French Prefixes

The French prefix a- known as a privatif (privative a), is added to adjectives and nouns to indicate negation or deprivation.

The French prefix ci- can be added to adverbs or prepositions to indicate the location of something mentioned in a document. This prefix is the opposite of là-

The French prefix là- can be added to certain adverbs of place to mean “there” or “that.” This prefix is the opposite of ci-

The French prefix in- is added to many adjectives as well as some adverbs and nouns to create their opposites. In is usually equivalent to the English prefixes “un” or “in.”

The French prefix re- can be added to hundreds if not thousands of verbs to make new verbs. The re- is pronounced “ray”. Depending on the first letter of the word it’s added to, re- has a few variations, and it also has some different meanings.

remarier to remarry marier to marry
rehauser to heighten hauser to raise
ressortire to go out again sortir to go out
ressembler to resemble sembler to seem
réapparaître to reappear apparaître to appear
réélire to re-elect élire to elect
rentrer to return home entrer to enter
rhabiller to dress again habiller to dress
récrire to rewrite écrire to write
réécrire to rewrite écrire to write
rouvrir to reopen ouvrir to open
ressaisir to seize again saisir to seize
revenir to come back venir to come
réhabituer to reaccustom habituer to accustom
redoubler to increase doubler to double
remercier to thank mercier to thank
rappeler to call back, recall appeler to call
renvoyer to send back, fire, dismiss enyoyer to send
rejoindre to get back to, rejoin, join joindre to link, combine