Notes to Myself

I bought a very inexpensive smartphone (Alcatel Idol 3) during the Cyber Monday promotion, and it had a series of issues with charging, random rebooting and the like. After playing with it for a week or so, as a music player/radio/etc…I liked the device and despite the weird behavior, decided to activate it using a SIM card that I bought on Amazon for $5. The process of activation was very simple, but the phone started acting even stranger.

For some reason, after the operating system update, my phone would not go to a proper sleep mode nor pick up phone calls. It also continued to boot and rebooted itself endlessly. I researched the problem on the Internet, and finally found the solution to all of my problems in two steps.

I had to open the phone and remove the battery for at least 10 seconds, then reassemble, and hold the power button on, for sixty seconds. I found this video on YouTube that instructed me on how to open an Idol 3 with a guitar pick.

After picking up that small black box at the top of the battery to disconnect it for ten seconds, I placed the battery connection back in. There is a little, long black piece that falls to the bottom of the case when you open the phone. It’s the push button on the upper inside right, which is used for sound control (up/down). You need to put this back into position so that it juts out properly, before you press the phone back into the case.

You now hold the power button for 60 seconds. You will see the phone cycle a few times during that time period. Don’t let go. I then put the sim card and micro SD card back into the sliding tray on the left side, and the phone now works perfectly.

I am not sure if this is just a problem with this particular model of smartphone, or may also be a problem with other Android operating system devices, so I am posting this in case someone else gets a gift for Christmas, and searches for how to solve their phone problem.