The Simpsons – In French?

This link takes you to an enormous collection of scripts in French, for many episodes broadcast over 23 plus seasons of “The Simpsons”.

A quick 10-minute sampler of the best of “The Simpsons” in French….

Search “Les Simpsons” on Youtube…and you will be amazed.


Children’s TV – Caillou

I believe this show is animated, and dubbed into several languages, including French. The song Caillou sings at the beginning, is as follows:

Chez nous à la maison,
c’est moi le grand garçon,
j’aime ça toucher à tout j’m’appelle Caillou

Autour de moi c’est tellement beau,
tout les jours y a du nouveau,
j’trouve des amis partout
j’m’appelle Caillou

J’ai du plaisirs,
je n’ai peur de rien
car maman et papa ne sont jamais bien loin

Même si je suis grand, je pleure de temps en temps
ça n’dur jamais longtemps j’m’appelle Caillou,
Caillou c’est moi, j’m’appelle Caillou,
Caillou c’est moi, hihihi, voilà!

Simple enough for you to translate it yourself. In the English version, he sings:

I’m just a kid who’s four,
Each day I grow some more!
I like exploring, I’m Caillou
So many things to do,
Each day there’s something new
I’ll share them with you
I’m CaillouMy world is turning, changing each day!
With mommy and daddy and finding my wayGrowing up is not so tough
Except when I’ve had enough
But there’s lots of fun stuff
I’m Caillou, Caillou, Caillou…
(And me, and me, and me!)

An hour, 45 minutes of the show. Now that you’ve found it….