Language Schedules

I think of my practice sessions within Quizlet, working on a particular deck with a specific tool provided by the website, as part of an overall game plan. A simple flash card showing the French side may test my ability to translate the word or phrase into English, while showing the English side first tests my ability to translate into French, as well as pronounce.

The “Learn” function may show me the word/phrase in English, and test my ability to translate, spell, and provide the correct word order.

“Speller” has the French audio read to me, with the expectation that I can comprehend the pronunciation, and spell what I hear in the correct word order. Missed words are spelled out to me in French letters, re-enforcing my ability to remember French alphabet sounds.

“Test”, “Scatter” and “Gravity” simply help me work the material in an easier manner than “Learn” and “Speller”. Whichever deck I work with, I try to recognize my weak areas, and revisit the material more often, until those weaknesses become strengths.

Language Schedule

Above is an example of a simple two week language schedule/tracker. Below is an example of a progress report.

Language Troubleshooting

Do you use anything like this? The French.about website has a checklist with links for beginners, which you might find interesting if you are just starting out, and not using Duolingo:

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