Manipulating MS Word Text

When I post a podcast, with the link and my own translation (forgive my occasional mistakes), I also copy the entirety into a Word Document. An example would be the L’Avis de Marie podcasts 1-50:


I’ll then convert the Word document to PDF:


A PDF is often easier to open and use in most of my digital devices. The Word version still has its own value, and one of my favorite uses is to take the document and separate the paragraphs into individual sentences. This is how you can do it:

  1. Press Ctrl + H to display the Find and Replace dialog box.
  2. Enter a period into the Find What field. (We assume that every sentence ends with a period, so you may wish to first find a replace exclamation and question marks with periods).
  3. In the Replace With field, enter the following characters:


  4. Or alternatively, enter a period in the Replace With field and then select the “Manual Line Break” option twice from the Special drop-down menu.


Click Replace All and your paragraphs will be split neatly into individual sentences. At this point, because there are many [#] inserts, you may want to also replace them with nothing, by leaving the Replace With field blank. The format will still have many elements, like vocabulary lists, headers and such, but you will still be able to copy the sentences you wish into Excel, and then cut and place the English version into the column to the right of the French version, of each sentence.

You can then alphabetize, and do whatever else you wish to this wonderful collection.