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This is a comprehensive list of websites used on this blog. Please feel free to copy this list to a document of your own. This list is constantly updated, as I find on-line websites and resources.

Free French Visual Dictionary PDF

Simple Introduction Courses’s-courses

50 Languages French Page

50 Languages French Vocabulary Audio Pages

40 Grammar Rules (in French)

Advanced Placement Exam (French)

Anki Program


Audio Manipulation

Audio Files

Audio books

Audio Book – L’Étranger – Albert Camus

and the book….,%20Albert%20-%20The%20Stranger.pdf

Audio Readings

Australian IP (French Movies)

Authentic French (Clips with Transcripts from French TV)

Beauty Products

Best of…



Chat On-Line

Children Story Sites


Comprehensive Learning Sites



Dictionary Sites

Dictionary of Short Messages

DuoLingo Related

Echoing (French)

Encyclopedia Sites

Expression/Word Search Sites



Flashcard Finder

Flashcard Websites

French in Fifty Lessons (Classic Text)

French in Action (You tube) – 52 episodes

French Frequency Lists

French Language Differences

French Tests

FSI Adaptation Website (Beginning and Intermediate with Audio)

GCSE Resources

General Language Tools (including some French)

Games in French


Government Sites

Grammar Checker Sites

Grammar Tests and Quizzes

Homeschooling Resources

Kid News in French

Kindle Usage Guides

Language General Information,18,HCB.html

Language Partner App

Language Partner Sites

Le Petit Prince (Book and Video of Book being Read)

Learn French with Victor (You tube)

Les Académies françaises

Listening Practice Sites


Michel Thomas

Movie Guide (like IMDB, but French)

Movies (French)

Movie Script Searches

Movies with Quality French Subtitles

24 Jours
36 Quai des Orfevres
9 mois ferme
A bout portant
A gauche en sortant de l’ascenseur
Ah! Si j’etais riche
Amour et turbulences
Asterix aux Jeux olympiques
Asterix et Obelix
Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis
Cafe de Flore
Camille Redouble
Case depart
Casse-tete chinois
Coluche, l’histoire d’un mec
Comme les autres
Comme un Chef
De battre mon coeur s’est arrete
De rouille et d’os
Du rififi chez les hommes
Du soleil plein la tete
Ensemble C’est Tout
Ensemble nous allons vivre une tres grande histoire d’amour
Entre les murs
Et soudain tout le monde me manque
Fanfan la tulipe
Hors de prix
Il n’est jamais trop tard
Il reste du jambon
Je ne suis pas la pour etre aime
Jean de Florette
Jeux d’enfants
La Belle et La Bete
La Boum1
La Boum2
La buche
La Cage aux folles
La Carapate
La chambre du fils
La delicatesse
La Derniere legion
La Grande Seduction
La Guerre des Boutons
La jeune fille et les loups
La Mort en douce
La Reine des neiges
La tete de maman
La Verite si je mens
La Verite sur Bebe Donge
L’affaire Dumont
L’aile ou la cuisse
L’Apprenti Pere Noel
L’As des as
L’Assassinat de Jesse James par le lache Robert Ford
L’Attaque du metro
Le Cerveau
Le Chateau de ma mere
Le Comte de Monte-Cristo
Le Comte de Monte Cristo 2 epoque
Le Convoyeur
Le coup du parapluie
Le crime de l’hotel Saint-Florentin
Le Diner de Cons
L’ecume des jours
Le Gendarme Et Les Extra-Terrestres
Le Gout des Autres
Le Grand Chemin
Le Gruffalo
Le herisson
Le mystere de la chambre jaune
Le Pere Noel est une ordure
Le Petit Nicolas
Le premier jour du reste de ta vie
Le Prenom
Le Roi et l’oiseau
Le scaphandre et le papillon
Le Silence de Lorna
Les amants du Pont-Neuf
Les anges gardiens
Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob
Les fugitifs
Les Infideles
Les Insurges
Les Lyonnais
Les Profs
Les Cinq legendes
Les trois freres
Les Visiteurs
Le viager
Manon des Sources
Mon meilleur ami
Mon pere est femme de menage
Ne le dis a personne
Need for Speed
Paris je t’aime
Parlez moi de la pluie
Pearl Harbor
Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?
Rien a declarer
Silent Hill Revelation
Sur la piste du Marsupilami
The Amazing SpiderMan
Un air de famille
Un printemps a Paris
Un ticket pour l’espace
Vive la France
Voyage au centre de la Terre 2
X-Men.Days of Future Past
Zero Theorem


Music News

Native Sentences (All Languages)

Netflix Streaming

News Sites

News (Russian)

News with Transcripts for Beginners

Newspapers and Magazines

On-Line Tutors

Open Course (French I and II, Carnegie Mellon University)

Phrase book


Pinterest Boards

Practice Sentences



Proverb Sites

Quizlet Duolingo French



Self-Taught French

Slang Dictionary

Smartphone Apps

Song Lyric Sites

Songs for Learning French

Sports (French)

Streaming Video Sites


Tests (English –> French)

Tests (in French)


Text Checker Sites


Abyssum – Test to see how many words you have in your vocabulary in French.
Audio French – French audio
Azurlingua – Free French tests online.
Conjugation Practice – Conjugations
Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD) of collège de Maisonneuve
Le Figaro Le Conjugueur – to get the conjugations of every French verb.
Le point du FLE – A source of French material and exercices for French as a second language students.
French FM – Learn French gender ending patterns and exceptions. Has a useful cheat sheet of gender endings.
Practice French Verbs – A website to practice French conjugation
schoLINGUA – Conjugation trainer – Practice over 12,000 French verbs – Free worksheets and vocabulary lists, plus audio.
Quebec French – A list of differences between French spoken in Quebec and the spoken in France.

Transcript Sites

Translation Sites

Translations (Multiple Languages Simultaneously)


TV Series

United Nations Language Proficiency Practice Examinations

Verb Conjugation Charts

Verb Conjugation Testing

Verb Conjugation Sites

Verb Du Jour

Verb Tense Discussions

Video Series



Vocabulary Lists

Voice Synthesizers

Website Collector Sites

Word-a-Day Sites


My List of Other Stupid or Useful Websites:

10 Minute Mail:
Project Alexandria:
Fake Name Generator:
Madeon’s Adventure Machine:
Mt Everest in 3D:…
Down for Everyone or Just Me:
A Good Movie to Watch:
Account Killer:
Mailbox Locator:…
Faces of Facebook:
Hotel Wi-Fi Test:
Pixel Thoughts:
Netflix Roulette:
Let Me Google That For You:
Cat Bounce:
I Waste So Much Time:

Learning Ideas –

Interesting site:

Has picture presentations of 1500 words in 11 languages (so far). What I like about it is their native speakers. As I went through the first 600 words, I wrote them down, with definition and the way an American English speaker like myself, hears the word(s). Looks something like this:

arroser – to water (ah-roh-say)
atterrir – land (ah-tee-reer)
attraper – catch (ah-trap-ay)
balayer – sweep (ba-lay-ay)
bascule – teeter totter (bah-skool)
beaucoup – many (bo-coo)
bleu – blue (bluh)
casser – break (cah-say)
cent – 100 (sahn)
chanter – male singer (shan-tay)
chaud – hot (sho)
conduire – drive (koohn-dree)
coudre – sew (koo-dra)
coudre – sew (koo-dra)
couper – cut (koo-pay)
crier – shout (cree-yea)
décoller – take off (day-coh-lay)
derrière – behind (day-ree-air)
deux – 2 (doo)
dix – 10 (dees)
dur – hard (dure)
échapper – drop (ay-shah-pay)
en bas – downstairs (ohn-bah)
en haut – go up (a o)
entier – empty (ah-tee-a)
entier – whole (ahn-te-ay)
éternuer – sneeze (eh-tah-nu-e)
être assis – to be seated (eh-tra-sees)
faible – weak (fay-bal)
faire caca – take a poop (fahr-kaka)
faire pipi – urinate (fare-pee-pee)
faire un clin d’oeil – wink (fayr-a-kline-do-e)
faire un signe de la main – make a hand sign (fayr-a-see-nay-day-lah-mahn)
fermé – close (fehr-may)
fort – strong (for)
frapper – hit (frah-pay)
frapper – knock (fra-pay)
froid – cold (fwa)
gagner – earn (gag-yea)
glisser – slide (glee-say)
grand – big (grahn)
gris – gray (gree)
huit – eight (hu-eet)
humer – smell (ooh-may)
jouer – play (jo-ee)
la baignoire – bath tub (bay-nwa)
la balai – broom (bah-lay)
la betterave – beet (bay-trav)
la bijouterie – jewelry (bee-ju-tree)
la bilbliothèque – library (bib-leo-tech)
la boîte – box (bweht)
la boîte à outils – toolbox (bwat-ah-ooh-teels)
la boîte aux lettres – letter box (bwat-o-let)
la bordure – border (bor-dure)
la botte – boot (bot)
la boue – mud (boo)
la bouée de sauvetage – lifesaver (boy-de-sof-tahj)
la bougie – candle (boo-shee)
la bouilloire – boil (boo-lay)
la boulangerie – bakery (boo-lan-jer-ay)
la branche – branch (brahnsh)
la branche de céleri – celery (brahnch-day-sa-luray)
la brosse à dents – brush teeth (bros-ah-don)
la brosse à dents – toothbrush (bros-ah-don)
la brouette – wheelbarrow(bro-ette)
la cabine téléphonique – telephone booth (cah-been tay-lay-fohn-eek)
la caméra – camera (ka-meer-a)
la canette – can (can-ette)
la carré – square (cah-ray)
la carte – card (kahrt)
la carte de crédit – credit card (cahrt-da-cray-dee)
la casserole – pan (cahs-role)
la cave – cellar (cahv)
la caverne – cavern (cah-vern)
la cellule – cell (say-lule)
la chaîne – chain (shayn)
la chauve-souris – bat (shov-sur-e)
la chenille – catepillar (sha-nee-ya)
la chenille – caterpillar (shen-negya)
la chicorée – chicory (che-kor-e)
la chimpanzé – chimpanzee (sham-pohn-zay)
la chope – stein (show-pa)
la chute d’eau – waterfall (shoot-dough)
la cigale – cricket (see-gall)
la clavier – keyboard (cla-vee-ay)
la clé – key (klay)
la cloche – clock (clohsh)
la clôture – fence (cloh-tuhr)
la colonne vertébrale – spinal column (kuln-ver-tay-bral)
la confiture – jam (kohn-fee-ture)
la constellation – constellation (cohn-stah-lay-she-on)
la coquille – shell (cook-ee)
la corde – cord (cohrd)
la corne – horn (cohrn)
la couche-culotte – diaper (koosh-kee-loht)
la coude – elbow (coo-da)
la coupole – (coo-pol)
la courgette – zucchini (kor-sjet)
la couronne – crown (coo-rohn)
la crème pour le mains – hand cream (crem-por-lay-ma)
la crevette – shrimp (crev-ette)
la crosse de golf – golf club (cros-deh-golf)
la cuilliére – spoon (koo-lee-air)
la cuisine – kitchen (coo-e-seen)
la cuisse – thigh (coo-ees)
la datte – date (daht)
la deltaplane – parachute (del-ta-plan)
la dentelle – lace (dohn-tal)
la douve – moat (duve)
la fée – faerie (fay)
la femme – woman (fahm)
la fermeture éclair – zipper (fer-mah-ture-ee-clare)
la feuille – leaf (fah-yul)
la fiche – plug (feesh)
la fille – girl (feel)
la fleur – flower (flur)
la flûte – flute (floot)
la fontaine – fountain (fohn-ten)
la frange – bangs (frohnj)
la fumée – smoke (foo-may)
la giraffe – giraffe (gee-raff)
la glaçon – ice cube (glas-son)
la gomme – gum (gohm)
la grand-mère – grandmother (grahn-mare)
la grange – barn (grahnj)
la Grèce – Greece (grase)
la grêle – hail (grahl)
la grenade – pomegranade (gray-nard)
la grenouille – frog (gren-ooh-ee)
la griffe – nail (greef)
la groseille à maquereau – gooseberry (groh-sayl-ah-mi-cro)
la grue – crane (groo)
la grue – crane (groo)
la guêpe – wasp (gahyp)
la gymnaste – gymnast (jim-neest)
la houe – hoe (ooh)
la jambe – leg (jahm-ba)
la joue – cheek (shu)
la laitue – lettuce (lay-to)
la lame – knife edge(lam)
la lampe – lamp (lahm-pa)
la lance – spear (lahnz)
la larme – tear (lahrm)
la lettre – letter (leht)
la lèvre – lip (lay-vra)
la libellule – mosquito (lee-bell-lule)
la librairie – library (lee-brare-e)
la ligne – line (lee-nyeh)
la louche – ladle (loosh)
la lune – moon (loon)
la machine à coudre – sewing machine (mah-sheen ah coo-dra)
la main – arm (mah)
la maison de poupée – doll house (may-zon-day-poo-pay)
la mante – preying mantis (mahnt)
la mer – sea (mahr)
la mère – woman (mayr)
la montagne – mountain (mohn-tahn-e)
la mort – death (more)
la mosquée – mosque (moh-skay)
la mouette – seagull (mwet)
la moustache – mustache (moo-stahsh)
la natte – braid (noht)
la navire – navy (nah-veer)
la neige fondue – snow/rain (nayj fahn-doo)
la niche – dog house (neesh)
la Norvège – Norway (nor-veg)
la nourriture – food (new-ree-chur)
la nuit – night (nu-wee)
la passage clouté – street cross (pah-sahj clue-tay)
la patte – paw (pat)
la pêche – peach (pesh)
la pèlerine – cape (pe-lay-reen)
la pella à poussière – dust pan (pell-a-poo-see-yea)
la pelle – shovel (pell)
la pelle à poussière – dustpan (pel-a-poo-see-air)
la pelure – peel (pah-lure)
la pince – tweezer (pahnce)
la pince à linge – pin (pahnce ah lahnj)
la piste cyclable – bicycle path (peest see-clahb)
la planche – plank (planch)
la planche à découper – cutting board (plansh ah day-coo-pay)
la planche à repasser – ironing board (plansh ah ray-po-say)
la planète – planet (pla-neht)
la plongeur – diver (plohn-jare)
la pluie – rain (ploo-e)
la plume – pen (ploom)
la poire – pear (pwa)
la poitrine – chest (pwa-treen)
la Pologne – Poland (po-lohn-ya)
la pome de terre – potato (pohm day tayr)
la pomme de pin – pinecone (pohm da pah)
la porte – door (porht)
la poubelle – garbage can (poo-bell)
la prise de courant – outlet (prees-dah-koo-rahn)
la punaise – tack (poo-naze)
la pupille – pupil (pu-pee)
la queue – tail (cu)
la raquette de tennis – tennis racket (ray-ket day tehn-nees)
la raton laveur – racoon (rah-ton la-verr)
la règle – rule/ruler (ray-gl)
la robe de marieé – wedding gown (rohb-da-mah-ray)
la rose – rose (rhooz)
la roue – wheel (roo)
la ruche – beehiv (roosh)
la Russie – Russia (roo-see)
la salle de bain – bathroom (sal-da-bon)
la scarabée – scarab (ska-rah-bay)
la scie – saw (cee)
la semelle – soul (sa-mell)
la serrure – lock (say-roo)
la serveuse – waitress (sahr-vohs)
la serviette – napkin (ser-vee-yet)
la sirène – siren (see-ren)
la souche – stump (soosh)
la source – well (sose)
la station de bus – bus station (stah-see-ohn-da-boohs)
la station-service – gas station (stah-see-on ser-vees)
la sucette – pacifier (soo-set)
la suisse – Switzerland (swees)
la synagogue – synagogue (seen-a-gohg)
la table – table (tah-bull)
la tasse – cup (tass)
la taupe – mole (toop)
la tempête – thunder (tam-pet)
la terre – earth (tare)
la tige – rod (teej)
la tige – rod (tee-ja)
la tomate – tomato (toe-mat)
la tondeuse – mower (tohn-dose)
la tonnelle – arbor/pavillion (toe-nell)
la tour de surveillance – watch tower (touhr-day-sur-vay-ahnce)
la trottinette – skateboard (troh-tee-net)
la valise – briefcase (vah-leez)
la vapeur – vapor (vah-pohr)
la ventre – stomach (vahn-tra)
la verre – glass (vehr)
la veste – jacket (vest)
la viande – meat (vee-yand)
la vitesse – speed (vee-tess)
la voile – sail (vole)
l’abaque – abacus (ah-bahk)
l’accordéon – accordion (ah-kor-dee-on)
l’acrobate – acrobat (ah-kro-bat)
l’actrice – actress (ak-trees)
l’agrafeuse – stapler (i-gra-fuse)
l’ail – garlic (ahl)
l’aimant – magnet (ay-mahn)
l’allumette – match (ah-loom-ette)
l’alphabet – alphabet (al-fa-bet)
l’ambre – amber (ahm-bra)
l’ambulance – ambulance (ahm-bu-lahns)
l’Amérique du Nord – North America (Ah-mer-eek-du-nor)
l’ampoule – lightbulb (ahm-pool)
l’ancre – anchor (ahnk)
l’Antarctique – Antarctic (ahnt-ark-teek)
l’antilope – antelope (ahn-tee-lohp)
l’appareil photo – camera (a-pa-ray foto)
l’arbuste – bush (arr-boost)
l’arc – bow (ahrk)
large – large (lahrj)
l’arme – gun (ahr-mah)
l’armée – army (ahr-may)
l’armure – armor (ahr-mur)
l’arrosoir – watering can (ah-rose-wahr)
l’artichaut – artichoke (ah-tee-show)
l’asie – Asia (ah-zee)
laver – wash (lah-vay)
l’avion – airplane (ah-vee-yon)
l’avocat – avocado (ah-vo-cah)
le balcon – balcony (bal-kohn)
le bandage – bandage (bohn-dahj)
le basket – basketball (bass-ket)
le bateau – boat (ba-toe)
le bâtiment – building (bah-tee-moh)
le bâton – stick (bah-tohn)
le béret – hat (bay-ray)
le bétonnière – mixer (bay-ton-e-yare)
le bijou – jewel (bee-ju)
le blé – wheat (blay)
le blouson – hoodie (bloo-sohn)
le bonbon – candy (bohn-bohn)
le bouclier – shield (boo-clee-ay)
le bourgeon – bud (bohr-juhn)
le bouton – button (boo-tohn)
le boxeur – boxer (bok-sur)
le branchard – stretcher (brahn-car)
le bureau – desk (bu-roh)
le câble – cable (cah-bleh)
le cactus – cactus (kahk-toos)
le cadenas – locks (cah-dee-na)
le cahier – book (ca-hee-ay)
le calendrier – calendar (ka-lon-dree-yea)
le canard – duck (can-ahr)
le canon – cannon (kaa-noh)
le carré – square (cah-ray)
le casier – safe (cah-see-ay)
le casque – helmet (cask)
le casse-noix – nut cracker (cass-nwa)
le castor – beaver (cass-toh)
le cerveau – brain (sehr-voh)
le chameau – camel (sham-o)
le champignon – mushroom (sham-pin-yon)
le chapeau melon – bowler hat (shap-oh-may-lon)
le chariot – cart (char-ee-o)
le chaton – kitten (sha-tohn)
le chemin – road (sha-ma)
le chien – dog (shia)
le chirurgien – surgeon (sha-roo-je-ah)
le chou – cabbage (shu)
le chou-fleur – cabbage (shoo-flur)
le cirque – circus (seerk)
le classeur – folder (clah-sure)
le clavier – keyboard (kla-vee-ay)
le cochon – pig (co-shohn)
le coffre – trunk (koffr)
le coffre-fort – safe (coff-rah-for)
le coiffeur – hair dresser (cwa-fer)
le collier – necklace (ko-lee-ay)
le compas – compass (kom-pah)
le coq – cock (kohk)
le cou – neck (coo)
le courset – corset (kor-sayt)
le couturière – sew (koo-tur-ee-air)
le couvercle – cover (coo-verk)
le couverture – table cloth (coo-vay-tuhr)
le crâne – head (krahn)
le crayon d couleur – crayon (cray-on-dee-koo-lore)
le culotte – panties (kool-ott)
le cycliste – cyclist (see-klist)
le cygne – swan (seehng)
le dauphin – dolphin (doh-fa)
le dé – dye (dey)
le dentiste – dentist (dahn-tees-ta)
le diamant – diamond (dee-ah-mon)
le dinosaure – dinosaur (dee-nah-so)
le distributeur de bilet – ticket machine (deez-tree-boo-teer day bill-ay)
le dos – back (doh)
le dragon – dragon (drah-gon)
le épingle – pin (ay-pahn-gl)
le fauteuil – lounge chair (foo-teel)
le fer à repasser – iron (fay-ra ray-pess-ay)
le feu – fire (foo)
le fil – string (feel)
le fil de fer – iron line (feel-dah-fehr)
le filet – net (fee-lay)
le football – football (fut-bol)
le footballeur – soccer player (foot-ball-ehr)
le forgeron – forger (fohr-jer-on)
le fouet – whip (foh-eh)
le gant – glove (gahnt)
le gingembre – ginger (jahn-jahm-bra)
le globe terrestre – globe (glohb-tay-rest)
le gorille – gorilla (goh-rey-a)
le gourdin – mallet (gor-da)
le groupe – group (grup-a)
le hérisson – porcupine (ay-ree-sohn)
le interrupteur – switch (ahn-tee-rup-tare)
le Japon – Japan (ja-pohn)
le jardin – garden (jhar-da)
le jardinier – gardner (jar-dee-nay)
le jeu – game (ja)
le jeune marié – groom (jun-mah-ray)
le jouet – toy (ju-way)
le journaliste – journalist (jor-na-leest)
le juge – judge (jooj)
le kit de secours – first-aid kit (keet-day-say-kohrs)
le lacet – laces (lah-say)
le lapin – rabbit (lah-pa)
le lavabo – sink (la-va-bo)
le lit superposé – double decker bed (leet-soo-pahr-po-say)
le livre – book (leev-ra)
le maillot de bain – bathing suit (mayon-de-ban)
le maîs – corn (ma-yees)
le mannequin – mannequin (mahn-kahn)
le mariage – marriage (mah-ree-ahj)
le marteau – hammer (mar-toe)
le mécanicien – mechanic (may-cah -nee-se-ahn)
le médecin – medicine/doctor (mate-sah)
le mètre – tape measure (meh-ta)
le métro – subway (may-tro)
le miroir – mirror (meer-wah)
le mollet – muscle (mo-lay)
le monton – chin (mohn-tohn)
le muffin – muffin (muf-feen)
le mur – wall (muhr)
le nageur – swimmer (nah-jur)
le nerf – nerve (nahr)
le nichoir – bird house (nee-shwa)
le nid – nest (nee)
le nuage – cloud (new-ahj)
le OVNI – UFO (ov-nee)
le pain – bread (pah)
le panneau de signalisation – road sign (pa-no-de-sig-ne-lee-say-chun)
le paon – peacock (pohn)
le papier hygiénique – toilet paper (pah-peer hi-jen-eek)
le papillon de nuit – moth (pah-pee-yon dah nu-wee)
le parachute – parachute (pahra-shute)
le patineur – ice skater (pah-tee-nahr)
le Pays-Bas – Netherdlands (pay-bah)
le pêcheur à la ligne – fisherman (pay-share-a-le-leen)
le peigne – comb (peh-nay)
le persil – parsley (pair-sil)
le petit pain – roll (pay-tee pahn)
le petit pois – peas (pay-tee pwa)
le phoque – seal (fohk)
le photographe – photograph (fo-tow-graf)
le pianiste – pianist (pee-ah-neesta)
le pilote – pilot (pee-loht)
le piment – pepper (pee-moh)
le pinceau – paintbrush (pan-so)
le pingouin – panguin (pahn-goo-ah)
le pirate – pirate (pee-raht)
le pissenlit – seeds? (pee-sohn-leet)
le placard – closet (pla-kar)
le poing – fist (pwa)
le point d’exclamation – exclamation point (poin-dex-clam-a-she-on)
le poireau – leek (pwa-roh)
le poisson d’or – goldfish (pwa-sohn-da-or)
le pôle Sud – South Pole (pol-sood)
le poney – pony (poh-nay)
le ponton – raft (pohn-tohn)
le portefeuille – wallet (por-ta-fu-ay-a)
le portemanteau – coat rack (pohrt-mahn-to)
le porte-voix – blowhorn (por-ta-vwa)
le pot – pot (poh)
le pouce – thumb (poose)
le poulain – colt (poo-lahn)
le poulet – chicken (poo-lay)
le poussin – baby chicken (poo-sah)
le printemps – spring (pran-tahmp)
le puits – well (poo-ee)
le radeau – raft (rah-dough)
le ramoneur – chimney sweep (rah-mon-aire)
le râteau – rake (rah-too)
le rator laveur – racoon (rah-ton-lah-ver)
le rayon – radius (ray-ohn)
le récif de corail – coral reef (ray-seef-da-ko-rile)
le renard – fox (ra-nahrd)
le ressort – spring (ra-saw)
le réverbère -lamp (ray-ver-bare)
le rideau – drape (ree-doo)
le riz – rice (ree)
le robinet – faucet (roh-bee-nay)
le rondin – log (rohn-dan)
le rouge à lèvres – lipstick (rooj-a-levra)
le rouleau à pâtisserie – rolling pin (roh-lay ah pah-tee-suray)
le Royaume-Uni – UK (ro-yahm ooh-nee)
le ruban adhésif – tape (roo-bahn ad-hee-seef)
le sablier – hour glass (sah-blee-ay)
le sac – bag (sahk)
le sac de couchage – sleeping bag (sahk-da-koo-sahj)
le sandwich – sandwich (sahnd-weech)
le sapin de Noël – Christmas Tree (sah-pan day no-el)
le satellite – satellite (say-tell-eet)
le savon – soap (sah-von)
le sceptre – scepter (sehpt)
le seau – bucket (so)
le séchoir – hair dryer (say-swa)
le serpent – snake (sehr-pahn)
le shampooing – shampoo (sham-pu-a)
le siège pliant – folding chair (seej-ple-ahn)
le singe – monkey (sahnj)
le soudeur – sodder (soo-dare)
le sourcil – eyebrow (sore-ceel)
le sud – south (sood)
le survêtement – tracksuit (ser-vet-mo)
le tableau noir – blackboard (ta-blo nwar)
le tablier – apron (tah-bee-yeah)
le tabouret – stool (tay-bo-ray)
le talon – heel (tah-lohn)
le tapis – rug (ta-pee)
le taxi – taxi (tahk-see)
le télécommande – remote control (tay-lay-ko-mand)
le téléphone mobile – cell phone (tay-lay-fone moh-beel)
le téléviseur – television (tay-lay-vee-sehr)
le tennis – tennis (tay-nees)
le terrain de jeux – playground (te-ran do ju)
le thermomètre – thermometer (thare-mo-met)
le thermos – thermos (thare-mos)
le ticket de caisse – bill (tee-ket day case)
le tigre – tiger (tee-greh)
le timbre – stamp (tahm-bra)
le tiroir – draw (tee-rwa)
le toit – roof (twa)
le torchon – towel (tor-shon)
le tournevis – screwdriver (toor-na-viss)
le tracteur – tractor (trahk-tour)
le tramway – tram (tra-ma-way)
le trèfle – clover (tre-ful)
le trésor – treasure (tray-sor)
le tripode – tripod (tree-pod)
le trottier – ? (troh-twa)
le trou – hole (troh)
le trou de serrure – key hole (trood-say-ure)
le vampire – vampire (vam-pee)
le vélo – bicycle (vay-lo)
le village – village (vee-lahj)
le violon – violin (vee-oh-lo)
le vitrail – stained glass (vee-try-e)
le voilier – sailboat (vol-yea)
le volcan – volcano (vul-cah)
le wagon – train cabin (va-gohn)
le zèbre – zebra (zay-bra)
l’eau – water (oh)
l’échelle – ladder (ay-shell)
l’écrou – cap (eh-koo)
l’écureuil – squirrel (ay-cur-ale)
l’élan – elk (ay-lon)
l’embouteillage – traffic (am-bu-tah-ahj)
l’entonnoir – funnel (an-toh-nwa)
l’enveloppe – envelope (ahn-vel-ope)
l’épée – sword (ay-pay)
l’épinard – spinach (ay-pee-nahr)
l’éponge – sponge (ay-pohnj)
l’épouventail – scarecrow (ay-poo-vahn-tal)
l’équerre – square (ay-kehr)
les algues – algae (al-goo)
les baguettes – bread/drumsticks (ba-get)
les bois – woods (bwa)
les bretelles – suspenders (bra-tell)
les bulles de savon – soap bowl (bool day sa-von)
les chaussures de football – cleats (sho-shur-day-foot-ball)
les cheveux – hair (sha-voo)
les ciseaux – scissors (sees-oh)
les couleurs – colors (koo-lare)
les crêpes – crepes (crape)
les Étas-Unis – US (Ay-taz yu-nee)
les frites – fries (frit)
les fruits – fruits (froo-e)
les jumeaux – twins (jew-mo)
les légumes – vegetables (lay-goom)
les lettres – letters (leht)
les lunettes – glasses (loo-net)
les menottes – handcuffs (ma-noht)
les mots croisés – crossword puzzle (mo-cwa-zay)
les moufles – mittens (moof-la)
les nombres – numbers (nohm-bra)
les oeufs brouillés – scrambled eggs (oof-bro-yea)
les ordures – the odors (or-dure)
les pâtes – pasta (paht)
les patins à roulettes – roller skates (pa-tahn-a-roh-lette)
les plantes – plants (plahnt)
les protège-oreilles – ear muffs (pro-tayj-oh-ray)
les sandales – sandals (sahn-dal)
les seins – tits (sahn)
les skis – skis (skee)
les taches de rousseur – freckles (tahj-da-roo-sayr)
les tenailles – pliers (tan-eye)
les tongs – flipflops (tonh-gheh)
l’escalier – stairs (es-kay-yea)
l’escrimeur – fencer (es-cream-er)
l’Espagne – Spain (es-pahn-e)
l’est – east (ehst)
l’estomac – stomache (es-tohm-a)
l’étang – pond (ay-tohng)
l’été – summer (ay-tay)
lever – pick up(loh-vay)
l’évier – sink (ev-e-ay)
l’excavateur – excavator (eks-kav-a ture)
l’extraterrestre – ET (es-tra-tay-rest)
l’hamster – hamster (hahm-stare)
l’haut parleur – speaker (hoht-par-lure)
l’hochet – rattle (oh-shay)
l’hyène – hyena (lehyn)
l’igloo – igloo (ee-glu)
l’insecte – insect (en-sekt)
l’instituteur – teacher (een-ste-too-ture)
lire – to read (leer)
l’iris – iris (ee-rees)
l’islande – Iceland (ees-lahnd)
l’Italie – Italy (ee-tah-lee)
l’oeuf au plat – sunny side egg (oof-a-plah)
l’oignon – onion (uhn-yun)
l’ombilic – belly button (ohm-bee-leek)
long – long (lohn)
l’onguent – ointment (ohn-gah)
l’or – gold (or)
l’orange – orange (oh-ranj)
l’oreille – ear (o-ray)
l’orteil – toe (ohr-tay)
l’os – bone (ohs)
lourd – heavy (lure)
l’ours – bear (ohrs)
l’uniforme – uniform (ooh-nee-fohrm)
malade – sick (mah-lahd)
manger – to eat (mahn-jay)
marron – brown (mah-rohn)
mettre la table – set the table (me-tra-la-tahb-la)
mou – teddy bear (mu)
mouillé – wet? (moo-yeah)
nager – swim (nah-shay)
nettoyer – clean (ne-twa-yea)
obscur – obscure (ohb-skur)
orange – orange (oh-ranj)
ouvert – open (ooh-vehr)
ouvrir – to open (oov-reer)
passer la serpillière – mop (pah-say-leh-sor-pill-are)
pauvre – poor (po-vra)
peindre – paint (pahn-dra)
porter – carry (por-tay)
poursuivre – pursue (por-swe-vra)
pousser – push (poo-say)
prendre de l’essence – gas up (prahn-dra day lay-sance)
propre – clean (prohp)
quatre – 4 (catr)
quelques – some (kelk)
ramper – crawl (rahm-pay)
rapide – fast (rah-peed)
regarder – watch (re-gar-day)
rire – laugh (reer)
rouge – red (rooj)
sale – dirty (sahl)
se baigner – take a bath (see-ben-yea)
se peigner – comb (sa-pay-nyay)
sec – dry (sehk)
tirer – shoot (tee-ray)
toucher – touch (too-shay)
tricoter – knit (tree-ko-tay)
trois – three (twa)
vert – green (vehr)
violet – purple (vee-oh-lay)
voler – steal (voh-lay)
voter – vote (voh-tay)

Daily Routine

Every day, I visit the French Dictionary and listen to a random section:

or I go to the Readings section found on that page, and listen to a selection being read to me, to sharpen my listening skills.

If DuoLingo had these two features, I would spend more time there.

Then I translate a news story or two from French language sites. Here are some of the ones that I use:

20 Minutes News

AFP News – French Edition

Courrier International

BFM TV France

Le Parisien Newspaper

Recherche Magazine – Science

Metro – Paris Newspaper

Yahoo French Site

French News

France 4 – TV

There is a website which has the various (Vincent) videos linked and categorized. It is found here:

Bliu Bliu

The website,, helps me continually add to my word-list, words that I do not know. The website tracks those new words for me. As an example, they present me with the sentence:

Elle était assise sur lelit tandis que sa mèrelui tressait les cheveux.

…and suggest that I do not know “tressait” (to braid). I did not, so I click the word and add it to my new word list. There may be other words that I do not know in that sentence, and I can add them as well. How easy is that? The phrase can also be read by Google voice by clicking another button.