Native Speaker Sentences

Recently, I was working on a blog post for my Italian site, regarding an Anki Deck that I found, which contains over 60K native speaker sentences. The process I am describing can be used with any language, so I am duplicating the post here on my French blog, which has more traffic, since I know how valuable this knowledge and website will be to you…

If you want to have a huge library of over 23K French sentences, look no further than this Anki Deck:

If you would rather just have the most frequent 5K French words, then dowload this deck:

First you have to install Anki. The program is just under 23 MB in size, and can be found here:

Download and install…then download the Anki Deck above.

Start Anki, open the deck you’ve downloaded. Once the deck is opened, you export the contents as follows…File, Export…

anki export

Choose to export as a Notes in Plain Text file,  include that specific Anki file, unclick Include tags (without the tags)…

anki export 2

and then choose your target location, i.e. your desktop.

You then open this new text file with Notepad. Copy the text, and then paste it directly into Excel. It should make a two column list of the English in column A, and the French in column B.

I find this collection of phrases useful when I want to look for a verb tense or word usage example, and Excel’s “find” function is quick and easy.

Please note:

These sentences are sometimes not created by native speakers:

You can find more “native sentences” here:

As you look around the “Tatoeba” website, you’ll notice many interesting features. The site is sitting on a database of phrases and translations, generated by Native speakers in one language, and then translated by Native speakers in another, that allows for a word or sentence search.


If I were a teacher, this site would be a gold mine, and since I am a self-learner, it is. I’ve give you a link to land you on the French search page, so you can play around a little: