Listening Skills – MP3’s

Près de 15 000 fichiers MP3 permettant d’écouter la prononciation des lettres, des mots, des nombres, des verbes conjugués, des expressions courantes, des proverbes, des phonèmes et des graphèmes, des types de mots…Je crois que “” êtes la source de ces mots.

Nearly 15,000 MP3 files to listen to the pronunciation of letters, words, numbers, conjugates verbs, common expressions, proverbs, phonemes and graphemes, types of words …I believe “” is the source of these words.

Go down to the “Téléchargements” area, and download and extract the “Langue française en MP3 file”

You will instantly have 15,000 mp3’s arranged in folders. I believe this is a french teacher resource website and the mp3’s are from the (Vincent) website. The site is loaded with other downloadables, so you’ll be lost for days.

And remember, there are mp3 downloads also available on these websites:

BBC French Cool

UT Austin French Page

My Languages

Audio French

IE Languages

Francais Authentique has a Podcast page which, at this time, contains 1.2 GB of MP3’s (around 94).

There are often download buttons on these sites labeled “Téléchargements” or “Télécharger”. What I have done is added the “DownLoadThemAll!” app to my Firefox browswer, so that I simply right click and choose to download each MP3 on the page. This helped me grab the almost 100 Francais Authentique MP3 in less than an hour. As I selected each of the FA’s podcast site’s months, I then used the app to queue them for download and chose “Start!”. I then moved on the next month, queued the page’s contents, then chose the next month, queued, and on and on. The download continued until all of the MP3’s were transferred. Very easy.

What I have personally done is taken the downloaded MP3’s I’ve collected and created a large single folder on my desktop. Once I’ve copied the MP3’s to this folder, I can easily hear the word spoken when I come upon it while reading other material. I also insert the MP3 files into my personal French Learning Powerpoint, where appropriate, so that I am always just a click away from hearing the proper pronunciation of a word or phrase.