Translating Interviews from English to French

Here’s an idea for a challenging exercise…listen to Katie Couric interviews on her World 3.0 area of the French Yahoo, and see if you would have chosen those words to translate the English spoken during the interview.

I believe that once you have started one, they will simply continue until you succumb to Katie’s charming smile, and die from sugar poisoning. For the first story linked above, I give you the first 30 seconds translated, from the full 17 minute piece. French is in bold.

It’s a hashtag that has been shared more than a million times

C’est un hashtag qui a été partagé plus d’un million de fois

and a story we’ve been following now for three months

et un affaire que nous suivons depuis maintenant trois mois:

Bring back our girls, on the night of April 14th

Bring back our girls, dans la nuit du 14 avril

Nearly 300 young girls studying at the Chibok school in Northern Nigeria

Près de 300 jeunes filles de l’école de Chibok, au nord du Nigéria

were kidnapped by a terrorist group called Boko Haram

ont été enlevées par un groupe terroriste du nom de Boko Haram

It took a full three weeks

Il a fallu attendre trois semaines

before Nigeria’a President Goodluck Johnathan

avant que le president nigérien, Goodluck Johnathan

addressed the kidnappings publicly

announce officiellement les enlèvements

The US, the United Kingdom, and several other countries

Les États-Unis, le Royaume-Uni, et plusieurs autres pays

have offered support,

ont apporté leur soutien,

including air surveillance and strategic assistance

notamment par le biais d’une surveillance aérienne et d’une aide stratégique

The girls have been missing for 100 days now

Les jeunes filles ont disparu depuis maintenant 100 jours