Unicode Text) to column A, why not do the following? Get rid of the first 11 entries by deleting those rows. We don’t care about numbers. You should have “a” in cell A1.

1) Arrange, sort as needed.
2) Translate by copying around 2,000 French column words at a time into – and press the translate button.
3) Copy and paste results into the Excel English column.

I won’t bog down WordPress with the results copied here, but you can be successful in creating a 128,908 French frequency word list, if you follow the steps above.